best buster sword replicas

Best Buster Sword Replicas

Final Fantasy is one of those games that everyone has heard of, even if they were never part of the gaming scene. I was in kindergarten when it came out, and I recall playing it very early in my high school days.

It’s a game that sticks with you long after you’ve played it. Later down the road came the Buster Sword wielded by Cloud Strife. This crazy-looking, massive sword is undoubtedly one of gaming history’s most fantastic and symbolic weapons. 

You can find almost anything you can dream of online, and the Buster Sword is there among waves of jewelry, posters, and replicas for diehard fans. Having such a badass sword on your wall is a great way to show off its magnificent beauty and your nerdy gamer side.

However, it might look like art to those who don’t know. It would be tough to play off as your regular sword since it has a particularly strange stick-like handle and is close to six feet long. Imagine fighting an opponent with something that size. If you weren’t impressively tall and strong, you would look like a child dragging around an adult’s sword.

Let’s dive into the Final Fantasy deep end and admire some of the best Buster Sword replicas out there.

My Search Criteria

During my internet-wide journey to find the very best Buster Sword Replica out there, I maintain a specific code that I use when deciding which swords are worthy of being on this list. Below are my criteria.

  • I only choose the very best quality Buster Sword Replicas for this list.
  • I look for such things as materials used and if those materials are worthy of making a sword of this stature that will last long into the next life.
  • I only include replicas that are almost exactly like the real Buster Sword.
  • I will not add any completely unattainable, high-end, museum-quality Buster Swords, but I will also not let price drive this list. This is about viewing the best Buster Sword replica, after all, not whether you can afford it, though I give plenty of affordable options.
  • I will add the swords that seem straight out of the game in size and image. 
  • I aim to add a bunch of top-notch Buster Sword Replicas made by small unique companies and those that we are familiar with because of their high-quality products.

My Top Picks

Buster Sword Replicas

Premade Metal Best Buster Sword Replicas: Buster Sword by Historic Replicas

This premade sword is excellent and looks very believable for the Buster Sword, except it’s too perfect. Add some scuffs, scratches, and maybe even a splatter of fake blood to enhance the look.

PU Foam Best Buster Sword Replicas: Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword High-Density Foam by RealFireNSteel on Amazon

This replica sword is one of the best I’ve seen, and it’s foam! It has intricate engravings at the sword’s base and is suitably scuffed up to look like the real Buster Sword. Make it even better looking by wrapping the handle in a red leather cord or suede.

Made-to-Order Metal Buster Sword Replica: Cloud’s Buster Sword FFVII.:R by SchwiftyProps (USA/Canada) on Etsy

This Buster Sword replica can’t be beaten (except with the $11,000 Buster Sword replica, but nobody has that kind of money). This is seriously a wonderfully made lookalike Buster Sword replica with wear and tear to make it look even more realistic. This is definitely a beauty.

Best Buster Sword Replicas

Metal (Premade)

Not every Final Fantasy Buster Sword is made the same, and many are subpar and will not be on this list. However, I was most blown away by the Buster Sword Replicas in the list below. After careful examination, thorough studying, and reading reviews, I was moved to inform you about what I’d found. Enjoy. 

Buster Sword by Historic Replicas

Buster Sword by Historic Replicas

  • Materials – Steel, aluminum handle, plastic
  • Length – 60 inches 
  • Weight – 50 pounds
  • Cost – ?

This Buster Sword replica is impressive! It is enormous, made of steel, and feels authentic to the one in the game. Unfortunately, there isn’t any price listed, so one can assume it’s high. However, if you are the biggest Final Fantasy fan ever, this needs to be with you. 


  • This version of the Buster Sword is heavy and solid like a sword should be.
  • It appears to be a very close- if not an exact replica of the Buster Sword used at the beginning of Final Fantasy VII. It is nicely done.


  • I prefer swords to look real and have the noticeable wear and tear you would expect them to look like after making their way to three different owners.
  • I don’t particularly appreciate that there is any plastic on this sword, especially not at the handle where one would need the most stability and support, but it’s not for actual use. 

Final Fantasy Buster Sword by Swords Kingdom

Final Fantasy Buster Sword by Swords Kingdom

  • Materials – Stainless steel, aluminum handle, plastic
  • Length – 52 inches 
  • Weight – 12.3 pounds
  • Cost – Less than $200

This is a reasonably inexpensive but legit-looking Buster Sword replica. It is made of stainless steel and has a leather-wrapped handle which is much better than having a plastic handle.

This sword also comes with a leather sheath and a wooden display stand. It is considerably lighter than some sword options, making it easier to handle when you take it off the display stand to show your buddies. 


  • This is a fantastic replica of the Buster Sword for a price many can afford much sooner than they could afford an $11,000 sword. 
  • It comes with a wooden display stand, which is handy when you’re not fighting bad guys.


