How to Sell Funko Pops

I first began collecting Funko Pops in 2013, and since then, I’ve amassed lots of them. I adore these fantastic little figures, but I’ve certainly made several mistakes along the way. I wish I’d read an article like this one when I first got into the hobby, but hopefully, this guide can help you avoid some of the mistakes I fell into.

There are many reasons to buy Funko Pops, not least of which is displaying them for yourself. One would hope that if you’re getting into a hobby, it’s because you have an interest in it, after all. However, many collectors like to own Funko Pops as a store of value, and that’s also valid.

Some people even buy them purely intending to flip them for a profit, although that’s somewhat frowned upon in the community. But even those who buy them just to keep them in their own collection may eventually change their interests and wish to sell some of their figures.

Whichever category you fall into, this guide will help you navigate the world of selling Funko Pops. You should be able to maximize your profit and make your items as desirable as possible. Keep reading to find out how!

hermione funko pop
Image by Melika Jeddi

Why Sell Funko Pops?

Sometimes, life circumstances change. Some of you may have bought the Pops to sell in the first place, but others may be here despite never having had the intention to sell. I know that when I buy a new figure, I nearly always intend to keep it forever. However, there have been situations where my interests have evolved over time, and I’m no longer a fan of a particular franchise/ character.

The following are all potential reasons for selling your Pops, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

You Need the Money

If you’re strapped for cash, selling off some of your collection could be a fast way to earn money to pay off the bills. In this situation, it’s best to focus on deciding which your absolute favorite figures are and avoid those particular ones. You can then calculate exactly how much money you need, and check prices online for your remaining collection to work out the fewest amount you’d need to sell.

You’ve Grown out of Your Interests

It happens to the best of us. I really lovedĀ Game of Thrones back in the day, but nowadays I don’t find it as exciting as I once did. As such, I don’t feel as much love towards my old Funko Pops as I used to. If you feel the same about one of the franchises you collect, there’s no shame in selling it off.

You Want a Side Hustle

I understand that drop shipping is all the rage these days, but I’d offer a word of caution for this one. Funko Pop prices can fluctuate massively, and it’s sometimes hard to tell which figures will be successful and which won’t. They don’t all hold their value, and age isn’t necessarily an indicator of worth. Prices can go down as well as up, so be careful about buying figures with the intention of selling them later, as you could just as easily lose money on them.

You’re Freeing up Space

Even though the figures are relatively small, they can stack up pretty fast. Before you know it, you could have tens or even hundreds in your collection.

If you’re finding that your home is becoming overrun by Funko Pops, it may be time to look at selling some. With this, don’t worry so much about finding the most valuable of your collection. Instead, try to sell quantity over quality, so that you can keep the more special figures for yourself.

Which Funko Pops Are Worth Selling?

Technically any Funko Pop can have value to the right buyer, but some are more sought after than others. If you intend to make regular money selling Funko Pops, then you want to make sure it’s worth your while. The best way to do this is to look out for Pops that are more valuable. Below are some of the things to keep an eye out for:

Discontinued Figures

Also referred to as ‘Vaulted’, these are figures that Funko used to produce but has since stopped selling in official stores. The only ways to get these are through events, mystery boxes, or buying specific figures. These will often (but not always) go up in price, as any potential buyers will not have the option to purchase these at retail price and rely on third-party sellers.

Limited Edition Figures

Although most Funko Pops are produced en-masse, there are several which are only sold for a short amount of time/ only X amount are created. These limited edition figures can be a hot commodity and are usually worth getting your hands on.

The best way to get these is to keep an eye on Funko news so you can see when a new limited edition Funko Pop is dropping, and you can buy it whilst it’s still available. With these, it’s often worth holding on to them for a few months/ years so that they can increase in value.

Chase Figures

These are fun, rare variants of certain characters, and only certain Funko Pops will have a Chase version. These will have a bright yellow sticker on them with the word ‘Chase’, but it’s not just the sticker that sets these apart. The figures will have a physical difference from their regular variants, and these can range from a different color scheme to entirely different accessories.

