Best Stranger Things Funko Pop Guide

If you’re like me and just finished watching season four, part two of Stranger Things, you probably want more and can’t get it off your mind! Season five is said to be the big finale, but who can wait that long? Production begins in February 2023, but that’s seven whole, super-long months away. While you rewatch the seasons or wait for the last season to begin, you’d like to expand your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection, but where do you start?

Strangers Things took off like a rocket into the lands of success shortly after it first aired, and with so many super fans out there, certain collectibles can be hard to find, and even if you do find them, they can be very pricey. In this article, I will discuss the best Stranger Things Funko Pop collectibles, their price, and where you can find them. You won’t have to go all the way to the Upside Down to meet your own Demogorgon or Number One! 

Botton Line Up Front

It’s challenging and can get expensive to complete your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection. With 122 Funko Pop collectibles available, you’d better invest in a big bookshelf to house them all! So I will simplify the daunting list for you by listing the best Pops for each character with some ideas of where to purchase them. Personally, my top three favorite Pops are #7 – Steve with a bandana, #9 – Dustin with Dart, and #27 – Eddie. Okay, one more: I like #29 Glow in the Dark Demogorgon. 

My Tip Top Pops

  • #10 Steve with a Bandana
  • #16 Dustin with Dart
  • #42 Eddie
  • #45 Glow in the Dark Demogorgon


Best Stranger Things Funko Pop Guide

I think these Pops are the greatest because they are- just kidding. I like the originality of these specific Pops and the parts of the story they tell. All four Pops show who or what these selected characters are and what they represent. You can find more generic-looking Pops for these characters, but these are the ones that jump out at me.


I didn’t name any of the key characters in my favorite Pops. Everyone likes someone different, and they should choose a Pop that speaks to them and renews the feelings of excitement one felt when watching that particular scene.

Some of these Pops, like Dustin with Dart, can be expensive and difficult to find. Don’t give up before you check Mercari or eBay. Another con is the lack of central characters available. There is only one Nancy Pop, and she has been so crucial to the show. I wish they had made more Pops showing her personality and some others.

My Buying and Choosing Selection Criteria

  • I only chose top Funko Pops that super fans of Stranger Things would love.
  • I tried to select toys for all demographics, whether it’s a Joyce fan who is a 40-year-old mother or a Will fan that is a 10-year-old boy.
  • I choose the Pops with the most authentic details.
  • I have listed several Pops that I own and love.
  • I’ve listed a couple of Pops that you may not have heard of yet.

Best Eleven Funko Pop Guide

1. #421 – Eleven with Eggos

I love Eleven, and many of the Eleven Pops available are super cool! However, I would have to say this one is my favorite. One of the adorable quirks about Eleven is her love for Eggo waffles! When Eleven is taken back to Mike’s house after being discovered by Mike, he offers her Eggos to eat. Having never had something so tasty, she falls in love with Eggos. 

This POP is an excellent replica of the girl with many nods to the series. We all saw boys disguise Eleven so they could sneak her into Mr. Clarke’s school radio room. She is seen wearing some of Nancy’s fabulous 80’s clothes; little white shoes, her pink lace dress with a small white collar, and her blue jean jacket. The blond wig is iconic! Straight off of one of Mike’s sister’s dolls, the ice blonde wig looks excellent but makes Eleven a little sad to see herself as a “pretty girl,” having never known anything about being pretty.  

2. #718 – Eleven with Burger Shirt

At the beginning of season one, we see Eleven escape from Hawkins’ Laboratory and run to Benny’s Burgers, where she attempts to hide and steal food. Unfortunately, she is caught by the owner, who sees a terrified young girl that’s hurt, dirty, and wearing a hospital gown without shoes. He makes her some food and tries to find out anything he can about her in exchange for some ice cream. Unfortunately, Eleven has never learned to communicate verbally, so she cannot tell this gentle soul how to help her. 

This Pop shows her innocence and confusion after escaping Hawkins Laboratory, where the evil Dr. “Papa” Brenner was holding Eleven captive. I think this Pop is adorable and highly recommend it.

3. #637 – Eleven Elevated

After Eleven runs away from Hopper’s secret cabin that he hides her in at the end of season one, she takes off in search of her mother, which she finds out is alive from Chief Hopper. He refuses to let her leave the cabin and indeed not find her mother because it is much too dangerous, and Dr. Brenner’s’ team of thugs hasn’t stopped looking for her.