  • The handle on the Buster Sword was never black. It was always reddish, full-blown red, or brown.

Cloud Strife Buster Sword by Swift Dealers

Cloud Strife Buster Sword by Swift Dealers

  • Materials – Stainless steel, leather 
  • Length – 52 inches 
  • Weight – ?
  • Cost – Less than $600

This is a well-formed and created Buster Sword replica. I like that they included the design near the guard. All these handles being a different color is why the sellers can offer them to the public because the sword is different enough from the trademarked Square Enix Buster Sword’s appearance so as not to get the seller sued. 


  • The silver metal next to the black blade looks very close to the “real” Buster Sword in the game. Since it is new, the steel-colored part is perfect, which would have been the case up to a certain point with the real Buster Sword since Zack used it primarily on the blunt side so as to avoid damaging his deceased father’s sword’s blade. 


  • Again, the black handle looks good, but it is not how the true Buster Sword looked. The handle has always been red. 

Final Fantasy VII Zack Fair Buster Sword Cosplay Replica – Chao Ren Buy

Final Fantasy VII Zack Fair Buster Sword Cosplay Replica - Chao Ren Buy

  • Materials – PVC
  • Length – 48 inches
  • Weight – Not significant
  • Cost – Less than $60

This is a pretty neat cosplay company that carries a ton of costumes and gear. The sword is basically plastic vinyl and does ship from China, so make sure to order it long before you will need it because it can take two months.

The site states it will be delivered no later than 30 days after your purchase, but if you are familiar with buying anything from China, it could easily take two months, depending on customs at the International freight receiving station.

This Buster Sword replica looks pretty good for PVC; also, since it boasts gold on the guard, it is from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Crisis Core era. Available for purchase on the site is a 59-inch Buster Sword replica that looks identical to this one. The larger sword is nearly three times the price of the one currently being reviewed.


  • I like that this replica has the gold guard. There aren’t many Buster Sword replicas on the market that offer that. Many are of the “original” Buster Sword, which has a silver guard.
  • Since this replica is made out of PVC, you won’t have to worry about the weight of the sword when you are dressed up at a convention.


  • Purchasing items from China can be a bit of a gamble. If it isn’t what you’d hoped for, you will have to act fast to secure the appropriate Buster Sword replica since the turnaround time for a replacement from the same shop would likely take too long.
  • This replica looks brand new, which it is, but you may want the sword to look well-loved and battle-worn. In that case, you will have to make the necessary modifications.

Foam (Cosplay)

Black Fantasy Foam Buster Sword Cosplay

Black Fantasy Foam Buster Sword Cosplay

  • Materials – Foam
  • Length – 57 inches, Blade 6 inches wide
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • Cost – Less than $100

This is an excellent foam version of the Buster Sword. There are other options for the Buster Sword, as well as the one linked. You can choose between black on black, black, or vintage.

This is a foam sword, so it will be allowed into any conventions or cosplay shows. You can also modify it so that you can carry it on your back since you won’t need to hold it in your hands to fight anyone. Also, this sword has numerous four-star reviews on Amazon. 


  • This looks like a sword made from steel, not foam. The detail and finish are very realistic on each color option. My first choice and the first selection on the linked page is the best looking.
  • You will not have to worry about your weapon being restricted from conventions, and you will not need to worry about carrying a cumbersome sword around all day and possibly even into the night if you’re attending any Comic-Con get-togethers or something of the sort.


  • No matter how perfect this looks or how “to scale” the sword is made, it will never be like the Buster Sword since it is made from foam. Also, some foam isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice. 
  • If you prefer supporting small businesses and artists, this isn’t for you since it comes from Amazon. 

Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII Foam Replica by Collector’s Outpost

Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII Foam Replica by Collector's Outpost

  • Materials – Foam
  • Length – 43 inches 
  • Weight – Not significant
  • Cost – Less than $60

Alright, my cosplayer friends, it’s your time to shine! Here’s a fantastic Buster Sword replica with which you can enter a convention.

But, of course, nobody would be too happy with you showing up to Comic-Conor any cosplayer convention with a real steel 6-foot-long sword. Plus, it would suck to carry or drag a super heavy sword around all day. So this is your solution; a very realistic-looking foam sword. It won’t win any battles, but it looks good.


  • There are cutouts on the sword, so you can mount it on your back and look ultra suave at your next cosplaying event.
  • Since this sword is so lightweight, you won’t have to constantly take breaks from carrying it around on your back all day at the convention. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there unless you run into something or someone. That means your hands are free to hold as much merch as you can afford.


  • This majorly irks me, and it’s on almost every decent replica out there; the brown or black handle. Don’t worry, though; you can quickly fix that by wrapping it in your own red leather cord. It would probably look way better than it does currently.

