Best Batman Funko Pop Guide

Batman is truly a beloved figure to superhero fans everywhere, and despite the many other incredible characters on offer, he remains my favorite to this day. To me, Batman represents defiance in the face of adversity. He doesn’t have any superpowers, and unlike some of his colleagues in the Justice League, Batman is all too mortal.

But he never lets that stop him from doing what’s right, and he puts his life on the line to defend the city he loves. Batman also has so many cool gadgets, and his outfit is iconic as a beacon of hope. Unsurprisingly, he has inspired millions of people over the years, and there are tons of merch pieces dedicated to him.

Funko is just one company to have capitalized on it, and there’s so much choice when it comes to their Batman Pops. This guide is going to look at the best of the best when it comes to Batman Funko Pops.

Best Batman Funko Pop Guide

Selection Criteria

With so many Batman Funko Pops to choose from, I had to be very specific about narrowing the list down to just the best ones. I did this using several criteria. Firstly, the Pops had to look good. Whilst I have no doubt that there are some collectors who want to purchase every single Pop, many others are more discerning.

In those cases, they’ll want something that looks awesome when they display it. I also wanted to include Pops that were unique. Several of the Batman Funko Pops are very similar, and aside from slight variations in color shades are essentially the same Pop. I tried to make sure that every recommendation on this list was something that would truly stand out in a collection. My third criterion was that the Pop should have some special relevance to the Batman lore.

Obviously, I had to include at least one classic Batman outfit, but for others, I chose designs that referenced a particular comic or a famous villain. Finally, I wanted to include a range of affordability options. Some collectors can splash the cash and purchase really expensive Pops, and I wanted to make sure that I was recommending the very best pieces to add to their collection. However, others have a more limited budget, and I didn’t want them to feel excluded. So, there are also many on this list that you can purchase for RRP or slightly higher.

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Number of Batman Funko Pops – 162
  • Year first Batman Funko Pop was released – 2010
  • Best Exclusive Batman Funko Pop – Batman Harvest – 2016 Funkoween
  • Best Non-Exclusive Batman Funko Pop – Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Purple

What are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are highly popular collectable figures that cover an extensive range of franchises. Made out of vinyl, these figures tend to average around $10, making them a very affordable choice for collectors. They tend to be about 4-5 inches tall, although their boxes are just over 6 inches tall, so they take up a little more space if you don’t unbox them. Whether or not collectors leave them in their box depends on personal preference.

They have oversized heads, which is part of their appeal. It gives them an easily recognizable and very distinct style. This means that even if you collect merch across a range of franchises, the Funko Pops will still look great together on a shelf. They usually have round, black eyes, although Batman is actually one of the few exceptions to this rule.

Because Batman’s cowl is black, he’s been given white eyes to this. Even the variants that don’t have a black cowl still keep the white eyes to make it uniform across the collection. If you’re interested, you can learn more about Funko Pops here.

Batman Coloured Variants

To celebrate the 75th anniversary, Funko released this series of colorful Batman variants in 2014. It uses the classic Batman design, but instead of the typical black and grey color scheme, they came in a range of vibrant colors. Y

ou can get pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange. I remember the first time I ever saw these in a shop; I was in the Funko Pop section of Forbidden Planet in London, and these immediately caught my eye. I was thrilled at their fun beauty and so sorely tempted, but at the time, I was a broke student and couldn’t really justify purchasing one. I used to visit that comic store a couple of times a year, and every time I’d go straight over to look at the colorful Batman Funko Pops.

Then, one day I’d just had a job interview around the corner, and I decided that I deserved to treat myself. I ummed and ahhed for ages trying to choose a color before eventually settling on purple. It’s still my favorite Funko Pop in my whole collection, and one day I’d love to own the complete set.

Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Purple

Purple Batman
I love this Funko Pop more than any of the others in my collection.

This figure is a standard height, and the pose means that the arm span is about the same width as the head. Batman’s fists are tightly clenched, and he looks ready for a fight. While most Funko Pops will have hair or some other textured detailing on the head, Batman has a hooded cowl, and so it’s very smooth to the touch. For this reason, my Batman Pops are my favorite to handle, as they feel so pleasant to hold.

This Batman has thick legs and boots and gives off a comic-like vibe. His cape falls straight down behind him, and there are six uniform pleats in it that curve neatly at the bottom. I suspect that several Batman figures share the same mold as the Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Purple Pop seems to have the exact same dimensions as the Blackest Night Batman (which I’ll be discussing later in the article).

