Caroline Lambert

Carol spends her days writing, browsing collectible toys, and sourcing the rarest and most unique collections for a few clients she kept on board. She was a 17-year-old who couldn't wait to combine two wild passions, collectibles and toys. Carol grew up in a home that resembled a toy museum, and she found a way to turn her love for toys into a business plan when she left school. Having no money or business sense as a teenager, she approached antique and collectible business owners in her area to propose a consignment deal.

Rarest Magic the Gathering Cards Guide with 10 Available Cards

Finding the rarest Magic the Gathering (MTG) cards require me to become a Planeswalker, capable of using sorcery and collectible experience to find the diamonds among the soil. So, call me a Planeswalker because I’m about to enchant you with the rarest Magic the Gathering cards guide that brings the rarest picks to light. I’m …

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Final Fantasy Figures Guide

Magnificent beasts, gorgeous women, and masterful swordsmen are a speck on Final Fantasy’s collector’s radar. So, welcome to my Final Fantasy figures guide, where I’ll share the most collectible beasts for famous sexy, dangerous, or creature-like types. However, it begins with knowing the difference between figures and others. Action figures and statues aren’t the same …

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Nendoroid Clothes Guide

All hail the most collectible and customizable anime-inspired brand taking the world by storm! Nendoroids quickly grasp a collector’s attention, and a Nendoroid clothes guide can wrap the passion up neatly. I avidly collect statues, action figures, replicas, and model kits. In addition, I’ve long collected Funko Pop figures. Pop culture fandoms and merch are …

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