Final Fantasy Buster Sword Foam Replica –

Final Fantasy Buster Sword Foam Replica

  • Materials – Foam over Plastic Core
  • Length – 42 inches, Blade is 6 inches wide
  • Weight – Not significant
  • Cost – Less than $50

This is an excellent foam replica of the Buster Sword. It might be one of the best cosplay swords I’ve seen yet. If you do some digging on the website where this sword is sold, you might find other great pieces to add to your cosplay outfit.


  • The design and paint job on this replica is exceptionally well done, which is surprising when you see how much the replica costs. You could buy a few for your friends, too.


  • With a painted brown handle, the Buster Sword, even a foam version, looks wrong. That is a con you can fix using red markers, paint, or make it fancy using a red leather cord to wrap the handle.

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword High-Density Foam by RealFireNSteel on Amazon

Cloud Strife's Buster Sword High-Density Foam

  • Materials – Foam over Metal Core
  • Length – 55 inches
  • Weight – 3 pounds
  • Cost – Less than $150

This is a bit of an upgrade in the land of foam swords. This isn’t typical PU foam; this is high-density foam over a metal core. You should still be able to get into Comic-Con with this weapon, but it won’t be nearly as light as the cheaper replicas but don’t worry; it’s still under five pounds. Any soldier should be able to drag that bad boy through the fiery rows of cosplay villains. 


  • This is an excellent Buster Sword replica, and unless someone came up and touched it, they would think it was real. It is incredibly well-detailed. If you want to go the extra mile and make it incredibly realistic, wrap the handle with leather or suede cord and put a few knicks in the blade. A splatter of fake blood wouldn’t hurt its image any, either.
  • Since this replica has metal bones, you might even be able to make it through the convention and back for the one next year without needing to replace it. Just keep your battles internal or mental with yourself and your components.
  • The metal grommets at the foot of the handle are silver and stand out against the black of the handle, which is exactly how it looks in the game and what looks best overall. 


  • While this replica may not cost $10,000, it still isn’t cheap and is mainly made out of foam. It’s outstanding quality, but you are still paying over $150 for a foam stick to be shipped to you.
  • The black handle looks cheap and tacky, but you know how you can fix that, right? Red leather cord or any color that your little fantasy-loving heart desires.

Check Out these Custom Made Buster Sword Replicas on Etsy

We rarely discuss products from Etsy on this website because most items sold on Etsy can sell out and create a useless link for those of you wanting to purchase or even view the item in question.

This article is a special case since the parent company behind Final Fantasy does not take kindly to the Buster Sword being recreated by mass production, which leaves very few actual steel swords to choose from on your typical merchant sites.

However, independent artists who create a replica sword through the wishes of their customers fall into a different category than mass producers. These are a few Buster Sword replicas I found on Etsy, and wanted to share them with you. Some may be far from your budget, but it’s still fun to see and read about them.   

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII by PrettyHateMachining on Etsy

Cloud Strife's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII

  • Materials – Steel (Hardox Brand AR450), leather 
  • Length – Blade 55L x 10W x 1/2T inches – 72 inches in total length
  • Weight – 44 pounds
  • Cost – More than $10,000

This sword is unique, handmade, and completely out of almost everyone’s budget. The owner of PrettyHateMachining has created several exact replicas of the Buster Sword. One of the replicas is supposed to weigh what the Buster Sword in Final Fantasy would weigh if it were real, which is 123 pounds with a one-inch thick steel blade! His Etsy page states that he is open to custom designs, engraving, and making the sword any size and thickness you’d like, within reason, of course.

Check out this crazy video of the 123-pound Buster Sword replica! WOW. 

Cloud’s Buster Sword FFVII: R by SchwiftyProps (USA/Canada) on Etsy

Cloud's Buster Sword FFVII: R by SchwiftyProps

  • Materials – 3D Print, Glass Materia, Wood
  • Length – 67 inches
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Cost – Less than $500

This is a fantastic-looking replica. I especially love the worn look of the blade. The scratches make it look much more realistic to me. Also, the design etching on the blade looks fantastic. You can choose from a brown or red leather handle. The glass material is green and red and can be removed to expose the two holes like they are in the game. 

Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Replica 8mm Metal Cosplay Prop by PropNFossil on Etsy

Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Replica 8mm Metal Cosplay

  • Materials – Stainless Steel, Sheep Leather
  • Length – 67.3 inches
  • Weight – 48 pounds
  • Cost – Less than $3,600

This is another really excellent-looking Buster Sword replica made by hand from steel. This is a bit thinner than the other options, but it serves the purpose and looks great. The steel-colored part of the blade is flawless-looking, and the darker “black” metal is not a solid color but varies as a real sword would. 

