17 Best Naruto Action Figures Guide

Believe it! If you’re a fan, you’re about to find a new collectible in the best Naruto action figures guide. I show you which action figures can inspire a fan’s collection from the best Naruto characters. There are many types of action figures, including Nendoroids, articulated figures, and Funko Pop vinyl figures.

Naruto has a range of collectible merchandise. You’ll be happy to learn about the best brands and unique versions available. Some Naruto action figures are so spectacular that you’ll think they’re replicas. Be like Naruto, who believes giving up isn’t the answer.

He wants peace, and it’s much like creating harmony in your desire for Naruto collectibles figures. Let me help you find the best Naruto action figures from every brand, type, and edition.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’m a Naruto geek, or some might say an obsessed anime enthusiast. I’m also a collector and have been for more than a decade now.

I’ve helped clients collect the most brilliant and unique fandom merchandise because I look at collecting Naruto action figures from a broader perspective, which makes a lot of sense.

You don’t merely want to collect random Naruto action figures if you want your collection to be worth something, even sentimentality. You need a system, and I show you the basics of action figure types, the best brands you can find, and the rare and unusual versions to obtain. Then, I create a simple buying system.

I’ll share the 17 best Naruto action figures as a variety to appeal to different fans. Still, my system helps you select the collection that suits your specific desires.

Dive into the glance at my top picks to get a taste of what I put together for all Naruto fans, and if you love the options, move to the advice that helps you select yours.

My Top Naruto Action Figures at a Glance

Best Naruto Action Figures Guide

My top recommendations include action figures with posable or actionable positions. They also have the leading characters from the classic period and are over the cake-topper height for true collectors. My best Naruto character action figures include:

  1. Best Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure
  2. Best Naruto Asuma Sarutobi Action Figure
  3. Best Naruto Deidara Action Figure
  4. Best Naruto Gaara Action Figure
  5. Best Naruto Hashirama Senju Action Figure
  6. Best Naruto Hinata Hyuga Action Figure
  7. Best Naruto Itachi Uchiha Action Figure
  8. Best Naruto Kabuto Yakushi Action Figure
  9. Best Naruto Kakashi Hatake Action Figure
  10. Best Naruto Kushina Uzumaki Action Figure
  11. Best Naruto Madara Uchiha Action Figure
  12. Best Naruto Minato Namikaze Action Figure
  13. Best Naruto Rock Lee Action Figure
  14. Best Naruto Sakura Haruno Action Figure
  15. Best Naruto Sasori Action Figure
  16. Best Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure
  17. Best Naruto Shikamaru Nara Action Figure

I’m focusing on classic and Shippuden action figures, but I’ll share some bonus options for new generation fans soon enough.

Best Naruto Action Figures Guide: The Collector’s Guide

Japanese Anime Naruto Shippuden Uchiha Madara Action Figure

Naruto is a classic anime series running since 2007. The series evolves, and so do the characters, making it essential to understand the versions and special editions. Let me show you the basic system on which you’ll use my advice to select the best Naruto action figures for your collection.

Naruto Action Figures Explained

There are many kinds of Naruto action figures because of how popular the series is globally. I don’t need to tell you as a Naruto fan. I mention it because you can then understand the many types. Knowing the basics of the available Naruto action figures can help you collect the best ones with my coming advice.

Various Action Figure Types

Any brand action figure falls into a few basic types, including:


Many brands focus on quality Naruto action figures. A few of the standard branded figures you’ll find include:

Waves, Versions, and Editions

4th New Gen Unique Minato Namikaze Anime Figurine

Naruto action figures also come in limited editions, waves, and unique versions designed by different brands. Some keywords on Naruto action figures represent brand exclusives.

Others are a range representing a specific time in the series. Some of the more popular waves, versions, and editions you’ll find include:

When browsing the Naruto action figures available, always look for words in brackets. You might even get two that look similar but have different versions, meaning a small detail changed. Serious collectors might want all the versions of their favorite characters.

Top Tip for Collecting Naruto Action Figures

Anime Heroes Naruto Gaara 6.5" Action Figure

I gave you a few examples of the types, versions, and popular Naruto action figure brands. Now, my advice will make sense. I’ll share the best Naruto action figures as a variety for different collectors to enjoy.

