Best Joker Funko Pop Guide for Crazed Fans

How insane do you think The Joker can be? I’ll expose his level of insanity with the best Joker Funko Pop guide because no DC villain looks wilder or more dangerous than The Joker. The man has more backstories than spiders have legs, but it makes for fantastic collections if you love Funko pop vinyl.

I collect everything from DC statues to action figures and replicas. I’m most fascinated by The Joker. Some clients think my passion for the loony villain appeals to my eccentricity, and I’m okay with that. It would help to think outside the box to collect such an appalling supervillain. Let me show you how.

Bottom Line Up Front

Other than Pennywise, the clown, I don’t believe any movie character carries the same insanity in his smile as The Joker. Hence, I’m going to rate the levels of insanity, descending to the number one Joker Funko Pop that brings an asylum to your showroom. Moreover, I’ll share tips on how to increase the madness in your display.

What makes The Joker look like the most insane character? His smile, of course. His teeth can send chills down your spine, and he’s the ideal collector’s Funko Pop if you’re into horror displays. He carries a crazed look in his eyes, and his laugh is enough to bend you backward. Are you ready to enter the asylum of Joker pops?

My Top Joker Funko Pops at a Glance

Would you love to dive into the pit of insane Joker Funko Pops? Here’s a peek at the reverse-order level of insanity Joker vinyl from which you can choose:

  1. The Loopy Joker Funko Pop
  2. The Nutty Joker Funko Pop
  3. The Bonkers Joker Funko Pop
  4. The Unstable Joker Funko Pop
  5. The Batty Joker Funko Pop
  6. The Unbalanced Joker Funko Pop
  7. The Unhinged Joker Funko Pop
  8. The Mad Joker Funko Pop
  9. The Crazy Joker Funko Pop
  10. The Raving Mad Joker Funko Pop
  11. The Loony Joker Funko Pop
  12. The Bat-Crazy Joker Funko Pop
  13. The Stark Mad Joker Funko Pop
  14. The Insane Joker Funko Pop
  15. The Deranged Joker Funko Pop
  16. The Demented Joker Funko Pop
  17. The Hysterical Joker Funko Pop
  18. The Certifiably Psychotic Joker Funko Pop

Best Joker Funko Pop: An Ultimate Guide

Best Joker Funko Pop: An Ultimate Guide

There’s a Funko Pop that bursts with the jester’s madness, whether you believe he was the son of an abusive father or descended from the ancient Egyptian jesters. However, you first need to understand his insanity, gather tips for collecting his madness, and learn how I pick the best Joker Funko Pops.

How Insane is the Joker?

Whether he’s loopy, bonkers, or psychotic depends on his facial expressions and accessories. Sometimes, the Joker looks a little loopy. Other times, you’d think he lost every marble on his way through the padded room in the Arkham asylum. His insanity makes him a perfect villain, even making fans fall in love with him.

There’s nothing more concerning than seeing a broad smile on the Joker’s face. You should start running when he shows teeth. His eyes are something from a horror movie, and sometimes, I think I’m watching Pennywise’s brother. DC created a masterpiece when they designed the Joker. Welcome to the madhouse.

Tips for Collecting Funko Pop Jokers

What’s the most exciting way you can collect Joker Funko Pops? Of course, it begins with the crazed look in his eyes. It descends to his evil smile, much like The Joker might’ve descended from the pharoahs. My number one tip is that you collect the most insane-looking Joker vinyl pops because it showcases the man’s essence.

Move your collection from dull to utter madness by collecting the vinyl that pops with his essence. The Joker deserves his own showcase filled with accessories from asylums if you’re lucky to find some. Add a few combat weapons to the display, and bring his madness to life with a few dead body action figures.

Place Harley Quinn Funko Pops in his showcase to enhance the madness, and stuff some dead bodies with toy knives to finish the design. Make your display look as wild and psychotic as the man behaves. You’ll design a showcase that looks like a war broke out at the local asylum. Imagine how insane the display would look.

Bonus Tip: Imagine freaking visitors out even more with a sound effects box in your showcase? Use a remote-controlled voice recorder to record the infamous laugh of insanity (and other Joker sounds), and press the button to replay it when someone walks past your showcase. Watch people freak out for collectible fun.

