Best Fortnite Figures Guide

Are you ready to join my squad of collectible Fortnite legends? Then, I recommend reading the best Fortnite figures guide. I’ve been sure to remove any action figures and statues to guarantee collectible figurines from the epic game of the century. Indeed, the confusion about what makes figures different annoys me, too.

Fortunately, I’ve been at the collectors and pop culture games for over a decade. As a result, I have a good collection of model kits, replicas, Funko Pop, Nendoroid, and other collectibles. However, I enjoy helping fellow gamers and fans collect the best figures from their top games more.

So, I’ll shred the best figures to the ultimate picks. I’m a squad-type player. Are you one? If so, join my collectible squad for an ultimate fan’s Fortnite dream.

Best Fortnite Figures: Bottom Line Up Front

Admittedly, Fortnite fandom is so massive that the figure collection is vaster than the battle opportunities on the island. Therefore, I’ll narrow the figures into ten series before sharing what makes a figure collectible, which removes any confusion about action figures and statues. So, you’re in a safe place with a Fortnite fan/collector.

Indeed, I play the game, and my son’s a wiz of note. He has even earned the mighty Victory Royale title before. So, I’ll ensure every Fortnite figure is worthwhile to various players on the island. The figures should represent memorable skins or outfits and become collectible treasures, which I simplify with my upcoming requirements.

Meanwhile, let me share the ultimate figure I’d love to own. The Fortnite Super-Sized Loot Llama Funko Pop Figure is a giant that reminds me of the Trojan Horse. In addition, it’s a unique vinyl figure that stands taller than most. Finally, everyone loves Loot Llama. I don’t need more reasons than the character’s game.

However, a few more Fortnite figures will blow your mind. So, glance at some of my top picks before diving into the facts about collectible Fortnite figures.

More of the Best Fortnite Figures at a Glance

Ragnarok Funko

Where do you begin in the game? You don’t drop onto an island with everything ready for your destruction. No, you have to build toward a victory in the survival game. So, let me build to my top picks by wetting your taste buds before sharing advice about the game’s collectibles and how to find them.

Here’s a peek at three more of my favorite Fortnite figures and why I love them:

  1. The Fortnite Battle Hound Funko Pop Figure is an E3 2019 Exclusive that glows in the dark, making the legendary outfit series figure more collectible.
  2. The Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Funko Pop Figure is a flocked version that feels like a bear. In addition, it’s a famous character for many players.
  3. The Fortnite Ragnarok Funko Pop Figure is fantastic because it comes as a collectible bundle. So, you get a vinyl figure that glows in the dark and includes a famous t-shirt.

A Complete Guide to the Ultimate Fortnite Figures

Fortnite has a following more significant than most games; I understand why because I’ve played the game. So, let’s see the many figures connected to one of the most legendary games and how you can recognize one among action figures and statues. Furthermore, I’ll share how I selected the best collectible Fortnite figures.

Fortnite: A Vast Gamer’s Universe With Many Figures

Fortnite has been a rage since 2017 when the unusual survival game launched and brought to life a new version of cooperative gameplay among friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t start playing it when it first came out, meaning I felt like a lost soul when I first dropped onto the island. However, my friend recently became a hilarious newbie.

Let’s face it, Fornite is a challenging game for newcomers when they first enter the open world. Meanwhile, my friend seemed to be alright until she began building. Then, the screen undoubtedly hurts your eyes when the character starts laying logs for a fort. So, my friend went haywire when the screen did its thing.

Fortnite became a trend large enough to intrigue older players like my friend. Admittedly, I’m 35, but my kids also play the game because it appeals to various ages. In addition, many games grow tiring after five years, but Fortnite still has millions of players worldwide. My family switched mainly to mobile, but it’s still a fun game.

Fortnite is a massive game on various platforms, inviting countless famous characters for which fans and gamers can collect merch. For me, massive fandoms and collectible merch marry well. It allows me to collect easter eggs outside the game. However, the most significant challenge with Fortnite merch is the selection.

A game so popular, filled with legendary characters and a few occasional characters like DJ Marshmallow and Harley Quinn (two of my favorites), will result in countless collectibles. But, of course, figures and figurines are some of the best collectibles for gamers, and Fortnite has a range vaster than the ocean, or so it feels.