However, sticking to one brand and collecting all the versions and waves is a sure-fire way to add value to your collection.

Suppose you collect Naruto vinyl figures. The Nendoroid and Funko Pop brands have plenty of options. They also release waves of Naruto figures and launch exclusives with unique versions.

The best benefit of collecting Nendoroid and Funko Pop Naruto figures is that they’ll mostly be the same size.

However, let’s say you start collecting movable figures with high amounts of articulation. You’ll be better off with Bandai Spirits, Bandai America, Tanashi Nations, and Anime Heroes.

These brands’ articulate action figures also come in scale options, unique versions, and exclusives. It makes for a fantastic collection.

Start with the basic type of Naruto action figure you want before working through the brands and versions. Working backward can be restrictive. You won’t find many chase Naruto figures, and your Comic-Con exclusive collection will be small. Instead, work from basic to brand to version.

Now, let’s dive into the variety for inspiration.

Buying Guide for Naruto Action Figures

Where do you begin? Naruto is one of the most awesome anime series, meaning there are many options for action figures. I chose my favorite Naruto action figures with three rules:

  1. I want movable or action figures that represent the name perfectly, meaning the immovable figures should be in an actionable position.
  2. I’m a classic collector and love action figures from the original Naruto and Shippuden series. I include the best Naruto action figure for the well-known characters.
  3. I choose Naruto action figures over 3.5 inches because anything smaller is ridiculous. I think smaller action figures are cake toppers more than collectible beauties.

Best Naruto Action Figures Guide: My Top Recommendations

Are you as excited as me? I’m sure you’re getting impatient to find the best Naruto action figures now. More importantly, you want to know why they’re the best ones. Let’s get into it before you get that blushing, flustered anime look on your face.

Best Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure

Uzumaki Action Figure

Naruto is a unique shinobi ninja who creates skills and techniques no one else can conjure. You can’t collect Naruto action figures without adding the main guy. The Naruto action figure with a fox demon inside has incredible details, including a blend of materials. The P.V.C. figure has fabric clothing for fantastic realism.

Key Features

  • Brand: Three Zero
  • Series/Edition: Sage version
  • Type: Naruto scale figure
  • Character: Naruto action figure
  • Size: 9.5″ (1:6 scale)


  • It’s a scale Naruto action figure with 29 articulation points
  • It’s a highly collectible Naruto figure with fabulous multi-dimensional effects to make him look real
  • It comes with different faceplates, hands, shoes, a waist belt, and a few more accessories for optimal displays


  • Some collectors are wary about fabric clothing on collectible action figures

Best Naruto Asuma Sarutobi Action Figure

Asuma Sarutobi Action Figure

Asuma is one personal favorite from Naruto. I suppose I loved his character and how level-headed he remained while teaching team 10 to become exceptional fighters.

Asuma is an underappreciated character from the anime series. You must admit that his jutsu is impressive. Who wouldn’t want to breathe dragon-like breath?

Key Features

  • Brand: Pop Animation
  • Series/Edition: Exclusive and limited edition
  • Type: Naruto Funko Pop
  • Character: Asuma action figure
  • Size: 3.75″


  • It’s a limited edition and exclusive from the collectible Funko Pop range
  • I love how the Naruto vinyl figure portrays Asuma’s relaxed but serious nature
  • The details on his clothing and headband are top-notch for Funko Pops


  • It’s a pity it’s not an articulated figure (but it’s actionable)

Best Naruto Deidara Action Figure

Deidara Action Figure

Deidara is a great character, capable of using life’s energy to create powerful and explosive techniques. Still, you can sometimes see the other side of his spiritual nature.

Deidara reminds me of someone I know, and they’re both Taurus, believe it or not. The guy walks on water, and my friend thinks he can do the same.

Key Features

  • Brand: Good Smile / Nendoroid
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto Nendoroid
  • Character: Deidara Nendoroid
  • Size: 3.9″


  • It’s an original Naruto Nendoroid and highly collectible (even without a version)
  • The details are fantastic, and you can reposition Deidara to a few of his famous moves
  • It comes with a stand, effects, a clay bird, and multiple faceplates


  • I don’t get the faceplate with Deidara’s tongue sticking out

Best Naruto Gaara Action Figure

Gaara Action Figure

Gaara is an odd Naruto character, but I love his backstory. The symbol on his head represents love, and some say it’s a love for himself. Gaara had a challenging life, which is evident when you think about how his father tried to have him killed. I like the oddballs, and Gaara certainly suits them.

