Best Anime Funko Pop Guide for Beginners

I’ve been a long-time collector of merchandise and an avid viewer of Naruto, Pokémon, Demon Slayer, and other anime. However, writing this best anime Funko Pop guide showed me how many anime series I’d still love to watch and collect. Anime is a vast universe of Nendoroid, Funko Pop, action figures, and statues.

The opportunities for collectors like me are endless, especially if you enjoy watching anime shows and reading graphic novels. You might not find replicas and model kits to collect, but the Funko Pop variety is insane. I’ve put together the foundation for collecting anime Funko Pop, even for beginners. Let’s see which beauties won.

Bottom Line Up Front

Funko Pop is a fantastic collectible for anime lovers. However, you’ll drown in options if you don’t know how to start a collection, and that’s where I’ll share the basics of unique Funko Pop figures. I also believe it’s essential that you know the different methods to collect anime Funko Pop, and I’ll share a unique starter for each series.

I picked 17 popular anime series, from which I selected one unique or exclusive type of Funko Pop. You’re sure to find a collectible treat if you love Demon Slayer, Naruto, Boruto, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, and 13 more entertaining anime series. I promise to dig for the most exclusive type to start any anime collection.

Head into my top picks at a glance if you’re ready to see the options.

My Top Anime Funko Pop at a Glance

Each best-of anime Funko Pop has unique traits, which I’ll share soon enough. First, see which series I included in my top picks, and hop into my tips if you’re ready to see how I chose them. Here’s a peek at the anime Funko Pop winning my collector’s heart:

  1. Best Attack on Titan Funko Pop
  2. Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko Pop
  3. Best Black Clover Funko Pop
  4. Best Bleach Funko Pop
  5. Best Boruto Funko Pop
  6. Best Demon Slayer Funko Pop
  7. Best Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop
  8. Best Fairy Tail Funko Pop
  9. Best Fire Force Funko Pop
  10. Best Full Metal Alchemist Funko Pop
  11. Best Hunter X Hunter Funko Pop
  12. Best My Hero Academia Funko Pop
  13. Best Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop
  14. Best One Piece Funko Pop
  15. Best Pokémon Funko Pop
  16. Best Sailor Moon Funko Pop
  17. Best Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

A Complete Guide to Anime Funko Pop

Anime Funko Pop is a world on its own. Anime is massively popular, so there are countless options, even if you love a specific series. Of course, it helps to have basic knowledge about the types, advice for collecting them, and tips on picking the best ones. Let’s get to the details before the exclusive anime Funko Pop run out.

Various Anime Funko Pop Types

Anime Funko Pop

Funko Pop vinyl figures come in a standard 3.75 inches tall. However, that’s not entirely true. There are at least 20 different unique options for anime Funko Pop, including:

  1. AAA Anime Exclusives are only in stores (including online) because the merchandisers only sell to retailers. As a result, they’re rarer than regular Funko Pop.
  2. Alliance Entertainment Exclusives are special editions from the media company, and they’re also unique.
  3. Amazon Exclusives only come from the Amazon Pop store. You can’t find them elsewhere.
  4. Chase Variants are widespread versions from which the store might ship a slight variation from the standard design. They’re rare and super collectible.
  5. Convention Exclusives are also rare because the Funko Pop designs were exclusive to a specific comic or anime convention. However, you might get a limited edition for the 2021 Fall Convention.
  6. First Form Exclusives are vinyl figures designed in the same style as the first issue of the character.
  7. Flocked Funko Pop are typically animals with fur because they have a fuzzy texture over the vinyl.
  8. Funko Pop & Buddy are harder-to-find figures with dogs, cats, and Appa. They cost more, but you get two figures in one.
  9. Funko Store Exclusives are what you can imagine. You’ll only find these rare beauties at the Funko Store.
  10. POP! Collector’s Exclusives come with unique stands, or they hold items you don’t see on the regular figures.
  11. POP! Deluxe are special large types of Funko Pop, typically measuring six to 6.75 inches tall, higher than the regular ones.
  12. POP! Glow-in-the-Dark figures look incredible at night, rarer than standard figures.
  13. POP! Jumbo is a massive anime figure that measures ten inches tall and has more detail than others.
  14. POP! Keychains are a new collectible that allows you to carry your favorite anime characters around.
  15. POP! Metallic Exclusives are often diecast figures, or they look like they drowned in gold or silver.
  16. POP! Moments are unique features with two characters typically fighting each other. The vinyl is more prominent than regular sizes.
  17. POP! Pins are newer versions that allow you to collect 4.15″ enamel pins if you don’t have a lot of space. However, I’m not crazy about the pins.
  18. POP! Rides are anime figures riding their favorite creatures, like Naruto riding Gamakichi. Unfortunately, they’re also harder to find.
  19. POP! Towns are unique anime sets that include a vinyl figure and part of the show’s town or buildings.
  20. Walmart Exclusives only come from Walmart, making them harder to find than others. However, numerous retailers have their exclusives, which you’ll see among the best picks.