For figures that have a Chase variant, their rarity is 1 in 6, and so your best chance for finding them is either to buy a pack of 6 direct from Funko or to look in large retail stores on the day that they get new stock in.

It’s worth noting that not all Chase figures will be considered valuable, and you want to make sure it’s a popular character. For example, I have a Chase figure of Oswald Cobblepot from The Batman, and it’s only worth a couple of dollars more than the regular version.

oswald cobblepot chase
This was my very first Chase Funko Pop, and one of only two that I’ve been able to find on shop shelves. Image by Melika Jeddi

How to Prepare Your Funko Pops

Before you even get to the selling part, you need to think about how you want to prepare them. You want to make sure the buyer has the incentive to spend money on them, after all. So, you’ll need to make the item as appealing as possible. This comes down to the preparation, and there are a few different areas you’ll want to consider.

In-Box VS Out-of-Box

Arguably the most heated debate in the Funko Pop community is in-box vs out-of-box. In-box usually wins the majority verdict, but personally, I will always be firmly on Team Out-of-box.

I want to enjoy my figures to the fullest, and I don’t see how I can do that if it’s hidden away behind a plastic window. However, if we’re approaching this from a selling perspective, then in-box is the only way to go about it.

Now, there is some wiggle room here, depending on your reason for selling. If you’re buying Funko Pops intending to sell them, then definitely leave them in their boxes. But, if you’re buying them for your own collection intending to maybe sell them further down the line, then you don’t want to limit your enjoyment in the short term.

At that point, you’ll want to weigh up whether it’s worth missing out on seeing your figure in all its glory just to make some extra dollars in the future.

Regardless of which camp you fall under, I would strongly recommend keeping the boxes somewhere if you take the figures out. I understand that you might not have space for all the boxes, but in that case, just keep them for the first few weeks after you buy a new figure. That way, you can put the figure back inside its box if you choose to sell it.

One of my greatest regrets is not keeping the box for my Metallic Purple Regina fromĀ Once Upon a Time. I’d bought it years ago, thinking I’d love it, and when I finally got around to displaying it, I immediately threw the box away.

Just a few days later, I decided I didn’t like the figure that much after all. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was a relatively expensive Pop, but that since I’d thrown the box away, I’d ruined any worth that it might have had. Don’t make the same mistake that I did!

I cannot stress enough the difference in value between boxed and unboxed. In most cases, we’re talking somewhere between a third and half of the price if the figure is out of its box, and with the really rare Pops, it can drop even lower. So if you think you might be selling a Pop, then keep the box somewhere handy, or leave it in there in the first place.

Mystery Boxes or Individual Items

These days, mystery boxes are all the rage, and they’re certainly worth considering, especially if you have multiple figures to sell. The important thing is not to be disingenuous; you shouldn’t sell mystery boxes if your plan is to rip the buyer off. Obviously, you still want to make a profit, but don’t do it by deliberately overpricing the box.

If you do go the mystery box route, the best way is to have at least 8-10 boxes. It’s up to you if they’re simply one Pop per box or if you have multiple in one box.

But your idea should be for all the boxes to be the same price, with some having a higher value than the buyer is paying and others being lower or breaking even. Overall, you should look to give yourself no more than 10-20% profit (after considering postage and packaging).

Of course, selling individual items is a tried and trusted method and would probably be less hassle for you. This is especially true if you have unique figures that are highly sought after. That way, the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting and exactly how much they’re willing to pay for it. Personally, I’ve always sold my Funko Pops individually, but then again, I’ve never been selling enough at a time to make mystery boxes an option.

Ultimately, it will very much depend on you and your long-term plans. If you’re just selling a few figures as a one-off, then I’d recommend pricing them individually.