This Funko Pop uses a grand total of six colors: purple, lavender, yellow, beige, black, and white. White is used only for the eyes, and yellow is exclusively used for Batman’s utility belt. There’s some lovely detailing on the belt, which at first appears to be grey, but when you look closer, you see it’s just where the shapes have been carved into the yellow, creating shadows in the deeper parts.

The mask part of Batman’s cowl is black, whereas the hood part is white. I do sometimes wonder why they didn’t also make the mask purple, but I think it’s because the black is so classic to the character, and the Pop was designed to pay homage to 75 years of Batman. The bat symbol is proudly emblazoned on the front of the chest, and that’s also in black. The beige represents the skin color below the mask. Aside from those details, the rest of the pop is entirely purple and lavender, giving it a very colorful effect overall.

Batman Exclusives

Unfortunately, most of the exclusives are considerably out of my budget, and so I doubt I’ll ever get to own one. Even the affordable ones become too much for me when you take into account the shipping costs from the US (I live in the UK). Nevertheless, there are some exceptional figures in this category, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t include them.

If you are lucky enough to own one, consider me very jealous! The exclusives tend to be from events that Funko runs or from specific Comic Cons. Often these Pops will be limited to only a few thousand copies, making them much rarer than standard Pops. The three conventions that have exclusives are Emerald City Comic Con, San Diego Comic-Con, and New York Comic Con.

Every year, there will be different exclusives across Funko Pops entire range, and the Batman franchise has several. For this guide, I’ve chosen the three that I consider to be the very best.

Batman Harvest – 2016 Funkoween

Batman Harvest - 2016 Funkoween

This one is an utterly gorgeous shade of orange, reminiscent of pumpkin spice lattes. Unfortunately, all that beauty will set you back a pretty penny, as they sell on eBay for well over $100, often closer to $200. There are only four colors on this one: orange, yellow, beige, and white. Whilst most Batman Funko Pops have white eyes, this one has yellow eyes, which makes it stand out even more. Instead, the white is used for the utility belt for a rather striking effect.

The beige represents Bruce Wayne’s white skin and is visible below the orange cowl, to show off his chin. The figure has clenched fists, and whilst I sadly don’t own this one in person so couldn’t say for certain, the fists appear to be thinner than some of the other Pop figures, such as the Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Purple Pop that I mentioned above.

This figure comes boxed in the standard 01 Batman DC Superheroes box but has an orange sticker on the front to signify that it was part of the 2016 Funkoween event.

Batman Flashpoint – 2011 New York Comic Con

Batman Flashpoint - 2011 New York Comic Con

The red eyes on this figure immediately captured my attention and are the main reason I’m including this Pop on the list, although the entire thing looks incredible. Although Funko does just use regular paint, the eyes appear to be almost glowing, and the effect is astounding. The Pop uses the same shade of red to paint a circle on Batman’s chest as a backdrop to his traditional bat symbol, which is still in black.

The utility belt is a deeper, more vibrant shade of red, and rounds the piece off nicely. The rest of the Funko Pop is in the traditional black and grey, but the addition of the red makes all the difference, and I think it looks incredible. However, unfortunately for collectors, this Funko Pop was limited to just 480 pieces, making it exceptionally difficult to get your hands on. It rarely appears on eBay, and when it does, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,500 for it.

Batman Rainbow – 2016 New York Comic Con

Batman Rainbow

This one looks so great! Admittedly it loses out on the intimidation factor that Batman is prone to, but there’s no reason he can’t be friendly sometimes too. This pop has multicolored vertical stripes going all the way down it, to create a beautiful rainbow effect. The stripes are orange, yellow, green, blue, red, and purple. The bat logo on his chest is still black, and the eyes are white like most of the other Batman Funko Pops.

Unlike the previous two exclusives, this one wasn’t limited to a certain number, so it’s considerably less rare. For that reason, it’s only about $20-40 dollars on eBay, and is a much more affordable option if you want an exclusive Batman Funko Pop. If I lived in America and could therefore avoid the extortionate shipping costs, I would definitely add this one to my collection.

Hot Topic Batman Pops

There are fifteen Hot Topic Batman Funko Pops in total, of varying degrees of rarity. The Batman Silver – Hot Topic Employees Pop was limited to just 108 pieces and was exclusive to staff who worked at Hot Topic. For that reason, it’s highly sought after by collectors and goes for well over $2,500 on eBay, with one selling for $6,200 in October 2021.