Therefore, Fortnite figures can fall into ten series, including:

  1. Fortnite Boss Series Figures include various characters in the game that play the bad guy, including Darth Vader, Beef Boss, and Doctor Slone.
  2. Fortnite Costume Series Figures differ slightly from the upcoming Skin Series. These figures wear costumes like triceratops or other dinosaurs instead of character skins.
  3. Funko Pop Fortnite Series Figures are smaller versions of vinyl figures, including various skins, characters, cross-game characters, and vehicles from Fortnite games.
  4. Fortnite Legendary Series Figures show some of the game’s most epic characters and outfits, including the Rabbit Raider, Skull Trooper, Enforcer, Wild Card, and Havoc.
  5. Fortnite Nendoroid Figures include all series of playable characters, outfits, and vehicles in chibi-styled choices. Unfortunately, the Nendoroid Fortnite figures don’t always fit the collectible requirements because they have movable joints.
  6. Fortnite Skin Series Figures include characters from other games and shows. Some examples are Harley Quinn, Lara Croft, Spiderman, and Street Fighter figures.
  7. Fortnite Solo Mode Series Figures include playable characters that played solo mode in the game. Ironically, the series came in waves that had multiple character figures.
  8. Fortnite Squad Mode Series Figures will include figures for an entire squad. However, these collectible figures are rare because most of this series comes as action figures.
  9. Fortnite Vehicles Series Figures include famous vehicles from the open-world game. So, you’ll find figures for the llamacorn express glider and others. Vehicles can also have chests and llamas.
  10. Fortnite Victory Royale Series Figures represent the Battle Royale’s legends classified as Victory Royale players, including all the characters that stand out as the final players and teams.

What Makes One Fortnite Figure More Collectible Than Another?

Brite Bomber Funko

Fortnite figures are countless because of the many series and the game’s popularity. However, it helps to know which Fortnite figures are collectible and classified as figures, not action figures or statues. So, the first tip is to ensure that you’re buying a figure that isn’t movable or articulated like action figures.

In addition, figurines and figures are smaller than statues. Figures stop at the 1/6 scale, whereas statues typically go larger, starting with 1:4 scales. In addition, figurines, figures, and statuettes (which I’m focusing on) will normally come in PVC, ABS, and vinyl materials. Some figures will combine other materials.

However, resin, polyresin, and polystone are statues. The size, immovable joints, and common materials help distinguish figures from action figures and statues. Furthermore, some figurine sizes are more collectible than others if you wish to collect multiple options. Fortnite has enough possibilities to want an extensive collection.

These scales are popular for Fortnite figures if you want to start a massive collection:

  • 1/6 scale figures are 12 inches high
  • 1/9 scale figures are eight inches tall
  • 1/10 scale figurines are seven inches high
  • 1/12 scale figurines are five to six inches tall
  • 1/18 scale figures are famous and measure 3.5 to four inches tall

How I Selected the Best Fortnite Figures

So, how will I select the best Fortnite figures among hundreds? Firstly, I’ll focus on Fortnite figures that fit perfectly into what defines a collectible figure. So, they must have zero movable joints and come in popular scale sizes. However, would you believe that only one brand makes “figures” for Fortnite?

Funko Pop is officially the only source of Fortnite figures. Every other series typically lands in action figures. So, I won’t add the other series for that reason. Now things get complicated because I didn’t share the other series (besides Funko Pop) for no reason. I shared them because I want the best figures to fit into two series.

Funko Pop is the only Fortnite figure that welcomes another category. Meanwhile, the figures have no movable joints and measure the right height for collectors. So, finally, I’ll narrow the Fortnite vinyl figures by selecting exclusive and unique editions that glow in the dark. That way, the Fortnite Funko Pop figures are collectible.

Best Fortnite Figures Guide: Top Picks

Do you trust a fellow Fortnite fan and gamer to share the best figure recommendations? It would help to remember that I also avidly collected pop culture merchandise for years. So, welcome the best selections if you’re game for joining my squad. Let’s get down to the details and see what makes each figure unique.

#01 Fortnite Bash Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Bash Funko

Bash is a bashful skin in Fortnite. I’ve purchased the skin before, and it was a blast. However, Bash comes from the leftovers set in the store. It’s a pity because he’s a colorful character frequently appearing in the games. On the other hand, the poor skin looks like a piñata, fitting into the craze of what you find in the game.