Selecting the Best Joker Funko Pops

Funko Pop Jokers

There are many ways to skin the Joker Funko Pops to find the best ones. I’ll keep it exciting by rating the level of insanity each Funko Pop Joker figure shows. I’ll work my way through the range available, ordering each one from loopy through to certifiably psychotic. The number one Joker Pop will pop with crazed features.

Best Joker Funko Pop Guide: From Loopy to Certifiably Psychotic

I imagine the laughing sound effect as my visitors pass the showcase. It’s priceless! Anyway, let’s hop into the insane choices for Joker Funko Pops. Remember that each one will be rated from loopy to certifiably psychotic. I’ll show you the ins and outs of each pop while sharing whether they’re unique versions.

18. The Loopy Joker Funko Pop

The Loopy Joker Funko Pop

We can all agree that The Joker carries an evil smile, no matter which vinyl pop you see. However, I’ll begin with a Funko Pop that makes him look deceptive. Someone who doesn’t know The Joker (which I call a unicorn) would think he looks like a serious clown or a pimp. His purple clothes and green hair scream “pimp clown.”

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! heroes Joker
  • Insanity Level: Deceptive but loopy
  • Issue Number: Funko Pop 337


  • The Joker vinyl has his classic design with a purple hat and neon green hair, and his smile exposes enough teeth to make you nervous
  • The Joker stands in his iconic position with his cane, and he has a glimmer of deception across his face, hiding the evil intentions within his demented soul


  • I love the classic look, but The Joker has more potential than this vinyl pop

17. The Nutty Joker Funko Pop

The Nutty Joker Funko Pop

I have a thing for The Joker’s teeth because he has a grin that sends chills down your spine. Add his classic look to an artistic version that stamps random teeth all over his body, and you get a slightly more insane design. The giggle stamps among the teeth can curl your hair into a frizz. The Joker takes another madness level to town.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Art Series Joker
  • Insanity Level: Nutty and creepy
  • Issue Number: 64


  • The Joker vinyl has multiple teeth with “haha” stamps to enhance the focus on the maddening smile, and he stands in his classic position with a cane
  • The Joker Art Series Funko Pop is a Target exclusive, which might become a rare commodity, ideal for DC collectors who want every level of madness


  • Purple is The Joker’s iconic color, but I’m not mad about the entire body looking purple

16. The Bonkers Joker Funko Pop

Bonkers is a weird word, and I find The Joker one of the most bizarre characters from the DC universe—or should I say one of the most weirdly wonderful villains. I’m a little obsessed with him. Again, it’s the eccentric appeal my clients mentioned. Maybe it’s because I’m a creative soul who enjoys unusual characters.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Joker
  • Insanity Level: Creatively bonkers
  • Issue Number: 414


  • The Dia De Los Joker Funko Pop adds a splash of Mexican color to the madness within the character, and he carries a death card
  • The Dia De Los Joker vinyl has clown teeth intended to creep you out, and his eyes look hypnotic, which might be to invite his victims to their ends


  • The Joker doesn’t stand in his classic position, and the bright colors take away from his purple dazzle

15. The Unstable Joker Funko Pop

The Unstable Joker Funko Pop

“Unstable” is likely a better word to describe the beast within the jester, one so evil that it wants the blood of Gotham residents. However, I’m still early on my list, and I can’t share the most demented Joker yet. This Joker vinyl version steps up the level of insanity enough to hit the unstable position. He’s a madman waiting for you.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Funko Pop! Metallic Exclusive Joker
  • Insanity Level: Curiously unstable
  • Issue Number: 337


  • The exclusive metallic Joker Funko Pop strikes me as a daring man that welcomes you to his alternative world, one where the odds are never in your favor
  • The metallic design gives him a shine, unlike the vinyl pops, making his purple colors burst into life, and he carries the iconic grin


  • Wait for it because you’ll find more insane Jokers than this one, and his face looks a little plain

14. The Batty Joker Funko Pop

The Batty Joker Funko Pop

I’ve shared many versions of the classic Joker, but I also love the Dark Knight editions. He looks more buff and dangerous in the white suit. He doesn’t lose his purple trimmings, but he flaunts a white suit that makes him look more successful in his criminal career. Who knows? The Joker might have more value than you think.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Dark Knight Joker
  • Insanity Level: Dangerously batty
  • Issue Number: 116