Finally, she finds her mother, who is unable to communicate verbally but shares memories with Eleven through the fuzzy television station. Upon learning that she has a “sister” who was also inside Dr. Brenner’s’ laboratory as a subject, Eleven, sets out to find her sister, Kali. In this Pop, we see a made-over goth Eleven levitating while unleashing her power. 

I’m a big fan of this Pop because it shows Eleven harnessing her true power after having doubts about herself. Also, she is dressed goth, like her sister Kali and the other rebels. It is unique and a must-have!

Best Will Byers Funko Pop Guide

4. #437 – Will Byers Upside Down

The Demogorgon takes Will after he begins having dreams about it and the Upside Down. He is petrified and unable to communicate with his friends or his mother easily. He spends his days hiding in his childhood fort, Castle Byers, from the Demogorgon, but as the season passes, we see little Will become sick. The air quality in the Upside Down is inferior, and Will is struggling to breathe. Will communicates with his mother, Joyce, with flickering lights and the song, “Should I stay or Should I go.”  

This Pop is the symbol for season one and the beginning of Stranger Things for me. Will was so small and so dear. He looked lost and unearthly while trapped in the Upside Down.

5. #805 – Will the Wise (Glow in the Dark)

Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will all love playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I think Will loves it more than everyone else. Here he is dressed as Will the Wise, his Dungeon and Dragons character. Will loves keeping his friends around and is always up for a game in Mike’s basement. However, while the other boys are busy worrying about girls, Will wants to get back to being a kid. So we see the distance between Will and his friends grow wider. 

This Pop perfectly captures his adorable, geeky, “I don’t want to grow up” spirit. He loves his friends and never wants to grow apart from them. He is so dedicated to D&D and his friends that he goes all out in this wizard costume. He is adorable. 

Best Steve Harrington Funko Pop Guide

6. #475 – Steve Harrington with Bat

Steve is one of the main characters of Stranger Things. He’s the cool kid and ladies’ man at Hawkin’s High School and is in love with Nancy Wheeler, Mike Wheeler’s sister. He spends a lot of time wooing the good-girl Nancy into sneaking out to be with him. Fast forward a bit in the season, and you watch as Steve goes from bully to kind and courageous.

He ditches his “cool” friends and embarks on the creepy Demogorgon-filled mission of saving Nancy and the boys after Nancy’s best friend, Barbara, disappears. Steve tries to play tough, but not so deep down; we see this kid as an excellent friend and hero to the group. 

I love how this Pop shows off Steve’s brave and relentless side once he realizes the Demogorgon is real. He always tried to look so perfect and cool, but here we see why Steve is terrific. This fantastic and RARE Pop can undoubtedly be pricey! Try looking on eBay or Mercari or deals. 

7. #642 – Steve with Bandana

Steve is one b@d@ss kid! But, he is a true hero once he gets over his ego and comes through for Will, Nancy, and the other boys. Steve drops his cool kid schedule completely, believes Nancy, and comes to her and the boys’ rescue time and time again. I especially liked it when he bonded with Dustin and later gave him advice on his crazy hair. 

This Steve Pop is nicely represented and detailed with the Upside Down “snow” in his hair. Even his coloring is off since the Upside down doesn’t offer outstanding air quality. You can see why this one is one of my top four favorites. Pop Steve is one popular guy, and you can certainly tell by the prices! This is another tough-to-find Pop that you might be better off searching for on eBay or Mercari to see if you can find a deal.    

The One and Only Suzie Funko Pop

8. #881 – Suzie

Who doesn’t like Suzie, Dustin’s long-distance love that he met over summer break at Camp Nowhere? The other boys make fun of Dustin because they believe he’s made Suzie up. Later on, not only does Suzie save them once, but she saves them twice! I really liked her character and think this Funko Pop is entirely original. It is another difficult to find Pops, but Suzie’s worth it! My advice is to check out eBay and Mercari and see if you can get this Pop for an affordable price. 

Best Dustin Henderson Funko Pop Guide

9. #593 Dustin and Dart

I think this is one of my top three favorite Pops! I loved the adorable and terrifying relationship between Dustin and Dart, aka D’Artagnan the Demodog. His kindness towards the little Demogorgon pays off when Dart helps them in the end and doesn’t eat Dustin or his friends! A Three Musketeer’s bar can surely earn you some killer friends! I like the little Demodog sidekick to Dustin’s Pop. I think it truly makes this Pop one of a kind. 