Tips for Beginner Collectors

There are two basic methods of collecting anime Funko Pop. You could order your favorite series, for which I’ll share incredible starter options. On the other hand, you could collect exclusive anime Funko Pop from a series range. Suppose you love the Funko Pop pins I’m not crazy about. In that case, you can collect them alone.

Maybe you prefer the deluxe and jumbo Funko Pop ranges. Then, you can invest in a collection that takes up a considerable amount of space. I won’t tell you which collector’s path to take, but I’ll give you a variety of anime beauties that help start any collection. So, follow your passion, but see how I pick starters first.

How to Select the Top Anime Funko Pop

Anime Funko Pop is one of the broadest ranges available, and that’s why you need to narrow the starter options for a collection. I’ll show you a unique anime vinyl type for each popular series from the 1990s to now. They must fall into one of the 20 rarer categories and should be recognizable starters for fans.

Best Anime Funko Pop Guide: The Must-Own Starters

The selection of starters for an anime collection took plenty of thought and research. I narrowed the options by finding a unique choice for each anime series. I’ll share why they’re special, breaking down the good and the ugly. Welcome to the anime world of starter Funko Pop.

Best Attack on Titan Funko Pop

Attack on Titan Funko Pop

Let me guess. You’re likely expecting an Eren Funko Pop, but I promised to be unusual and look for the unique ones. I chose the female Titan because she’s an amazing exclusive Funko Pop. Her mammoth size suits the show’s storyline, too. Titans are giants, and they’re monstrous creatures trying to enter the city. She’s a winner.


  • Character: Female Titan Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Deluxe anime figure
  • Size: 6″
  • Issue: 233


  • The Female Titan Funko Pop has gorgeous details that make her look like the undead, and her muscles are intricate for a vinyl figure
  • The anime Funko Pop comes from the Deluxe range, making her more exclusive, and she’s not the first character fans would think about buying (another unique quality)


  • Some Attack on Titan fans would prefer an Eren Funko Pop, and she’s massive and would take a lot of space

Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko Pop

Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko Pop

Appa is a massive hit among anime collectors, but I can’t find an exclusive version for the flying bison. Instead, I went with Aang and Momo because the duo looked fantastic. They’re both well-loved by Airbender fans. It would’ve been epic if Appa was with Aang, but this Airbender Funko Pop is the next best thing.


  • Character: Aang and Momo Funko Pop
  • Version: Funko Pop & Buddy anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 534


  • The Aang and Momo Funko Pop is an adorable duo from the Airbender series, and Momo is the second most famous animal after Appa
  • Momo sits on top of Aang’s head, looking like a cat would in the anime world, and Aang has an Airbender effect to complete the exclusive set


  • I’m yearning to have an Appa Funko Pop with Aang included, but this one works fine

Best Black Clover Funko Pop

Black Clover Funko Pop

Black Clover is one manga series I have yet to watch, but it sounds tremendously exciting. Asta is a boy born to a world with magic but has none. The storyline intrigues me, and I already imagine the possibilities with my creative mind. I’m creative and not merely a collector, after all.


  • Character: Asta Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Keychain anime figure
  • Size: 4″
  • Issue: N/A


  • I’m not mad about the POP! Keychains, but Asta is a famous little boy who faces a world so different from him, and that makes it special
  • The entire keychain is four inches long, but the tiny Asta vinyl figure at the end has more details than you can imagine for its size


  • Black Clover is technically a manga series, but the two concepts overlap in many cases

Best Bleach Funko Pop

Bleach Funko Pop

Bleach is an anime series I’m familiar with, but it’s not one of my favorites. However, I promised to share anime Funko Pop from the most popular series, and Bleach belongs to the hearts of many fans. The bottom line is that I’m not into anime ghost stories. My son loves Bleach, and he said I have to add Ichigo as the starter figure.