But if you have a large collection to sell, or if you plan on selling Funko Pops as a long-term side hustle, then mystery boxes could be an avenue to consider. They can make you stand out from other sellers, and there will always be buyers looking for that dopamine hit of opening a package with a mystery Funko Pop.

t'challa star-lord
I got these as part of a Marvel mystery box. Image by Melika Jeddi

Top Tips

These tips will differ slightly depending on whether you’re selling them in person or online, but they’re still convenient to know. You want to make sure that your items capture the buyer’s eye, and this will help you do just that. It’ll also mean they’re more likely to follow through with a purchase, rather than viewing your Funko Pops and then deciding against buying them.

Store Your Boxes Safely

With Funko Pops, the vast majority of collectors keep their figures in their boxes. This means that the condition of the box is just as important as the condition of the figure itself. So whilst a slight scuff may not seem like much of a big deal to you, it could make all the difference for an experienced collector.

As the boxes are made of card and thin plastic, they’re really easy to damage. To prevent this, try to store them in a safe place and don’t move them around unless necessary. You can also get plastic Pop protectors designed to fit around the box and prevent marks.

Clean the Boxes/ Figures

Whether you’re selling the product in-box or out-of-box, it’s important to keep it clean. You don’t want to put somebody off by selling an otherwise decent condition product that’s covered in dust. You need to be careful about what you use, though, as some cleaners can damage the printing on the box/ painting on the figure. I’d recommend just wiping it over with a damp cloth.

Take High-Quality Pictures

This only applies if you’re selling online, or at least advertising online, even if the purchase itself will happen in person.

You want to immediately grab the buyer’s attention so that they check out your item in the first place. To do this, you want to ensure you place the box/ figure on a clean, flat surface. You don’t want there to be lots of other items around to distract from the product you’re selling. You also want good lighting, ideally natural light, but if that’s not possible, then at least make sure the item is clearly visible.

harry quidditch funko pop
You can sometimes use background props to get a better photo, but make sure that the focus is still on the Funko Pop itself. Image by Melika Jeddi

Write a Detailed Description

The writing part only applies to selling online, but even if you’re selling in person, this is still good advice, you’d just say it instead of writing it.

You want to make sure the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting. Give as many details as possible, including facts about the figure (release date, which media the character appeared in, interesting features). Also, if the condition is anything less than mint, make sure you’re clear about it. The last thing you want is an angry buyer leaving bad feedback because there was a miniscule scratch that you neglected to mention.

Where to Sell Them

Now that your item is prepared and ready to go to its new owner, you have to decide where you’re going to sell it. There are a few different avenues to take, but first, you have to decide whether you’ll be selling in person or online.

My personal preference is for online. You have access to a much greater number of potential buyers, so you have a higher chance of someone seeing your item. You’re also more likely to get a high price for it, as interested parties can bid against each other. Whereas in person sales are unlikely to have that competitive aspect that drives up the price. If you’re an introvert like me, online sales also mean you won’t have to interact with strangers.

On the flip side, online selling is more hassle. You have to upload your item on an external site, package up the Funko Pop ready to be mailed out, go to the Post Office, keep track of whether it’s been received, etc. Not to mention that most sites will take a percentage of your sale. Selling your Funko Pops in person is definitely the quicker and easier option, so you’ll have to weigh up profit vs practicality.

In Person

There are a few different methods you can use to sell Funko Pops in person. This list is by no means exhaustive, these are just the most common and convenient options. Technically you could even walk up to a stranger in the street and ask if they want to buy your Funko Pop! But the options down below are more likely to actually yield sales.

Garage Sale/Facebook Marketplace

I’ve put these under the same heading as the basic premise is the same. You want to see if there’s anyone local who will buy your Funko Pop. This is going to be a good option if you have a lot of low-end figures that you just want to get rid of. You could sell them in bulk and get cash in hand on the same day.

If you’re setting up a garage sale, it realistically can’t just be for your Funko Pops. So you would need to wait until you had a lot of other items that you could also sell. Perhaps you could see if any of your friends/ neighbors are having one of their own and whether they’d be willing to let you sell your Funko Pops at their garage sale. Be aware, there’s a chance of boxes getting damaged if lots of people are picking them up.