10. #617 Dustin at the Snowball Dance

Dustin goes from toothless to ultra-suave when he gets some hair advice from his mentor Steve Harrington. A little Faberge Organics will fix all of your hair troubles. Steve coaches Dustin on how to win the ladies and have self-confidence. Steve tells Dustin in a moment of hilarity, “Use the shampoo and the conditioner, and when your hair is damp, not wet, but damp, you do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.”

Dustin walks into the dance filled with confidence, but that soon diminishes as he realizes that nobody wants to dance with him. Finally, Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s sister, sees how sad Dustin is and dances with him, which boosts his confidence and the ladies’ interest in him, ultimately saving the day.  

Best Joyce Byers Funko Pop Guide

 11. #436 Joyce Byers with Lights

I don’t know about you, but I have always been a big fan of Winona Ryder as a person and actor, and I have always loved her movies. She made this show as good as it was and as high ranking because she is an outstanding and kindhearted actor. As soon as I heard about this show with her lead role, I knew I would need to watch it. I loved her character, Joyce Byers. She was so real, and it felt like the ’80s when I watched her sell encyclopedias by phone!

She is a great mom to Will and Jonathan, and this Pop shows the fear and sadness she felt while losing hope that she would ever see Will again. When she realizes that Will is somehow stuck in the walls and can communicate through dimming lights, she goes crazy trying to make it easier for him to share so she can be super mom and save him. The Christmas light ball is a nice touch. I am surprised I didn’t run into trouble trying to source this Pop. It’s even affordable for now. Better hurry! 

12. #845 – Joyce with Magnets

Who doesn’t love Joyce, a fierce single mama who works her tail off to provide for her two boys? They do not go without; she loves them with her whole being. This Pop is unique because it is when Joyce it is symbolic of when Joyce noticed the magnets started falling off of her refrigerator one by one.

She knows this has to have something to do with the Upside Down and won’t stop until she finds out what it means. She goes to Mr. Clarke’s house in this episode to further understand magnetism and what could be causing this strange event. Strangely, this Pop can be found relatively quickly and affordably.  

Best Jim Hopper Funko Pop Guide

13. #525 – Jim Hopper with Biohazard Suit

Jim Hopper believes that Will has run away until Joyce pleads with him to follow every lead and try to get her boy back. Hopper realizes the trail leads straight to Hawkins Laboratory and Dr. Brenner. Together, Joyce and Hopper break into the laboratory and enter the Upside Down through the rift it has made and search for young Will, who was taken hostage some time ago and is fading.  

14. #641 – Jim Hopper with Vines

Jim Hopper has proven to be a good soul and a brave man. He is a crucial component in the war with the Upside Down and will stop at nothing to ensure his town and friends are safe. Jim is helping local farmers figure out why their crops are dying and fields smell of rot. Between Will’s ominous drawings and Hopper’s intuition, he realizes an entrance to the Upside Down lays just beneath the wounded crops. Unfortunately, Jim falls into the Upside Down while investigating, and it is up to Joyce to save him this time!

I love Jim Hopper’s character and this Pop showing his unwillingness to give up, even when being attacked by strange vines. The incredible detail put into this Pop really seals the deal for me.

Best Mike Wheeler Funko Pop Guide

15. #423 – Mike Wheeler with Walkie Talkie

Mike Wheeler is Nancy Wheeler’s younger brother. They are worlds apart at the beginning of Stranger Things, but as the seasons progress, we see them working together more like friends. 

I like this goofy Pop because it has gangly, freckled Mike holding tightly to his trusty walkie-talkie. The boys all communicate by walkie-talkie throughout the seasons to conspire stealth adventures to save their friends and get to the bottom of the Upside Down.    

16. #1239 – Mike and the Hellfire Club

Here we see an older version of Mike in season four. Mike and Dustin are in the Dungeons and Dragons Hellfire Club. The club is led by the one and only Eddie, an older kid who has been held back several times but enjoys recruiting fellow nerds into the group. So naturally, Mike and Dustin go along with Eddie’s ideas. 

I chose this Pop as one of the best because the Hellfire Club plays a big part in season four and is symbolic of all that follows.  