Key Features

  • Brand: Anime Heroes
  • Series/Edition: Designated issue number
  • Type: Articulated Naruto figure
  • Character: Gaara action figure
  • Size: 7.8″


  • It’s a collectible Gaara action figure from Anime Heroes with an issue number
  • It has 16 articulation points for varied positions
  • It comes with two pairs of hands and a few Gaara accessories


  • The action figure looks a little plain

Best Naruto Hashirama Senju Action Figure

Hashirama Senju Action Figure

Hashirama undoubtedly left his mark on the Naruto world before dying mysteriously. His character stood as the ideal representation of a bit of good in every evil and vice versa. I remember him defeating Madara Uchiha and the Nine-Tails. He also had perfect control of the yin and yang release.

Key Features

  • Brand: Megahouse
  • Series/Edition: G.E.M. series
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Hashirama action figure
  • Size: 8.58″


  • The Hashirama action figure comes from a collectible brand with quality in mind
  • It’s a G.E.M. series Naruto action figure for added collectibility
  • Hashirama comes with his famous sword and sheath


  • The hair is actionably positioned but poses a limit on the positions you can achieve

Best Naruto Hinata Hyuga Action Figure

Hinata Hyuga Action Figure

I admire Hinata because she’s another anime character who steps down from the royal life to become a legacy among the people. Hinata is also well-known for one stupid thing: she’s a glutton. She even has a picture in Ichiraku Ramen, the local noodle joint in Boruto. However, that’s new generation information.

Key Features

  • Brand: Banpresto
  • Series/Edition: Vibration recreation series
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Hinata action figure
  • Size: 6.3″


  • It’s a highly-detailed, artistic action figure from Banpresto as part of the collectible vibration series
  • It comes with beautiful accessories that look like Hinata’s using her gentle step twin lion fists
  • It’s a sculpted figure with details on the hair that make it look shiny


  • There’s a lot of controversy around Hinata, making some love her, others hate her

Best Naruto Itachi Uchiha Action Figure

Itachi Uchiha Action Figure

Itachi and his brother Sasuke are main characters loved by many fans, so I have to add him. Itachi has a bad rap for abandoning his clan in the series. Still, I love how mature he seems compared to other characters his age. It’s as though he took on a fatherly role when his brother needed him.

Key Features

  • Brand: Tamashi Nations
  • Series/Edition: S.H. Figuarts edition
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Itachi action figure
  • Size: 6″


  • It’s a collectible Tamashi Nations Naruto action figure with excellent details
  • The action figure’s facial expressions match the end scene with his younger brother
  • You get additional facial expressions with interchangeable faceplates and hands


  • Itachi is another loved-hated character

Best Naruto Kabuto Yakushi Action Figure

Kabuto Yakushi Action Figure

I believe Kabuto is still one of the most dangerous characters in the Naruto series. Sure, he became the orphanage owner, but he still has a dark past. He killed his foster mom and was evil through and through. I’m talking about an anime series, so evil isn’t the same as real life, right?

Key Features

  • Brand: Pop Animation
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto Funko Pop
  • Character: Kabuto vinyl figure
  • Size: 3.75″


  • It’s a collectible Funko Pop with an issue number
  • I love the color choices of the Naruto Funko Pop
  • It shows Kabuto with his albino snake


  • The vinyl figure looks as evil as Kabuto

Best Naruto Kakashi Hatake Action Figure

Kakashi Hatake Action Figure

Kakashi is another oddball character because he hates responsibility, yet everyone keeps asking him for advice. Well, he’s one of the most talented ninjas, and maybe his reluctance stems from his self-blame for the Uchiha massacre. I think Kakashi is merely confused, but he’s one of my many favorite characters.