  • The Dark Knight Joker Funko Pop showcases a successful villain with all his ducks in a row, not mentally, of course
  • The Dark Knight Returns Joker vinyl has more detail on his grass-green hair, and he has a few features on the top of his face that makes him look more dangerous than his classic version


  • Some collectors prefer sticking to The Joker’s classic vinyl pops, and he’d be a nightmare to keep clean

13. The Unbalanced Joker Funko Pop

he Unbalanced Joker Funko Pop

An unbalanced person doesn’t know right from wrong, good from evil. Sometimes, I believe The Joker got stuck between two worlds. He has passions and understands the other side. He merely chooses to stay on the wrong side. The Joker’s urges are too strong to overcome, reminding me of many real-life criminals.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Suicide Squad Grenade Joker
  • Insanity Level: Sinfully unbalanced
  • Issue Number: 147


  • The grenade Joker Funko Pop showcases how the madman has no impulse control to stay out of trouble, and the effects of a blown grenade amplify his insanity design
  • The Joker vinyl represents one of the most-loved Suicide Squad members, and I love how the word “damaged” shows across the very destroyed part


  • The Joker’s smile almost looks harmless, and he doesn’t have the purple clothes we love seeing on him

12. The Unhinged Joker Funko Pop

The Unhinged Joker Funko Pop

Unhinged characters know they’re on the wrong side, but they enjoy it so much that they prefer staying there. This Joker version showcases the madman’s ability to understand his crazed life. There’s debate about whether The Joker understands what made him the way he is. This version shows a confidently insane man.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Orange Chrome Joker
  • Insanity Level: Blissfully unhinged
  • Issue Number: 53


  • The orange chrome Joker pop displays a man confident in his criminal ways, whether his past came from ancient times or he was a failed comedian
  • I love how The Joker’s hands rest on his hips to show his readiness, and his smile goes from “deceptive” to “I know what I’m about to do to you”


  • The chrome version doesn’t show The Joker’s iconic style, and it was an exclusive you can now find elsewhere

11. The Mad Joker Funko Pop

The Joker already looks like he’s about to do something terrible to you, but there’s another way to see the madman. Exclusive deceased versions make the crazed loon look like he will eat your brains for breakfast. Creating a Joker zombi is next-level insane, and this version creeps the best fans out.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Exclusive Joker Funko Pop (Deceased Version)
  • Insanity Level: Lethally mad
  • Issue Number: 422


  • The exclusive deceased Joker vinyl sends messages about death and destruction to any showcase, and his grin becomes creepier than ever
  • I love the extra details around The Joker’s classically green hair and purple outfit, and he stands in a position you’d expect to see in zombies


  • The only part I don’t love is The Joker’s eyes because it almost takes away from his creepiness

10. The Crazy Joker Funko Pop

The Crazy Joker Funko Pop

There isn’t much difference between a madman and a crazed man, but this version of The Joker looks slightly more insane than the last one. Perhaps the blood seeping from his mouth or the eyes makes him look like he belongs in that old movie, The Grudge. Then again, The Joker likely carries a heavy grudge.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes 10″ Joker vinyl
  • Insanity Level: Creepily crazed
  • Issue Number: 334


  • The crazed Joker Funko Pop has an eery feeling about him, and he doesn’t need the iconic grin to enhance his creepiness
  • I love the eyes that make him look like a porcelain doll about to kill someone, and he holds a joker card to double his madness


  • This version doesn’t have the classically neon-colored green hair, and he’s missing the grin

9. The Raving Mad Joker Funko Pop

The Raving Mad Joker Funko Pop

Sometimes, insanity increases without blood and effects on a Joker Funko Pop. It can also climb the mad ladder when The Joker’s grin extends past his emphasized eyes to create that feeling that the madman is looking into your soul. The Joker’s looking right through me with the googley, double-effect eyes.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Joker
  • Insanity Level: Raving madness
  • Issue Number: 53