  • Character: Ichigo Funko Pop
  • Version: AAA Anime Exclusive figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 1087


  • The Ichigo Funko Pop undoubtedly looks like a ghost-hunter, with the weird outfit that almost looks like the wind’s blowing him away
  • The details in the anime Funko Pop are pretty impressive, and Ichigo has the quality of being a AAA Anime Exclusive, making him more collectible


  • The AAA Anime Exclusive version of Ichigo is the only unique one I found from the series anyway

Best Boruto Funko Pop

Boruto Funko Pop

Boruto is a knockoff of one of my favorites, Naruto. I’ll give credit where it’s due, though. The series has fantastic storylines and characters. Everyone thought the series got canceled, but there was a delay because of the pandemic. I love this figure because it showcases the character in sage mode, empowered and ready.


  • Character: Mitsuki Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Glow-in-the-Dark anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 699


  • The Mitsuki Funko Pop has exceptional attention to detail, and the character looks like he’s drawing all his chakra energies into full force
  • The anime Funko Pop comes with a unique snake attachment, and the figure lights up in the dark as an exclusive feature


  • Some Naruto fans dislike Boruto with a passion (I’m mellow about the spinoff series)

Best Demon Slayer Funko Pop

Demon Slayer Funko Pop

Demon Slayer is one of my best series, and my son watches it. I had a hard time picking one starter for Demon Slayer Funko Pop. There are a few unique anime Funko Pop vinyl figures for Tanjiro alone. I found this set that immediately yelled “starter.” Rui and Tanjiro face off in the moments’ editions by the brand.


  • Character: Rui vs. Tanjiro Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Moments anime figure
  • Size: 4.25″
  • Issue: 1034


  • The Demon Slayer Funko Pop shows Tanjiro battling the demon that is Rui, and the effects look incredible for a vinyl figure
  • The anime figures look like they’re fighting because both characters have scars and blood on their faces, and it looks like the battle will soon end


  • The moment editions of Funko Pop take more space, and not all fans love the designs and faceoffs

Best Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop

Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop

Dragon Ball Z is an anime series I followed years ago. I loved Goku, but I didn’t want to start you with the expected figure. Instead, I chose the Shenron Funko Pop because it has various exclusive options. Unfortunately, the POP! Jumbo is no longer around, but this figure is eight inches tall, nearly as prominent.


  • Character: Shenron Funko Pop
  • Version: Galactic Toys Exclusive anime figure (yes, there are more exclusives at other retailers)
  • Size: 8″
  • Issue: 265


  • The Shenron Funko Pop also has names like the Eternal Dragon and Dragon God because the gorgeously detailed figure has a divine background
  • Shenron isn’t the first character traditional fans would collect, and the dragon is a massive exclusive, making it more collectible


  • Some Dragon Ball Z fans want characters rather than the dragon, and it’s an enormous figure that requires space

Best Fairy Tail Funko Pop

Fairy Tail Funko Pop

Fairy Tail is an unusual anime series to pick, doubling my uniqueness levels. The show ended in 2016, but the Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza Funko Pop figures still make rounds. It was a loved series. I went with Natzu because he comes as the only exclusive-style Funko Pop from the show. It’s another one I’d love to watch.


  • Character: Natsu Dragneel Funko Pop
  • Version: AAA Anime Exclusive figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 839


  • The Natsu Funko Pop looks funky, and I’m dying to watch the show because it has magic mixed with guild-wars, and that’s ideal in anime
  • The anime Funko Pop has beautiful details, and Natsu rises above his enemies with a flaming wizard trick effect


  • Fairy Tail fans will love the collection from the series, but the show ended years ago

Best Fire Force Funko Pop

Fire Force Funko Pop

Fire Force is an unusual anime series that only lasted three seasons. I haven’t watched more than four episodes, but the show won the anime series of the year in 2019. I love that the series is so unusual and the characters so rare that it makes the Funko Pop range more collectible, especially if you collect unique ones.