Key Features

  • Brand: Good Smile / Nendoroids
  • Series/Edition: Anbu black ops version
  • Type: Naruto Nendoroid
  • Character: Kakashi Nendoroid
  • Size: 3.94″


  • It’s a collectible special edition Nendoroid figure with an issue number
  • It has premium articulation with different faceplates and a fox mask
  • The figure comes with an excellent stand and accessories to complete the look


  • The action figure doesn’t have a striking resemblance

Best Naruto Kushina Uzumaki Action Figure

Kushina Uzumaki Action Figure

Kushina is Naruto’s mom, and I think she earns her spot on my list of best characters. Kushina is a fabulous mother who doubles as one of the strongest kunoichis in the Naruto series. Talk about a woman playing house while being a serious contender for other ninjas. I admire her tremendously.

Key Features

  • Brand: Taisei
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto statue figure
  • Character: Kushina action figure
  • Size: 9″


  • It’s a hand-painted statue collectible that doubles as an actionable figure for collectors
  • The sculptor’s details are next-level on the hair, fingers, and chains
  • It makes a powerful statement in any display


  • It’s a statue without articulation points

Best Naruto Madara Uchiha Action Figure

Madara Uchiha Action Figure

My son was a massive fan of Madara, and Madara’s death in the series crushed him. Yes, I allow my kids to follow anime series. My son’s old enough to enjoy Naruto, as violent as it gets sometimes. I understand why he loved Madara so much. The leader of the Uchiha clan was a legend among the characters.

Key Features

  • Brand: Zhujiehgj
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Madara action figure
  • Size: 6″


  • I love the details on his armor and hair
  • It has premium articulation with 14 movable joints for fantastic positions


  • It’s not a known brand (but looks fabulous)

Best Naruto Minato Namikaze Action Figure

Minato Namikaze Action Figure

You’re going to laugh, but Minato reminds me of my little girl. She has the same lightning speed, especially when she wants something in a supermarket.

Keeping track of her is like trying to chase Minato down. And don’t worry, I don’t allow her to watch Naruto. She’s too young for the violence we love as anime enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Brand: Pop Animation
  • Series/Edition: AAA Anime exclusive
  • Type: Naruto Funko Pop
  • Character: Minato vinyl figure
  • Size: 3.75″


  • It’s a Naruto vinyl figure with an exclusive advantage for collectors
  • The Naruto vinyl pop’s face also reminds me of my daughter before she jolts
  • It has accessories to make it look actionable


  • It has no articulation

Best Naruto Rock Lee Action Figure

Rock Lee Action Figure

Rock Lee is an impressive character for inspiration and motivation. I know we all sometimes gather inspiration from our favorite characters. Rock Lee is an optimistic character, always looking for the positive in the world. He’s also constantly trying to be stronger in this moment than he was in the last.

Key Features

  • Brand: Banpresto
  • Series/Edition: VIbration edition and version A
  • Type: Naruto figure
  • Character: Rock Lee action figure
  • Size: 6″


  • It’s a collectible recreation in the vibration series from Banpresto (watch out for version B)
  • I love the stance because it looks like Rock Lee’s challenging anything as he does in the series
  • It’s an artistic version with intricate details


  • It has no articulation points

Best Naruto Sakura Haruno Action Figure

Sakura Haruno Action Figure

I like Sakura because she’s a smart girl with so much potential. Sure, she’s not the best ninja, but she has balanced control over her chakra energy. Anyway, Sakura is a sweet girl from the series, a break away from the tough guys blowing each other up whenever they get a chance.

Key Features

  • Brand: Bandai Spirits
  • Series/Edition: S.H. Figuarts edition
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Sakura action figure
  • Size: 5.31″


  • It’s a Sakura action figure from the S.H. Figuarts series that makes it more collectible
  • It has gorgeous details and premium articulation points (14 in total)
  • It comes with faceplates, extra hands, and accessories for actionable displays


  • The angry faceplate doesn’t suit Sakura at all

Best Naruto Sasori Action Figure

Sasori Action Figure

Sasori isn’t one of my favorite characters because he uses puppetry to control and manipulate others. I must remind myself that it’s only an anime series, but I also remember that my son watches it as much as I do.

I want him to learn suitable lessons and not the kind Sasori offers. Anyway, he’s a popular character for many fans.