Best Lucas Sinclair Funko Pop Guide

17. #1246 – Lucas with Basketball Jersey

High school isn’t easy for anyone, especially not a group of kids trying to recover from the terrors they endured at the Starcourt Mall last season. Lucas has decided a change would be good and wants to be one of the cool kids. He joins the basketball team, and though he spends most of the time on the bench, he still tries to fit in with the other guys. They turn out to be not at all the type of friends he wants after they go after Eddie and Hellfire Club. 

I chose this one as a favorite because it shows Lucas at that once in a life time game where he is finally called off the bench and wins the game! He was so determined to make that shot, and the creators of this Pop did a great job displaying that.

18. #807 – Lucas with Bandana

Lucas’ character is always trying to be a tough, intelligent, well-balanced little guy. Things certainly get heated between Dustin and Lucas when the new girl, Maxine, aka Max, comes into the picture. They have a very brief falling out, but brotherly love conquers all. 

I chose this Pop as one of the best because it symbolizes the time Lucas decided to go off on his own in the first season. He was looking for the breach to the Upside Down and went dressed for action! 

The Only Dr. Brenner Funko Pop

19. #515 – Dr. Brenner

We love him and hate him. Just kidding, we don’t like him or the horrible tests he has run on his very young gifted subjects. He has spent so much time trying to make the perfect weapon for the military that he has lost sight of being a decent human with empathy and compassion. Eleven calls him papa because he is the only father she has ever known and the only family she had while locked in her cell at Hawkins Laboratory. Dr. Brenner redeems himself just a teeny, tiny bit before his death in season four. 

I chose the Pop because Dr. Brenner was critical to the entire show, and what would your collection be without the REAL bad guy? This is also the only Dr. Brenner Pop, so it might just become a top collector. 

The Only Jonathan Byers Funko Pop

20. #513 – Jonathan Byers and his Camera

Jonathan is a strange cat at the beginning of Stranger Things but becomes one of the good heroes in the end. He is quiet, enjoys music and photography, and… Nancy Wheeler, who he eventually ends up dating after they go through the first round of Upside Down fun. In season one, Steve bullies Jonathan for being weird and liking his girlfriend at the time, Nancy. Steve breaks his camera, goes through his photos, and finds that he was spying on them the night of the party. These photos show clues to what took poor Barbara from the pool’s edge.  

I like this Pop because every true fan and collector needs this to have the main characters. I’m not sure why there is only one Jonathan Pop, but he deserves more recognition for his awesomeness. Unfortunately, with this being the only Jonathan Pop, the price also increases.

The Only Nancy Wheeler Funko Pop

21. #514 Nancy Wheeler with a Gun

This brave little popular sixteen-year-old girl is the big sister of Mike. She goes from a quiet popular girl with Barbara as her best friend to a fierce defender of Hawkins in season one and continues to fight the Upside Down throughout the show. She is with Steve in the beginning and then Jonathan for several seasons. It looks like season 5 might just find her and Steve back together. 

I like Nancy’s optimism and unrelenting fixation on saving her family and friends. I had to buy this Pop because it is the only Nancy Wheeler Pop.  

Best Max Funko Pop Guide

22. #552 – Max with Halloween Costume

Maxine, aka Max, just moved to Hawkins with her stepfather, stepbrother, and mother. She isn’t happy and is lonely deep down. She spends all of her time skateboarding and playing arcade games when not being verbally abused by her older stepbrother, Billy. Billy goes to school with her and gives her a ride to and from school in his car. He warns her to stay away from Lucas and the other boys. He spends his time making her life hell. 

This Pop is one of my favorites because it’s so awesome looking! Unfortunately, many other people agree and have made it difficult to find and afford this Max Pop. Let me know if you find one I can afford!

23. #551 – Max Mayfield with Skateboard

When Max first arrives at Hawkins, she is seen skateboarding everywhere. This coolness, of course, attracts the boys’ attention because she’s an extraordinary girl who likes things they also like. Max is rarely seen without her skateboard. She doesn’t get too feminine about things and tries her best to hide her real emotions under a layer of tough-girl. 

I really like Max, and this Pop is undoubtedly essential. Max is rarely seen without her skateboard, and this Pop is here to represent that.

The Only Erica Pop Funko

24. #808 – Erica

808 – Erica FUNKO POP

Erica is Lucas’ younger sister and goes out of her way to tell him how ridiculous and nerdy he and his friends are and that they will never be hip like she is. But, deep down, she isn’t much different from them. Erica even admits to going to every one of Lucas’ games even though he didn’t know. She’s also a great Dungeons and Dragons player and finds herself recruited by Dustin into Hellfire Club with Eddie. 