  • Character: Tamaki Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Glow-in-the-Dark anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 983


  • The glow-in-the-dark effect on the Tamaki Funko Pop is insane because she looks more like a demon than a firefighting hero
  • The anime Funko Pop comes with a fire effect that also works as a base, and the exclusivity is appealing to collectors


  • Fire Force didn’t make it past three seasons, and the characters aren’t well-known to anime fans

Best Full Metal Alchemist Funko Pop

Full Metal Alchemist Funko Pop

I know Full Metal Alchemist as a written series more than a televised one, but you can watch it now. I picked the Riza Hawkeye Funko Pop because it’s an exclusive type and includes one of my favorite characters. Riza is a woman set on rules and laws. It’s weird how astute she remains in a world filled with alchemy and trickery.


  • Character: Riza Hawkeye Funko Pop
  • Version: Funko Pop & Buddy anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 1177


  • I’m in love with Funko Pops that come with animal buddies, and Riza holds an adorable puppy to become an exclusive version
  • Riza looks as astute as she acts in the series, and you imagine her pointing a gun at law-breakers until you look into the puppy’s eyes and remember she has a soft side, too


  • Full Metal Alchemist isn’t one of the top anime contenders, and the vinyl figures are minimal

Best Hunter X Hunter Funko Pop

Hunter X Hunter Funko Pop

Hunter X Hunter is one of my son’s top anime picks. I’m not too familiar with the characters or storyline. However, it sounds interesting, according to the story my son shares. My son asked that I look for either Mureum or Komugi. Little did he realize I’d find a moment edition Funko pop for the so-called couple.


  • Character: Mureum and Kogumi Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Moments anime figures
  • Size: 4″
  • Issue: 1136


  • I love this Mureum and Komugi moments Funko Pop because my son told me about their love interest, meaning this beauty is a dedication to their friendship
  • The details are impressive, and, incredibly, Funko Pop designed a figure set that represents a happy moment in anime


  • Komugi doesn’t have much color and the moments figure set is longer than most figures

Best My Hero Academia Funko Pop

My Hero Academia Funko Pop

My Hero Academia is a smash hit with anime fans, and I had to add my unique choice for the show. The show’s undoubtedly become complicated, but it also follows a boy born without magic in a magical world. Izuku becomes Deku, and Eri is a friend he considers a baby sister. Unfortunately, it’s the only jumbo figure in 2022.


  • Character: Deku and Eri Funko Pop (Izuku Funko Pop)
  • Version: POP! Jumbo anime figure
  • Size: 10″
  • Issue: 1010


  • The Infinite Deku with Eri Funko Pop is incredible because it shows how Deku would place his life in danger to protect his “baby sister”
  • I can’t find another jumbo size anime Funko Pop, meaning this beauty is more collectible than you can imagine until the next one comes


  • You’ll need a lot of space to display a bunch of jumbo anime Funko Pops when more arrive

Best Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop

Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop

Naruto Shippuden has always been one of my favorite anime series because it’s a classic about martial arts and ninjas. But, sometimes, you wonder where Japan’s creatives are running with their latest shows. The show’s such a classic that I chose to stick with Naruto himself, but I found a highly unusual Funko Pop.


  • Character: Gamakichi and Naruto Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Ride anime figure
  • Size: 6″
  • Issue: 106


  • The Naruto Funko Pop is a Ride edition that includes Gamakichi as Naruto’s ride, and the details are fantastic on both figures
  • Naruto and Gamakichi are one figure, and the facial expressions of both characters make them look ready for anything


  • Naruto has a cat-like face I do not love as much, but otherwise, it’s perfect

Best One Piece Funko Pop

One Piece Funko Pop

One Piece is a legendary anime series right now. I chose an unusual character because the Funko Pop figure has three exclusive qualities. He glows in the dark and comes as a chase figure with AAA Anime Exclusivity. Trafalgar is also an unlikely character a fan would collect from the show, but he’s one of my unique favorites.