Fortnite Bash Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Skin Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: 2020 Fall Convention Limited Edition

Fortnite Bash Figure Pros

  • The Fortnite Bash figure is a collectible vinyl from Funko
  • It’s an exclusive edition from the New York Comic-Con in 2020
  • Bash is odd skin gamers enjoy adding to their collection
  • The figure’s pose represents the weird in-game character well

Fortnite Bash Figure Cons

  • Bash looks even more comical as a chibi-style vinyl figure
  • Bash is a rejected community skin that still made the store

#02 Fortnite Battle Hound Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Battle Hound Funko

Battle Hound is a legendary outfit from the Battle Royale events, and he costs a lot of V Bucks. I’ve never used Battle Hound. So, I can’t tell you how much fun he would be. However, I’ve seen him in the game. The character has an odd weapon that Funko included in his vinyl figure. The exclusivity makes him an appealing choice.

Fortnite Battle Hound Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 4″
  • Unique Feature: E3 2019 Limited Edition and Glow-in-the-Dark

Fortnite Battle Hound Figure Pros

  • The Battle Hound vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • The figure is a double collectible as an exclusive that glows in the dark
  • Battle Hound’s eyes are creepy in the dark
  • The E3 2019 status represents a limited game experience

Fortnite Battle Hound Figure Cons

  • The chibi-styled heads don’t fit all the Fortnite characters
  • Battle Hound’s face shouldn’t be as gray as this figure

#03 Fortnite Brite Bomber Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Brite Bomber Funko

Brite Bomber is a rare outfit in the Fortnite games, yet you see her often. However, she often appears because players enjoy her character. In addition, she doesn’t cost as much as Battle Hound. Brite Bomber comes from the Sunshine and Rainbows set, explaining her unusual unicorn staff that looks like poor Bash.

Fortnite Brite Bomber Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite metallic figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Skin Series (rare outfit)
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: It’s metallic

Fortnite Brite Bomber Figure Pros

  • The Brite Bomber vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • She’s the only metallic Fortnite figure I find
  • The Brite Bomber figure is also an exclusive
  • Brite Bomber is a favorite skin for many players

Fortnite Brite Bomber Figure Cons

  • Brite Bomber seems like a psycho in the game
  • The figure represents a skin that comes and goes

#04 Fortnite Crackshot Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Crackshot Funko

Crackshot’s name is ideal because the legendary Fortnite skin is insane. The guy’s face looks like he’s about to destroy enemies, erasing entire squads in one shot. Crackshot is undoubtedly a nutcracker of note. However, Funko did an excellent job capturing the skin’s crazy expression and deadly design.

Fortnite Crackshot Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: Walmart Exclusive and Bobblehead

Fortnite Crackshot Figure Pros

  • The Crackshot vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It’s also an exclusive that offers bobblehead fun
  • Crackshot’s face is as creepy as the in-game outfit
  • It’s a famous legendary series outfit that appears frequently

Fortnite Crackshot Figure Cons

  • The box doesn’t say bobblehead, but it shakes like a nutcracker
  • Crackshot’s hand looks awkward on this figure

#05 Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Funko

The Cuddle Team Leader reminds me of a horror movie plush. It’s incredible how many Fortnite characters look insane, and this figure captures the essence perfectly. The white eyes look more horrific than the in-game character. In addition, Funko did an excellent job on the chibi style with this Fortnite vinyl figure.

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fornite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: It’s a flocked version

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure Pros

  • The Cuddle Team Leader vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It’s a flocked version that feels like a bear
  • The figure looks more insane than the in-game character
  • The Cuddle Team Leader is a favorite legendary outfit

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure Cons

  • The white eyes can creep children out
  • Flocked Pops make you want to take them out of the box

#06 Fortnite Dark Vanguard Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Dark Vanguard Funko

Dark Vanguard is another brilliant collectible Fortnite figure from the legendary series. The outfit comes from the Space Explorer set, a fun skin for players. However, it’s another outfit that costs too many V Bucks. I haven’t bought too many legendary outfits, but they made me feel like I had an extra edge when I did.

