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When you ask someone to think of the most iconic gaming franchise of all time, a very common answer is Halo. It’s an epic space adventure saga about a lone marine trying to do right by his morals. At first, that’s fighting for humanity, then trying to end the war, and then trying to save all life from the Flood. And after that, bad stuff keeps happening to him.

What happens? I don’t honestly know because I lost the plot after Halo 4. That being said, Halo is still a massive part of my childhood, even if I joined the series relatively late at Halo 3. It was a great FPS that was Microsoft’s first flagship title. A game that was so legendary it Xbox and Xbox 360s flew off the shelves just for this game. The internet is covered in stories of LAN parties for Halo 2.

It was inevitable that countless products would be made for the franchise due to its insane popularity. These things extend far past the games and into the realm of books, movies, and tv shows. Of course, all this stuff comes with its slew of collectible merchandise. The most popular of which are figures. I understand; they’re a great way to have a piece of your favorite franchise. But with so much stuff based on a single IP, it can take time to decide which figure is the right one for you.

Luckily for you, I made this handy dandy guide just for that.

I’m evaluating the Action Figures by three different metrics:

  • Quality – “Quality” refers to the surface details of the figure. Like what we can see in the armor, any dents, divets, or other tiny features. Beyond that, it also looks at how the statue is posed or even what accessories it has. A figure of Master Cheif standing there is a lot less cool than one with him swinging his Energy Sword. These seemingly tiny details add up to create a quality figure.
  • Availability – I mean “Availability” is how hard the figure is to find on stores like Amazon. It’s a one-stop-shop and the go-to place to buy merchandise for almost everything. This also includes things like how much product is in stock. The most crucial factor to this score is the price tag attached. It doesn’t matter if the item is in stock or the first thing Amazon shows you. If it’s $1,000, it will be out of most people’s reach.
  • Serialization – “Serialization” refers to if the figure is a part of any more extensive series. These things are made to be collected and displayed. It becomes a problem when you put a bunch of figures made by different people together when the art style doesn’t quite match any of them. That’s what’s good about a figure being a part of a series. You can get a lovely, extensive, congruent collection where all the figures share the same style. 

Now let’s get the guide started!

Best Figure Upfront

My choice for the best Halo action figure you can buy is the HALO 6.5″ Spartan Collection – Master Chief. Highly Articulated, Poseable with Weapon Accessories – Scaled to Play & Display. It has a lot of great things going for it, mostly in its simplicity. It’s a great figure that’s a beautiful recreation of the series’ main protagonist. If you’re looking to buy a gift, you can’t go wrong with the protagonist; its price is surprisingly affordable compared to many other Halo figures.

The biggest problem lies in it being part of a series exclusive to the other Spartans, so you can’t get a matching collection going with other iconic characters like the Arbiter or 343 Guilty Spark. 

Top Picks

#01 HALO 6.5″ Spartan Collection – Master Chief Highly Articulated, Poseable with Weapon Accessories – Scaled to Play & Display

halo Master Chief Figure

It seems fitting to start a list about Halo with the game’s protagonist: Halo! I kid, I kid! I know his name’s Master Chief, but it’s always a little fun to pretend you don’t know. Like calling Link Zelda. That aside, this figure is outstanding. The detailing on the exterior is enough to impress me, and it comes with many cool things. Namely, all the hands for Master Chief and two guns from the series. It’s a solid choice for a figure for a reasonable price, too!

  • Quality 10/10 – I’m impressed with this figure. The detail of the armor with the tiny rivets is exquisite. The best part is almost all the handpieces you get with the figure. It’s a part of a larger series called “The Spartan Collection,” so you should be able to mix and match the accessories like all the different guns.
  • Availability 9/10 – This should be one of the first action figures Amazon throws at you when you look them up, and I can see why. The Spartan Collection is a fantastic series! They’re made even better by the excellent price, which is surprisingly affordable. This action figure sits at around $25, which is a pretty good price for a figure of this quality.
  • Serialization 10/10 – As I said, The Spartan Collection is an enormous series featuring some of the most popular spartan armors from the entire franchise. You can get the Spartan Enigma and Spartan Yoroi, two of my favorite’s from the entire franchise. The spartan collection is a great place to start looking for the Halo action figure you want.


  • Great detail and articulation on Master Cheif’s joints.
  • Plenty of hand accessories to go with this figure.