Check Out the Sword that Came After the Buster Sword

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife’s Fusion – Upgraded Buster Sword (Cloud Sword)

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife's Fusion

  • Length – 51 inches 
  • Materials – Stainless Steel
  • Cost – Less than $500

This “Buster Sword” is called a Fusion Sword because it has six different blades, each dulled for safety. The original Buster Sword is left at Angeal Hewely’s grave in Final Fantasy VII by Cloud, and the Fusion Sword is then his primary weapon.

The Fusion Sword is basically the upgraded Buster Sword because it shares its length and size. However, it is six different swords to make a Swiss Army Knife version of the Buster Sword. 


  • Being that the sword is stainless steel, it won’t rust.
  • The six knives that make up this massive sword are all nice and highly realistic compared to the game’s Fusion Sword.


  • I wish this sword were not made of stainless steel, though I do understand the pros of doing so.
  • This is also not a true Buster Sword, but it is still pretty impressive, so I wanted you all to be able to drool over it as I did. 

Want to Make Your Own Buster Sword? 

If I were to make a Buster Sword, I would do so from wood with some extra great metallic paint, and I would definitely use one of these YouTube videos to create the sword and also to make the wood look like metal. YouTube is your friend and can help you determine the most challenging issues when creating your sword.

Check out these inspirational “how to” videos:

A Few Tips for Making a D.I.Y. Buster Sword Replica

  • Use small amounts of Gorilla hot glue to secure the leather or suede cord if you choose to wrap the handle with the appropriate color.
  • Use sandpaper to scuff up the blade to look like it is battle-worn.
  • Splatter blood-red paint by throwing the paint onto the blade with a small cup or sling it with a paintbrush for a realistic look.
  • Make realistic-looking materia using large stick-on gems or large marbles and secure with hot glue. If the marbles aren’t the color you want, spray paint them using metallic paint in red, green, blue, or whatever color you want.
  • Check out images of D.I.Y. Buster Sword replicas and get creative. Pinterest and Google images are always great places to look for inspiration.


Question: Why are so few Buster Sword Replicas available for purchase online?

Answer: More or less, because of greedy people. Buster Sword replicas were readily available for around $80 until the Final Fantasy parent company, Square Enix, and their lawyers went after every company making replicas.

Since then, the only replicas you can find are by independent artists on Etsy, where they only produce one at a time and do not have a massive stock the way the $80 Chinese replicas did.

Another thing about the Chinese replicas is the swords were very cheaply made, looked junky, and boasted fragile stainless steel for the blade. So what Square Enix did was make crappy Buster Sword replicas disappear. This article will further elaborate.

Question: How many different versions of the Buster Sword exist, and what are their differences?

Answer: Technically, there is only one Buster Sword but it has gone through changes once it passed from Angeal Hewey to Zack Fair and then to Cloud. The original Buster Sword is a gigantic broadsword with massive girth and personality.

It has a red handle and gold detail near the guard, with a black and silver blade holding numerous markings, including the two holes near the guard.

It was seen as such in FF VII the original. In FF VII Advent Children and FF VII Crisis Core, the Buster Sword we see is a bit different; the blade appears to be two pieces of metal, the piece of metal with two holes is raised a bit and has intricate designs engraved, the guard is golden colored with designs.

In FF VIII the area on the sword near the two holes is also golden.
In the Final Fantasy VII remake and the Compliation, the sword loses its golden guard and the area around the two holes in exchange for silver definition. The designs are gone and the red handle is now brown.

Question: What is the actual size of the Buster Sword?

Answer: The Buster Sword would be between five and six feet long, and the blade approximately one foot wide. It would have two twin holes close to the guard for securing onto the carrier’s back or for holding material. The sword itself would weigh approximately 104 pounds.

I’ll be Going Now…

Whew! There are a lot of really excellent Buster Sword replicas out there! Be sure to check out Etsy and eBay for other replicas not listed.

The very best replicas I found are two different swords made from two different materials. One is machine-made, Buster Sword by Historic Replicas, and is stainless steel, and the other is made out of foam, Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword High-Density Foam by RealFireNSteel on Amazon. Both are excellent swords, and I would be honored to have either. 

There are many ways you can acquire a Buster Sword replica for cosplay or simply for decoration. If you want something more permanent, you can even get a Buster Sword tattoo! Either way, I hope you’ve found my suggestions and the linked YouTube videos helpful.

When creating your replica sword, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. If you want something a little less mainstream and a bit more customized, you are the creator, and it is entirely up to you.

Just know that if you take a wildly customized Buster Sword replica to Comic-Con, some tight-laced perfectionist may voice that you have committed a crime. It’s not a sword you made for them, so do not worry about “opinions.”

I hope you are ready to make your Buster Sword replica purchase or maybe even make your own Buster Sword. If you feel ever so inclined, make a YouTube video of your own showing your process for others who wish to make their own Buster Sword replica. You could even have a whole Etsy store selling gaming sword replicas. There is a market, after all. 

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