  • The Joker takes a next-level trip down the crazy lane with his googley eyes and wicked grin, and the lines on his forehead enhance the crazed design
  • I imagine The Joker’s hair being wilder, which this pop showcases perfectly, and the madman flaunts his classical outfit again


  • The eyes look more insane to some people, but they might look less intimidating to others

8. The Loony Joker Funko Pop

The Loony Joker Funko Pop

Do you know what comes to mind with the word “loony?” It brings Stephen King’s novels to mind. He made the Native American loons famous in his novels, and they sure as hell creep you out when you hear those sounds in the movies. A loony Joker would set all my alarm bells ringing if I saw him in the middle of the night.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Exclusive White Joker
  • Insanity Level: Eery and loony
  • Issue Number: 292


  • The exclusive white Joker Funko Pop hits you with a splash of “what’s going on here” combined with “I’d hop out of my skin” in the middle of the night
  • This version of Joker vinyl looks like a ghost that returns from the pits of hell to bring crime back to life in Gotham City


  • The Joker doesn’t have any iconic features, including his clothes, colors, or position

7. The Bat-Crazy Joker Funko Pop

The Bat-Crazy Joker Funko Pop

A bat-crazy person would hide behind an innocent smile. At least, that’s how I see things. The Joker is all about fooling his victims. This version of Joker Funko Pop showcases a man so insane that he’d fool you into believing he’s half normal. It also comes from the famous Suicide Squad Funko Pops.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Suicide Squad Joker vinyl
  • Insanity Level: As crazy as a bat
  • Issue Number: 109


  • The Suicide Squad Joker Funko Pop has a unique style that makes him look innocent, which is deceptive enough to make him crazier than most
  • I love how deep his eyes look, and he has the infamous “damaged” stamp across his forehead to add to the insanity


  • He wears the Suicide Squad tuxedo, which isn’t his most iconic style

6. The Stark Mad Joker Funko Pop

The Stark Mad Joker Funko Pop

Again, I imagine The Joker returning from hell to victimize more Gotham City residents with the deceased versions. He makes a zombie look fantastic. This version is also an enamel pin that you can stick on your clothes to freak people out wherever you go. Don’t worry; I’d also keep him safe in my display instead.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Pin Deceased Joker Edition (Non-Bloody Version)
  • Insanity Level: Lethal madness
  • Issue Number: SE


  • The deceased Joker vinyl pop looks like a tormented zombie that endured the worst of things in hell, and his grin has next-level details
  • I love how the Game Stop exclusive version’s eyes have more detail than the last deceased Joker, and you can see the gums behind his grin


  • It’s a pity this version is only an enamel pin because it makes for a wild display in your warzone asylum

5. The Insane Joker Funko Pop

The Insane Joker Funko Pop

Some people say that artists must be a little crazy to create what they do. Sometimes, insanity becomes a character. I can’t imagine The Joker painting pretty pictures. Maybe I see him painting images of dead bodies with his poisonous grin across their faces. Perhaps I see the blasted buildings and his love for Harley Quinn.

Insane Facts:

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Joker With Hat
  • Insanity Level: Creatively insane
  • Issue Number: 337


  • The Chase version of Joker Funko Pop with a painter’s hat is a classic take on an insane man, and it shows him with a different passion, maybe a deadly one
  • Everything about the chase version Joker yells classic because he stands in the proper position and wears the correct colors for his character


  • His hair should be green and not brown, and the white over his face should be red for blood spatter

4. The Deranged Joker Funko Pop

The Deranged Joker Funko Pop

“Deranged” is a powerful word for the insane. A deranged mind is beyond help. You can’t return the person to normal, and this version shows the man in his evil prime. He looks like he’s about to hammer someone. Maybe he’s a deranged janitor seeking vengeance for the many crimes he believes are committed against him.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Death of the Family Joker
  • Insanity Level: Beyond help
  • Issue Number: 273


  • The death of the family Joker vinyl pop looks like a next-level madman sent to destroy anyone who stands against him
  • His zombie face with metallic features and mummified wrapping enhances the madness in his grin, and I love his two-toned eyes


  • The Joker doesn’t look like himself in this version, and he wears a nametag that reads, “Joe”