  • Character: Trafalgar D. Water Law Funko Pop
  • Version: AAA Anime Exclusive, Chase Version, POP! Glow-in-the-Dark anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 1016


  • You won’t easily find a more exclusive version than a chase with glow in the dark features and a AAA rating from Funko Pop
  • The Trafalgar D. Water Law Funko Pop has the heart tattoo over his chest, and the details are unmatched by other vinyl figures


  • Trafalgar isn’t the most popular character to start with for every collector

Best Pokémon Funko Pop

Pokémon Funko Pop

Pokémon is a classic, and my entire family loves the anime and game Funko Pops. Pikachu is undoubtedly a classic, but he’s also one of the few unusual Funko Pops I found for the classic brand. I also found Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander in the silver chrome versions. They look brilliant in chrome colors.


  • Character: Pikachu Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Metallic Exclusive anime figure
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 353


  • The Chrome Silver Pikachu Funko Pop is a winner for being classic and having exclusive qualities to make it more collectible
  • I love how Pikachu looks in chrome and silver colors, and owning the four original Pokémon from the exclusive range would be epic


  • Some fans prefer Pikachu and his friends in their actual colors for Funko Pop figures

Best Sailor Moon Funko Pop

Sailor Moon Funko Pop

Sailor Moon is an adorable story my daughter loves more than other anime series. Perhaps she loves the talking cat or strives to be better like Sailor Moon after meeting her talking friend. Either way, I approve of Sailor Moon, and I’d buy a Funko Pop for my daughter any day. This exclusive set is gorgeous.


  • Character: Sailor Moon and Cat Funko Pop
  • Version: Funko Pop & Buddy anime figures
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Issue: 89


  • Sailor Moon has a colorful appearance like she does in the series, and her hair and outfit are adorably gorgeous for collectors like my daughter
  • I love the most that the cat is a separate vinyl figure, meaning you get two figures in one package to expand your collection faster


  • Sailor Moon feels like a little girl’s fandom, but my daughter already collects anime figures

Best Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

Yu-Gi-Oh is another favorite series I’ve known for many years. I watched it as a teenager, and my kids still enjoy it. Anime series with magic and mysticism are famous in the fandom. I picked this Funko Pop for two reasons. Firstly, it’s an exclusive. Secondly, it shows Yugi after Pharoah Atem from the game possesses him.


  • Character: Pharoah Atem Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop
  • Version: POP! Deluxe anime figure
  • Size: 6″
  • Issue: 1059


  • The collectible deluxe Funko Pop represents the most detailed version of Yugi by showing him as the Nameless Pharoah from the first season
  • The larger size of Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop undoubtedly allows the brand to utilize details and colors better, and I love the pops of colors on the hair


  • Serious Yu-Gi-Oh fans might prefer a traditional version of Yugi as a starter

Top Q&A

Question: What’s the Rarest Anime Funko Pop to Find?

Answer: Let’s forget about unique features and exclusive ranges. There’s one anime Funko Pop so rare that it would cost you a fortune to buy. The Planet Arlia Vegeta Funko Pop from Dragon Ball Z will cost you $3,500. Some sellers seek more for the rare anime Funko Pop, such as Hobby DB marketplace selling it for $4,030.

Question: What is Unusual About Flocked Anime Funko Pops?

Answer: Flocked anime Funko Pops are rare and exclusive because they feel like the animal does in real life. There are few flocked anime Funko Pops online in 2022. One of the more popular ones is the Naruto Kurama Figure which comes with a fuzzy texture to feel like the show’s creature.

Question: Which Anime Series Has the Most Funko Pop?

Answer: Funko Pop lists Dragon Ball Z as one of the best sellers, meaning the brand will focus its creative juices on the hot seller. However, Demon Slayer Funko Pop, Hunter X Hunter Funko Pop, and Naruto Funko Pop are famous on platforms like Amazon. Remember, I’m only considering figures from the Funko Pop Amazon store.

Best Anime Funko Pop: Conclusion

You can skin the collective cat for anime Funko Pop in various ways. Collect exclusive figures only if that’s what you want to invest your time and passion in as a collector. Otherwise, collect the starter for your favorite anime series. The Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Funko Pop gives you Aang and Momo.

The Best Demon Slayer Funko Pop gives you Tanjiro and Rui. The Best Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop starter gives you the powerful Shenron. Try the Best My Hero Academia Funko Pop if you love Deku and Eri. Finally, go with the Best One Piece Funko Pop if you want the unusual Trafalgar character.

It doesn’t matter how you want to collect anime Funko Pop; there’s a starter waiting for you. These figures are exclusive and unique options, so I wouldn’t wait to snatch them up before they’re gone.

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