Fortnite Dark Vanguard Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: It glows in the dark

Fortnite Dark Vanguard Figure Pros

  • The Dark Vanguard vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • Glow-in-the-dark figures from the Space Explorers look incredible
  • The figure looks like it means business
  • It’s a fun addition to your Fortnite vinyl collection

Fortnite Dark Vanguard Figure Cons

  • The Dark Vanguard figure has few details
  • It only glows in the dark as the main feature

#07 Fortnite Dark Voyager Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Dark Voyager Funko

Dark Voyager is another legendary outfit from the Battle Royale games. It comes as a glow-in-the-dark because the Space Explorer set looks as brilliant as illuminated aliens. However, I haven’t seen this outfit in the game, and it’s pretty hard to get now. That makes this Funko Pop a pretty good find for gamers.

Fortnite Dark Voyager Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: Glow-in-the-Dark and 2019 Fall Convention Limited Edition

Fortnite Dark Voyager Figure Pros

  • The Dark Voyager vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It’s a double collectible from Comic-Con that glows
  • The details are excellent, and the thumbs-up is unique
  • It’s a rare outfit in the games, making it more collectible

Fortnite Dark Voyager Figure Cons

  • Some gamers might not know it well, like me
  • The Space Explorer figures have no expressions

#08 Fortnite Frozen Raven Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Frozen Raven Funko

Frozen Raven is a special edition outfit you could purchase in the Battle Royale game. He’s another outfit I haven’t bought, but my son purchased the Frozen Legendary pack. It’s an incredible character with creepy eyes, and the figure resembles it perfectly. It’s also an unusual size for Fortnite Funko Pops.

Fortnite Frozen Raven Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Legendary Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/12 or 6″
  • Unique Feature: It’s a super pop that glows

Fortnite Frozen Raven Figure Pros

  • The Frozen Raven vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It glows and has a unique super-pop size
  • Frozen Raven’s glowing eyes are insanely creepy
  • The outfit’s details are impressive for Funko

Fortnite Frozen Raven Figure Cons

  • The crossed arms can remove some of the figure’s creepiness
  • White figures are hard to keep clean

#09 Fortnite Loot Llama Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Loot Llama Funko

Loot Llama is a character every player knows, making it a popular choice with various exclusive and unique vinyl figures. Loot Llamas were everywhere in the early days of the game. However, they become rare assets in the game now, only spawning randomly three times throughout the map. Nevertheless, they’re collectible figures.

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Vehicles Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: Glow-in-the-Dark and 2019 Summer Convention Limited Edition

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Pros

  • The Loot Llama vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It glows and doubles collectibility with the Comic-Con exclusivity
  • Loot Llama is the most collected vinyl figure
  • The figure’s eyes will creep you out when it glows

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Cons

  • Loot Llama is in everyone’s collection in some form
  • It’s not quite a vehicle, but it’s the only series it falls under

#10 Fortnite Midas Shadow Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Midas Shadow Funko

Midas Shadow is one of the few boss series figures I find in Funko Pop. However, this vinyl figure looks like a metallic version with a special golden effect. Unfortunately, the altered color makes the figure look inaccurate for the in-game character. In addition, Midas isn’t even famous as a skin you can buy from the store.

Fortnite Midas Shadow Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Boss Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: It has a metallic color

Fortnite Midas Shadow Figure Pros

  • The Midas Shadow vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It looks metallic, but it’s a popular vinyl figure
  • Midas has the famous scar over his eye
  • The vinyl figure looks expressive

Fortnite Midas Shadow Figure Cons

  • The color change makes Midas inaccurate
  • Midas Shadow isn’t a popular character

#11 Fortnite Ragnarok Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Ragnarok Funko

Ragnarok is another rare skin you can find with a Battle Pass, making his vinyl figure a good find. In addition, this Funko bundle includes an unusual vinyl figure in different packaging and a t-shirt. You won’t get these bundles often for Fortnite figures. So, scoop it up if you’re a Ragnarok skin series fanatic.

Fortnite Ragnarok Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Skin Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: Glow-in-the-Dark, includes a Funko shirt, and is a Walmart Exclusive

Fortnite Ragnarok Figure Pros

  • The Ragnarok vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • The collectibility rises with three points in favor of the figure
  • You get a free t-shirt with Ragnarok’s face
  • The vinyl figure looks insane when it glows

Fortnite Ragnarok Figure Cons

  • The packaging can scare you, but you also get a standard box
  • Ragnarok isn’t a well-known skin in Fortnite

#12 Fortnite Ripley Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Ripley Funko

Fortnite brought characters from the Alien franchise for players to enjoy, and Ellen Ripley was one of them. However, this skin is a variant that looks more alien. So, I’m unsure why it’s a Ripley Funko Pop from Fortnite. I don’t know the character as I see it here. Instead, I saw the Ellen Ripley character in the game.