3. The Demented Joker Funko Pop

The Joker King undoubtedly belongs near the top of my list. Even though he doesn’t look like his iconic self, he stands out from the crowd. He looks like a kamikaze character with cruel intentions for his victims. When I look at the demented version of The Joker, Hitler comes to mind.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Exclusive Joker King vinyl
  • Insanity Level: Demented Nazi
  • Issue Number: 416


  • The kamikaze version of The Joker is enough to strike fear in his victims because adding the madman to a Nazi version with cruelty on his mind is insane
  • The Joker King Funko Pop also looks like a punk-rocker, which might also be enough to raise his insanity level


  • The Joker King vinyl pop doesn’t look anything like the iconic character

2. The Hysterical Joker Funko Pop

The Hysterical Joker Funko Pop

Hysteria is a glittery version of madness in my mind. The hysterical version of The Joker shines enough to make him look more insane than he already does. I’m not always a fan of the chrome Joker versions, but the silver one glams his craziness enough to make his grin look wilder and more unpredictable.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Exclusive Silver Chrome Joker
  • Insanity Level: Hysterically insane
  • Issue Number: 53


  • I can imagine The Joker’s shrilling laugh when I see his silver chrome version, and he smiles coldly like a monster
  • The details on the silver chrome Joker’s forehead enhance his madness, and he’s an excellent shiny addition


  • Unfortunately, the chrome versions don’t show The Joker’s iconic colors and styles

1. The Certifiably Psychotic Joker Funko Pop

The Certifiably Psychotic Joker Funko Pop

I’ve shown you a few psychotic versions of The Joker, but to certify him as a psychopath needs a Funko Pop that bursts into life. Funko Pop dioramas take the madman to another level. He looks like he’s about to hop on board the crazy train to the Arkham Asylum, and he’ll take anyone with him.

Insane Facts

  • Version: Pop! Heroes Hush Joker in Alley Diorama
  • Insanity Level: Breaking the insanity boat
  • Issue Number: 240


  • The hush version of The Joker looks like he’s about to put his crazy plans into action and take out the entire city
  • The Joker’s face looks mad enough to certify him as a psychopath, and the diorama is simple but enjoyable


  • Dioramas change things up in your collection, but they work if you follow my tips


Question: What is the Biggest Joker Funko Pop in Existence?

Answer: DC Funko Pop vinyl figures typically measure 3.75 inches high, from Batman to The Flash. However, The Joker has an unusual Funko Pop that comes in a 10-inch figure. It’s fantastic because you can use the massive figure as a centerpiece for your crazy displays. His other figures are the same as usual DC pops.

Question: How Much Does a Joker Funko Pop Cost?

Answer: Fortunately, the madman is so famous that you can find countless Funko Pops for him. He’s a fan favorite that comes in exclusive versions for a little more than $10. However, the classic bank robber version will cost you over $600. The Conan SDCC 2016 exclusive version would also cost you over $150.

Question: Which Joker Funko Pop is Rare?

Answer: The Vaulted Dark Knight Trilogy Joker Funko Pop is a rare find in 2022. He holds the joker card in his left hand instead of his right hand. The difference in minor details of one Joker Funko Pop against another can make specific issue numbers rarer than others. The vaulted version is issue number 36.


I hope you imagine the potential for a warzone asylum showcase after seeing my Joker Funko Pops rated by insanity levels. Admittedly, some have madness hidden in innocence, and others come with a deeply disturbing design. Either way, you can spruce up your collection from an eccentric viewpoint.

How insane do you want your showcase to look? Would you love a little bit of loopiness? The Loopy Joker Funko Pop fits perfectly in that case. The Unstable Joker Funko Pop takes it to another level. In contast, The Unhinged Joker Funko Pop kicks it up another notch.

Break the dullness with The Raving Mad Joker Funko Pop, and set the stage with The Deranged Joker Funko Pop. Imagine using The Certifiably Psychotic Joker Funko Pop to focus the asylum display on actionable war. You have endless possibilities now, and don’t forget to wow your visitors with the recorder.

You’ll likely spook them before wowing them, but the creativity in your display will spark imaginative conversations. Most of The Joker’s Funko Pops are more than affordable, and you have no excuse to avoid buying your most insane desire now.

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