However, it’s not on this list as I feel the only reason it’s so popular is due to its rarity, and there are better figures in this category. For this guide, I’ve tried to choose the Pops which look the best and are most unique in style. It was very hard narrowing this down to just the top examples, and unfortunately Steampunk Batman missed out by a tiny margin. Check out these awesome Batman Funko Pops below!

Blackest Night Batman

Blackest Night Batman
That expression is truly terrifying!

I actually won this particular Funko Pop through an online competition, one of the few things in my life that I’ve ever won. I actually did an unboxing video for it back when I was a student and had the time to film videos.

This particular figure is incredibly unique not just amongst the Batman collection, but across the entire range of Funko Pops, because it has the unusual feature of having a mouth. It’s worth noting that Funko made a very similar Pop, Darkest Night Batman – 2016 New York Comic Con/Toy Tokyo, which was an exclusive based on the same comic series.

That’s right, comic series. Blackest Night Batman is based on 3 issues of Batman which were released in 2009. Batman and Robin have to fight the reanimated corpses of Black Lantern Corps agents in these issues, and Batman himself gets possessed at one point It’s a really cool storyline and one that’s well worth reading. A lot of it has been retconned since, but some parts of the comic are still canon.

There are loads of excellent details on this figure. Firstly, although it has the white eyes that are typical of the Batman Funko Pops, there are black rings around them and arched black eyebrows, which give Batman a furious expression. This is especially effective when combined with the clenched teeth, and the Pop looks scary and intimidating.

There’s a unique symbol in the middle of the bat logo on his chest, and this mimics the symbol from the comics. This Batman also has triangular detailing on the legs and lower torso. The utility belt is in the same shade of blueish-grey as the rest of the suit, and the details are mostly etched on, except for the buckle which is painted silver.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this Funko Pop is the back of the cape. Firstly, it’s tilted inwards towards Batman’s back, whereas on most figures, the cape drapes slightly away from his body. There are also black splodges all over the blue cape, demonstrating the ravaged hellscape that Gotham City has become in this storyline. Blackest Night Batman is a couple of millimetres taller than my other Batman Funko Pops.

Blackest Night Batman Back
At first, I thought the black might be a misprint until I realized it was deliberate.

Batman Detective Mode

Batman Detective Mode

The coloring on this one is absolutely top-notch and creates an atmosphere of shadowy intensity. There are wrinkles in the mask around and above the eyes, which convey an air of anguish and certainly capture Batman’s darker side. This isn’t a metallic Funko Pop, but the color choices and the textures almost make it look that way, especially around the boots and gauntlets.

The nose is also considerably more pronounced in size than other Batman Funko Pops, which usually have rather tiny noses. The entire Pop is comprised of various shades of grey, all with a blueish tint to them. The bat logo on the chest is a different shape to most other Batman Funko Pops, and helps make this particular figure look so special. The monochromatic colour scheme is brilliant and really works for this item.

Batman Merciless

Batman Merciless

I had to include this one because it’s just so different from any of the others on the list. It foregoes the standard model shape of the usual Batman figures and goes for something truly unique. It’s based upon the Bruce Wayne from the Earth 12 comics, where he goes by the name ‘The Merciless’, and it’s a very different version of Batman.

This Batman is a villain who is part of the Dark Knights, a series of evil Batmen from alternate realities. This Pop has a medieval design, with a helmet rather than a cowl. The grate at the base of the helmet is shaped to look like bared metal teeth, and arched wings stick out the top like ears.

Across his hips are silver chains, joined by a skull emblem. He wields a silver sword with gold detailing in his hands, and the shape is curved and uneven. His eyes are a piercing red, and overall this figure is really imposing. Unlike many of the other best Batman Funko Pops, this one hasn’t been discontinued and is still available to buy on the Hot Topic website (as of January 2022).

Impopster Batman

I adore these Pops, and this is probably the series where I’d be most tempted to collect them all if I had the money. This range contains figures where Batman impersonates his most famous villains by dressing up like them, hence the title ‘Impopster’. The villains featured are The Penguin, Twoface, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, The Riddler, and Killer Croc.