Key Features

  • Brand: Good Smile / Nendoroids
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto Nendoroid
  • Character: Sasori action figure
  • Size: 3.9″


  • It’s a highly collectible Nendoroid anime figure
  • I love how Nendoroids make the hair look so natural on their figures
  • It comes with accessories and faceplates, and you can remove the cloak


  • It looks weird when you remove the cloak

Best Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure

Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure

I bet you were starting to wonder where Sasuke was hiding. The younger brother of Itachi is another famed character I had to add to the list.

Sasuke is a powerful shinobi, and fans love him so much that he had his own spin-off series. I like that he became a friend to Naruto. The two make me think of my son and his best friend.

Key Features

  • Brand: Bandai Spirits
  • Series/Edition: S.H. Figuarts edition
  • Type: Naruto articulated figure
  • Character: Sasuke action figure
  • Size: 5.7″


  • It’s another fabulous Sasuke action figure from the collectible S.H. Figuarts range
  • It’s highly detailed with premium articulation points (16 in total)
  • It represents the foe side of Sasuke, where he carried so much hatred


  • It’s a recreation of an older version of Sasuke action figures

Best Naruto Shikamaru Nara Action Figure

Shikamaru Nara Action Figure

Shikamaru has an interesting fact behind his clan name. My son learned about the Japanese city called Nara in the eighth century.

The town still has tame deer walking around, and the name represents the deer. Shika also means deer, and the clan has the prefix attached to every character. I suppose they’re obsessed with deer.

Key Features

  • Brand: Pop Animation
  • Series/Edition: N/A
  • Type: Naruto Funko Pop
  • Character: Shikamaru action figure
  • Size: 3.75″


  • It’s a collectible Funko Pop with adorable anime features
  • It stands on an octopus leg clone base


  • It has no articulation

Bonus: Naruto New Generation Action Figures

Baruto Action Figure

All the new generation fans are yelling at me right now. I promised some new-gen Naruto action figures, and I always keep promises. Naruto new-gen and Baruto fans can enjoy these action figures as potential collection starters:

Would you like some more bonus options? How about Naruto Nyanto action figures? The mascot figures add a hint of anime fun to the mix. I can enjoy some Nyanto action figures, including:

Add some spice to your collection with a few bonus action figures if you like the new-gen options.

Top Q&As

Question: What are S.H. Figuarts Naruto Action Figures?

Answer: S.H. Figuarts is a series launched by popular action figure brands Bandai Spirits and Tamashi Nations. The special-edition action figures have artistic-style details.
The stylists make every inch of the action figure match the characters from the series. It’s an intricate style of action figures, excellent for collectors.

Question: Which Action Figure Brands Make the Best Naruto Figures?

Answer: It’s challenging to answer that question. I can tell you which brands are famous for Naruto action figures. The top five brands from which you can get articulated, and posable Naruto action figures include:
Anime Heroes
Tamashi Nations
Bandai Spirits

Question: Is a Naruto Action Figure Collection Worth Anything?

Answer: Collections are as valuable as the collector’s passion. Random collections aren’t worth more than your passion, but systematic collections are valuable.
However, collecting Naruto action figures to match brands, get every version, and source the rare chase editions can add monetary value quickly.

Best Naruto Action Figures Guide: Conclusion

Being a Naruto fan and avid collector for many years helped me design a system to collect something worth my time and money.

I’m not telling you to watch your budget or spend less time determining which Naruto action figure you want. I’m merely reminding you that your collection means more than random selections.

My system for choosing your favorites also makes a lot of sense. My buying guide helps various Naruto fans who want different collections. Once you know which type, brand, and versions you want, it’s about ordering the action figures that match it. I’ve given you plenty of starters.

Add the Best Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure if you’re starting an articulated collection. The Best Naruto Gaara Action Figure and the Best Naruto Rock Lee Action Figure are excellent choices for articulated collections. Suppose you prefer Nendoroids. The Best Naruto Deidara Action Figure is perfect.

Add the Best Naruto Sasori Action Figure and the Best Naruto Kakashi Hatake Action Figure work well as additives to the Nendoroids collection.

Your Naruto passion is allowed to grow in any way you wish with action figures. Recognize which action figure type you want to start with, and go through the brand options.

I can share a final tip: you should snatch up any chase editions. Exclusives are another must in your chosen type. Why wait any longer? Get cracking at your collection today.

For more fantastic collectibles:

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