You have to love this Pop with her helmet and flashlights duct-taped onto it! Her original, hilarious, and witty character makes this Pop a must-have!

Best Robin Funko Pop

25. #922 – Robin in Scoops Ahoy Uniform

We first meet Robin at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop at the Starcourt Mall, where Steve Harrington also works. They spend their days giving each other a hard time while waiting on impatient customers. However, things change when a Russian message needs translation and the code needs cracking.

Robin jumps aboard to help these boys and gets lost in the mix of Demogorgons and the Upside Down. Later, Steve confesses he has feeling for her, and she laughs it off and says that she is only interested in girls. 

This Pop is pretty tough to find and can be pricey! However, I enjoyed Robin’s witty and often hilarious character. I thought the ice cream outfit made her even funnier. She is also the only LGBTQ character.

Best Billy Funko Pop

26. #844 – Billy the Lifeguard

The Mind Flayer has ahold of Billy in the Pop. When Billy, Max’s stepbrother, becomes infected with the Mind Flayer, he becomes even more evil and ruthless than before. Now, he burns badly in the sun and prefers the Dark. So much for being a big, handsome lifeguard. He freaks out and tells everyone to stay away from him, but ultimately, he helps the kids fight the spider monster and close the rift between the dimensions in his death. 

Billy’s character is iconic, and this Pop rendition perfectly captures Billy’s dark side. Once the monster has ahold of Billy’s mind, his body isn’t in charge anymore.

The One and Only Eddie Pop

27. #1250 – Eddie

#1250 – Eddie

Eddie was by far one of my top favorite characters in all of the seasons. I am sad that he won’t be returning for season five; however, he went out in about the most incredible, gripping way I’ve seen. Eddie played Master of Puppets by Metallica to get the Demobats to follow him, jumped on a bike to outrun them, and died fighting. He refused to let Dustin save him because the bats would have attacked Dustin, too. He was a great guy, often misunderstood but highly kind and loyal to his friends. This rare Pop has already made it to sold-out status just about everywhere.   

I think that Eddie may have been my favorite character in season four. I had to have this Pop because it’s Eddie!!! I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Last but not Least, I Give you the Best Demogorgon Funko Pop!

28. #428 Demogorgon Open Face

Here it is; last but not least, I give you the mighty and super weird Demogorgon! From the first episode till the last of season four, the Demogorgon has not disappointed with its creepy looks and even creepier ways. This Pop shows off the open Demogorgon and its many teeth! This scene is what nightmares are made of in anyone’s mind.   

29. #428 Glow in the Dark Demogorgon

I really like this one! It’s pretty (if you can even say that about a Demogorgon) in the light with its super bright neon colors and even more fantastic in the Dark because it glows! Perfect for bedtime!


Question: Where can you buy Stranger Things Funko Pop Collectibles? 

Answer: Target, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Mercari all seem to have a good stock of every pop I have added to this extensive list. When in doubt, google the Pop’s name followed by its number. 

Question: How Much are the Stranger Things Funko Pops? 

Answer: It all depends on the availability and how recent their release was. The further from the release date you get, the more the price will generally increase. The gold Pops are usually rare and very expensive. I didn’t add them to my list because I just don’t see anything special about them except for marketing saying they’re better than the other Pops. Not true. To answer the question, most Pops of regular size are between $12-40. When you get to the widely collected ones, such as; Max in the Halloween costume, you could pay $500. I’ve seen some of these listed in the thousands.  

Question: Which is the Most Sought-after Stranger Things Pop? 

Answer: By far, Hopper’s golden #512 (Hopper SDCC 2018 LE 40). Only 40 of these super rare Funko Pop vinyl figures were made. Their retail value is +$5,000! Check out this listing- Gold Hopper. 


I hope you have enjoyed my list of favorite Stranger Things Funko Pops. These fun little guys are hard to keep in their new cases! I’m sure by the end of season five, which is said to be the final season, you will be able to add at least a couple more Pops to your list of favorites. 

I cannot wait to see what happens and can’t wait to see what Pops come out next. You can bet that they will only go up in value, so if this is a wagon you want on, you’d better hurry up. Happy hunting, friends! 

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