There’s also a Joker Batman that was released as a LootCrate exclusive, but it’s not part of the official Impopster range. The thing that’s so great about these is that they’re easily recognizable as Batman due to the shape, but the designs immediately evoke the image of the villains.

They’re definitely a really clever concept, and it was hard choosing the best examples of this range. It’s interesting to note that the models for the Impopster series seem to be a couple of millimeters shorter than other Batman Funko Pops.

The Penguin Impopster Batman

The Penguin Batman
This is such a cool looking Impopster.

Aside from The Joker, most people would probably consider The Penguin to be Batman’s most famous rival. He’s undoubtedly very memorable for me, as he made several appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, which I watched religiously as a child. As such, I snapped it up when I saw it on a shelf in Forbidden Planet, and I really love all the detail on it.

The Penguin Impopster is one of very few Batman Funko Pops to have the black eyes common to most Funko Pops outside the franchise. I think the reason for this was so that the white monocle that covers one eye would be more striking when contrasted with the black eyes. I love the added detail of the gold beads that drape down from the side of the monocle.

He has arched eyebrows raised high above his eyes in an intriguing expression. The clenched fists are a familiar pose amongst Batman Funko Pops, although the hands in the Impopster range are slightly thinner than on other figures.

The detail on this Pop is superb and really imagines what a Batman suit would be like if it was designed to match The Penguin’s outfit. The Penguin wears a purple hat in several iterations of the costume, and so this Batman has a purple cowl to match it.

A suit pattern is painted onto the front of Batman’s outfit; a black jacket over a white shirt. There’s also a purple bowtie, and blue lines to imitate the shape of the buttons and collar. Batman’s utility belt is still yellow, which brings a pop (pun intended) of extra colour to the item. The trousers have the purple pinstripe design that the villain is known for.

The spikes on the back of the gauntlets are smaller than usual, perhaps because Batman is trying to be incognito. This is a great Funko Pop and one that I’m glad I can have in my collection.

Harley Quinn Impopster Batman

Harley Quinn Batman
I love how simple the design is on this one.

This is the other Impopster Funko Pop that I bought, and so obviously I consider it to be one of the best. I remember standing in the shop and being torn between Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, before eventually settling on Harley as I think she has a more integral role to the Batman franchise.

As far as I can tell, she uses the exact same model as the Penguin Impopster Batman, with no discernible difference in shape or height. I assume this is consistent across the entire range, with the only difference being the detailing.

The colours are based on the classic comic depiction of Harley Quinn rather than some of her more modern iterations. The cowl is split down the middle, with one half painted red and one half painted black. This half and half pattern is mirrored on the body and then flipped again for the legs.

His boots are also red and black, with each one matching the alternate leg. Batman’s utility belt is white, as is his chin, presumably because Harley Quinn has a white face. There are red and black diamond patterns on the legs and arms, just like the harlequin pantomime characters for which this villain is named.

Other Batman Pops

144 Batman

Classic Batman
This one brings up so much nostalgia for me.

This has been the latest addition to my Funko Pop collection, and I’m thrilled with it. I’m very much team no-box and always take my Pop figures out to be displayed, and this is one where that really pays off. It’s so much more detailed out of the box, completely unobscured by the plastic. I was able to notice just how different the model was compared to the other Batman Funko Pops I own. They’re usually quite stubby, which gives them a cartoon vibe, but that’s not the case with this one.

His body is svelte with a confident yet understated pose, and it conveys the calm collectedness that Batman has. I could see him standing like this atop a roof, gazing down at Gotham City. His cape is tilted slightly to the side, as if it’s been caught by a gust of wind, and the ruffles on the back also demonstrate that movement. Instead of being equidistant like on my other Batman Pops, some are thinner, and some are thicker. Some move towards Batman’s body, and some move away from it. It’s a really compelling effect, and I think the unique cape angle is my favorite part of this Pop.

Turning to the front, this Pop is 100% the quintessential Batman that comes to mind when I think of the character. I know that there have been many iterations of his costume, but I’ve always found the all-black look to be the most compelling. Batman is ‘The Dark Knight’, and so having his costume be as dark as possible just makes sense.

Of course, it still has the classic yellow utility belt. Whilst some figures have details etched into the belt, this one is smooth, and instead, the details are painted in brown. The head is raised slightly higher above the body than usual. For most Pops, the base of the chin is practically touching the shoulders, but on this one, there’s a gap of about 2-3 millimetres, although you only notice when looking at the Pop from below.