Facebook Marketplace may be the better option if you’ve only got a few figures to sell. All the tips I previously mentioned regarding how to present your Funko Pops will apply here. You want to make sure people are tempted to buy from you.

This is a convenient option as local people can message you directly on Facebook to arrange to come and collect the figure/s. Facebook also doesn’t take a percentage of the money, as the transaction takes place in person.

With both of these options, it’s important to be aware that you will not be getting the best price. People tend to look for a bargain when hunting for items at garage sales/ on Facebook Marketplace. They are not going to be willing to pay the full worth of the figure. You’re most likely going to be selling to casual fans rather than avid collectors, so that will lower the price somewhat.

Pawn Shop

If you have high-end figures that are worth considerably more than their retail price, a pawn shop could be the way to go. Although pricier items do sometimes sell online, often it can take a while to find the right buyer. Pawn shops have the patience for that, but it’s possible that you may not.

The main advantage that pawn shops have over selling online is the speed of sales. You could be waiting weeks or even months to sell a rare Funko Pop on an auction site, whereas a pawn shop could give you money on the same day. This is ideal if you need money in a hurry, such as if you need to pay the rent.

However, pawn shops will not give you anywhere close to the full value of your figure. They’re a great option for getting money in a hurry, but not so much for maximizing your profit. So if you’re selling Funko Pops as a side hustle, then this is not the way to go, and you’d be better served selling online or at a convention.

pawn shop funko pops


These can be an excellent way to find a lot of collectors in a small space. Comic conventions are hugely popular these days and will see thousands, if not tens of thousands, of eager attendees looking to spend money. This offers a golden opportunity to sell your Funko Pops and is more geared towards those of you looking to make this a side hustle, rather than just making some space clearing out your own collection.

You have a couple of options here. The first is to have your own stall at the event. For this, you would need a large amount of stock. You’d have to be a serious Funko Pop seller with at least a couple of hundred figures. You’ll have to pay upfront for a booth at the convention, so profit margins will be tight.

A good tip is to look at the celebrity guests for that particular convention and to have Funko Pops of their characters. That way, attendees may purchase your Funko Pop to get it signed by that celebrity. Also, pay attention to what’s been popular in the media prior to the convention. For example, if a new season of Stranger Things has just dropped, then having a large section of Pops dedicated to the characters could prove really successful.

If you don’t have enough figures for a stall, conventions could still work out well for you. You can join Facebook groups for that particular convention and post pictures of which Pops you’ll be bringing to see if anyone is interested in buying from you at the convention. You could also talk to the owners of the Funko Pop stalls to see if they want to buy your figure to sell alongside their own stock.


This is definitely the method I would recommend you use. It’s not quite as convenient as in person options, but selling online gives you the best chance to get a decent price for your Funko Pops. You’ll be able to connect with buyers who are after your specific figure and you’re also likely to be financially protected.

There are quite a lot of sites where you could sell your Funko Pops, but here are the most common options.


I mean, it’s obvious, right? When you have something to sell, you eBay it. Why should Funko Pops be any different? This is the absolute gold standard of auctions, eBay is to online selling what Google is to searching. It’s the number one for a reason and the site has incredible reach, as well as smooth functionality.

I’ve been selling on eBay for over a decade and I love how easy it is to set up a lot on there. They also no longer charge a fee just to list your item, so you don’t lose any money if it doesn’t sell. You do pay a final value fee of 12.8% though. This applies to the overall price, including the postage, so don’t think you can outsmart them by having a low product price and high postage fees.

What I love about eBay is that if you have similar items, you can create a duplicate lot and then just edit from there, rather than starting from scratch. This will be particularly useful if you have lots of Funko Pops to sell, as you won’t have to manually select the category each time. Speaking of category, you want to go for: Collectibles – Collectible Figures & Supplies – Collectible Figures & Bobbleheads.