Fortnite Ripley Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Skin Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/12 or 6″
  • Unique Feature: 2020 Summer Convention Exclusive

Fortnite Ripley Figure Pros

  • The Ripley vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It’s also an exclusive from the 2020 Summer Convention
  • The figure has excellent details, even if I don’t recognize it
  • It’s another super-pop-sized collectible

Fortnite Ripley Figure Cons

  • There’s too much confusion about the Fortnite character (maybe I just haven’t seen it)
  • The super-pop sizes look odd among 1.18 scale collections

#13 Fortnite Skull Trooper Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Skull Trooper Funko

The Skull Trooper skin has changed a lot over the years. At first, the skin was pretty standard before specific colors, like the purple variant, became rare. However, the Skull Trooper always makes me think of Storm Troopers who lost the battle and became the undead. So, the name suits the in-game skins.

Fortnite Skull Trooper Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Skin Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/18 or 3.75″
  • Unique Feature: Walmart Exclusive and Glow-in-the-Dark

Fortnite Skull Trooper Figure Pros

  • The Skull Trooper vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • The Walmart exclusivity and glow effect increase the collectibility
  • The vinyl figure looks impressive and includes a weapon
  • It’s excellent for kids because it doesn’t look so creepy

Fortnite Skull Trooper Figure Cons

  • It doesn’t have a skin shine with colors to match the game’s skins
  • It doesn’t look as creepy as the game’s character

#14 Fortnite Super-Sized Loot Llama Funko Pop Figure

Fortnite Super-Sized Loot Llama Funko

Hunting the Loot Llama in the game is one thing. However, it’s an entirely different game when choosing how to get the ammo and health packs from the poor supply llama. Nonetheless, this vinyl figure is my ultimate pick because ten-inch Funko Pop figures aren’t standard, even among the Fortnite options.

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Facts

  • Figure Type: Fortnite vinyl figure
  • Second Series: Fortnite Vehicles Series
  • Scale/Size: 1/6 or 10″
  • Unique Feature: It’s gigantic!

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Pros

  • The Loot Llama vinyl figure is a Funko collectible
  • It’s an unusual giant collectible
  • Loot Llama is a popular choice for gamers
  • Everyone knows the in-game character

Fortnite Loot Llama Figure Cons

  • It looks funny next to a regular-sized Funko
  • Loot Llama’s eyes look zombie-like


Question: How Do I Use the Fortnite QR Code on Funko Pop Vinyl?

Answer: There’s a lot of myth about using the Fortnite QR code on Funko Pop to gain V Bucks or unique skins. However, the Funko Pop Fortnite QR code allows collectors and gamers to authenticate whether the item is genuine or a bootlegging fake. As a result, you might be lucky to get in-game benefits or V Bucks.

Question: What Are Funko 5 Star Fortnite Figures?

Answer: Funko developed a different range of figures that feel more like action figures, the 5 Star collection. Fortnite has a few Funko 5 Star vinyl figures that come in boxes capable of opening like a window to show the vinyl figure inside. In addition, this series has three articulation points and includes detachable accessories.

Question: What Are Fortnite Funko Pint-Sized Heroes?

Answer: Fortnite inspires numerous merchandise and collectible figures. Meanwhile, Funko produces various types of figures. So, the two legendary brands bring together Fortnite Pint-Sized Heroes from Funko because collectors can enjoy more figures on their displays. In addition, the figures are only 1.5 inches tall.

Best Fortnite Figures Guide: Conclusion

The best Fortnite figures can come from ten different series. However, many collectibles commonly fall into action figures more than figurines. Fortunately, I shared tips on identifying collectible figures if you only want them. Alternatively, look for other series-centered figures and action figures with movable joints.

Nonetheless, I recommend starting a collectible figure Fortnite display with the Fortnite Super-Sized Loot Llama Funko Pop Figure. You won’t miss your starter collectible with a massive vinyl figure, and it’s a collectible brand with a unique scale. In addition, everyone knows and loves the Loot Llamas in the game.

Otherwise, pick one of my alternative collectible figures from Funko. Some offer glow-in-the-dark features, but others have impressive exclusive backgrounds from specific Comic-Cons. Either way, you’ll have something unique to start your Fortnite figures collection. So, start your royale collection today.

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