The black bat symbol on his chest is smaller than some of the other Funko Pops on this list, much more in keeping with the proportions from most comic versions of Batman. It’s surrounded by a yellow oval, again, reminiscent of the comics. There’re some wrinkles in the detailing to represent the outline of his muscles, and the spikes on the back of his gauntlets are really neat in their shape. Overall, this is a fantastic example of a Batman Funko Pop.

Classic Batman Back
Look at that awesome cape swish!

Zur En Arrh Batman – Target

To this day, I am devastated that I couldn’t buy this Pop. It was released in 2016 as a Target exclusive and happened to coincide with my husband attending E3 in America. I begged my husband to go to Target and buy me one, but unfortunately, his local Targets either didn’t sell them or were out of stock.

He didn’t come home empty-handed, and he’d bought me a Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Funko Pop instead, but it wasn’t the same. The Zur En Arrh Batman figure is stunning, and collectors clearly recognize its superiority, as it sells on eBay for around $100. The vibrant colors are excellent and remind me of the Blacklight Funko Pops. This figure has a purple hood, cape, gauntlets, and boots, and there are also purple eyebrows painted on.

The suit’s body is orange, although there’s yellow between the arms of the suit and the gauntlets. The classic black bat logo proudly sits on the chest, surrounded by the yellow oval that’s familiar from the comics. There’s even a tiny black bat symbol at the front of the yellow utility belt. This is a fantastic Funko Pop and one that I think turns a good Batman collection into a great one.

Knightmare Batman

Whilst many feel that the Batman Vs Superman movie was subpar (“Why did you say that name?”), you can’t deny that it had an awesome Batman costume. This Pop pays homage to that outfit, and you can recognize it by the unique texturing on the cowl. This is a great Funko Pop, full of extra details. There’s a pair of goggles sat atop the hooded cowl, which are black with a dark brown outline.

There’s a prominent black bat symbol across his chest, and the suit itself is grey on the torso. The legs are light-brown, with straps across his right leg. The black boots have a single gold stripe near the tip, which matches the color of the gold utility belt. Batman is wearing a long, tan coat over his outfit, and combined with the brown legs, it almost creates a sepia effect.

Whilst most Batman figures are plain under the mask, this one has pale shading to represent stubble. It’s a really detailed Batman Funko Pop and is absolutely deserving of a place on this list.


With so many incredible Batman Funko Pops to choose from, it was difficult to narrow it down to just the best ones. With this guide I wanted to showcase a range of figures, and I made sure to include some that were more affordable so that it’ll be easier for collectors to purchase them.

Any one of these Pops would be an excellent addition to a Funko Pop collection, or even just a great piece of Batman merch to own. In the unlikely event that none of the Pops in this guide caught your fancy, my final recommendation would be 01 Batman from the DC Universe collection. It was the very first Batman Pop, and would be a really cool addition to your set. He’s a fantastic superhero, and a beloved character so I’m glad that Funko have given him so much recognition.


Question: How Many Batman Funko Pops are There?

Answer: I was honestly stunned when I realised just how many Batman Funko Pops are in existence. And as of January 2022, there are a whopping 162 figures! I had to count them individually from the master list, as I couldn’t find the number anywhere on the internet, so… You’re welcome! These figures include the Moments and Rides ranges, as well as official merch bundles that included a unique Pop figure, such as the 144 Batman Chrome Gold – Target T-Shirt Bundle.

Question: What was the First Batman Funko Pop?

Answer: The very first Batman Funko Pop was 01 Batman (DC Universe). Fun fact! Not only was this the first Batman Funko Pop, but it was actually, alongside Green Lantern, the very first Funko Pop across their entire range! Funko Pops were initially called Funko Force 2.0, so this was the brand name when this pop was first released, which has since been rebranded on the box. This original Batman Pop was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.

Question: When was the First Batman Comic Released?

Answer: Batman first appeared in Detective Comics no. 27, all the way back in May 1939. Since then, he’s been a cultural phenomenon, and comic fans worldwide love Batman. Bruce Wayne’s origin story has been rehashed several times over the years, but the core of it is that he’s an orphan whose parents were murdered by a mugger when he was a child, and that’s the motivation that drives him. It’s so cool seeing all the different imaginings of Batman, both in movie, TV, video game, and comic form. Each one has slight variations on his outfit whilst still keeping the essence of his iconic look.

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