You can set up your own store on eBay to build reliability and make people more likely to purchase from you. If you do this, getting good feedback will be essential, so make sure to treat each auction with love and care.

the penguin batman funko pop
When selling online, make sure to include plenty of pictures from several angles. Image by Melika Jeddi

Pop Auctions

As well as other generic auction sites, some online auctions have specific sections for Funko Pops. These can be useful for selling rare and unique figures, as the people looking will be dedicated collectors. It’s also likely to drive up the price, as multiple collectors will be bidding on the same items. These sites tend to have fewer lots, so your specific item is more likely to be seen.

zobie funko pops

Some good examples of these types of sites are Zobie, Pristine Auction, and the increasingly-popular Whatnot. Whatnot allows for live auctions where sellers can show off their products and viewers bid in real time. This works best if you’ve already got a following, though.

pristine auction funko pops

Whilst these sites certainly offer some selling opportunities, for me, I would say they’re not as convenient as simply using eBay. However, perhaps they could be an option for you if you’re not a fan of eBay. Whatnot especially could be a good choice if you’re already relatively well-known in the Funko community.

selling funko pops on whatnot

After the Sale

You might think your job is done once the sale has gone through, but that’s only true for in person sales. If you’ve sold online, there’s an extra level of care and attention that’s required even after the buyer has committed to purchasing your Funko Pop. You want to make sure they leave good feedback, or at the very least, that they don’t leave bad feedback or demand a refund.

It’s essential that you use proper packaging, otherwise, the item could become damaged in the post. As I mentioned earlier, Funko Pop boxes are rather flimsy and they take damage easily. If you’re selling a cheap figure ($20 or less), then wrap it in bubble wrap and maybe put some paper in the parcel with it to provide a buffer.

If you’re selling a more expensive figure, you’ll probably want to consider using a Pop protector. These can be bought in bulk and work out to $1 each or less, depending on how many you buy. It’s worth paying that small price to ensure the value of your Funko Pop stays intact.

If you have a really expensive figure ($50-60 or more), then you should consider a hard stack. These are a bit more expensive than the regular protectors, but provide extra protection for the box.

If you’re planning to make selling a regular thing, you should go the extra mile to make buyers happy. Including a thank you note in their order is just a small gesture that can go a long way. It can mean they’re more likely to leave positive feedback and, in turn, new buyers will be more likely to trust you in the future.

selling funko pops


Question: What is the most a Funko Pop has sold for?

Answer: The Golden Ticket 2-Pack was a limited edition that Funko released at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. Just 10 of them were created, making it one of the rarest Funko Pops in existence. The price tag reflects that, as a copy of this one sold for an astounding $100,000! Even though the pack contains two different figures, that’s still a mind-blowing 50k each!

Question: Do pawn shops take Funko Pops?

Answer: This will depend on the particular store, as some pawn shops won’t buy items they’re unfamiliar with. However, if you’ve got a rare Funko Pop with a decent value, then a pawn shop is much more likely to take that than if you’ve got a lower-end figure.

Question: Do Funko Pops have value?

Answer: This depends entirely on the specific figure. Some can go up to a price far exceeding their original cost. Others can drop to just a few dollars. There are ways to guestimate what price a figure will become, but it’s not an exact science. In short, some Funko Pops do have value, but others don’t.

How to Sell Funko Pops: Conclusion

If you’re looking to sell your Funko Pops, you’ll need to be aware of several factors. Deciding which selling methods are best for your situation is essential. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to do just that. There are so many things to consider, so please take all of them into account to ensure a smooth selling process.

My final tip is that charisma is key. If you’re selling in person, this means a friendly attitude. Smile at the customers, chat with them, and make them feel connected to you. If you’re selling online, let your personality come through in your writing. You want the buyer to like and trust you.

Funko Pops can be a brilliant way to earn a bit of extra cash, but their prices are very volatile. Never spend money you can’t afford to lose. If you purchase only figures that you’re genuinely passionate about, then even if you can’t sell them, at least you have something fun for your own collection.

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