  • You don’t get much for your money. Just one, pretty good, Master Cheif figure
  • The weapons included, the rifle and the pistol, are pretty boring.

#02 HALO The Spartan Collection Deluxe -JEGA’ RDOMNAI 6.5-Inch Articulated Figure with Accessories

Halo Jega Rdomnai Figure

I’m not going to lie. I struggled to remember who this guy was when I first saw him. It took a quick trip to the wiki for that reminder. Jega is one of the few antagonists in Halo to have such a successful track record. I’m not sure anyone can lay claim to killing as many Spartans as he had. Knowing what Master Chief can do, the fact that he killed 7 is freakishly impressive. It should be no surprise that he managed to get his action figure.

  • Quality 9/10 – This figure is also part of the Spartan Collection, and unsurprisingly this figure matches the standard of quality. I like that they remember that his mandibles are prosthetics, but I wouldn’t advise you to look at his face too closely. It looks all wrinkled and weird, and not in a good way. It comes with many cool accessories, like his red energy sword and pulse carbine with an assortment of hands.
  • Availability 8/10 – The majority of the figures points in this category come from the fact that Amazon will practically throw this action figure at your face. Its biggest downside is that the price attached to this one is much higher than the one above. This costs around $35 on Amazon, and that price is high enough that it should get you to hesitate before buying it.
  • Serialization 10/10 – The Spartan Series is a godsend for collectors. It offers so many options in one quick, identifiable selection. This includes and encompasses many iconic things from the series and accessories you can use with each of your figures. Their price is high, so you should not be able to buy them all in one go, but it’d be a nice project.


  • A good figure of one of the more recent and famous characters.


  • The face looks strange when you look at it closely.
  • It only comes with two weapons, an energy sword, and a carbine.

#03 Halo 4″ “World of Halo” Deluxe Vehicle & Figure Pack – Warthog with Master Chief

Halo Warthog with Master Chief Figure

Halo set itself apart from just about every other FPS at the time because you could get in vehicles. And this wasn’t a separate thing. You could do it mid-combat to take to the skies and tear up the dirt as you drove around. The banshee is mine, and I think most players’ personal favorite, but the Warthog is one of the most iconic vehicles from the series.

It’s the standard issue car that shows up often and a lot. It was the cause behind many good times as you and your friends mow down enemies but, more likely, get flipped over and killed as a result. It was all good fun, so does it matter if we lost the match? My friends say yes, but I think it doesn’t.

  • Quality 7/10 – The Warthog comes with a Master Cheif figure which is very nice. However, the downfall comes from the general blandness of the entire thing. I can’t find anything about this that “wows” me. The Warthog and figure look okay. There’s a lot of detail on the surface, but the closer you look, the worse they become. You’re able to see the seams on the plastic and the smudges on the paint job. Granted, that’s only upon close inspection, but they could look better. 
  • Availability 9/10 – The set usually sells for around $30, which isn’t terrible considering you get a Warthog and Master Cheif in this single set. Most of its points in this category come from it being an “Amazon’s Choice” product, meaning this will be one of the first things Amazon tosses your way. I can see why. It’s two decent enough figures for a price that’s also decent. The fact that it has a history of going on sale is even better because you can get both of these things for 1/2% off. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – This action figure is a part of the enormous World of Halo series. While the quality isn’t quite as good as The Spartan Collection, it does encompass just about everything from the world of Halo, as the name implies. You can get multiple Master Chiefs, the Arbiter, Covenant vehicles, and more. This is the line to go for if you want to collect Halo action figures.


  • You get a vehicle and a figure to go with the vehicle in the set.


  • There’s nothing super standout about the set. The figures need to look better, and the accessories stand out aside from the Warthog.

#04 Halo 4″ Villain 3 Figure Pack – Elite Warlord and 2 Grunt Conscripts

Halo Elite Warlord and 2 Grund Conscripts

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but calling these three villains slightly oversells their importance. It’s two grunts and a Warlord. Two enemies anyone who has played any Halo game has killed countless times. That being said, I like this set. It contains the two most prominent enemy types from Halo, and they even come with their iconic weapons as accessories. It makes them a great standout product.

That being said, the surface details of the aliens could use some work. The general details are there, but the tiny stuff is frankly very hard to see, and once more, they manage to mess up the face of the Warlord. I don’t know why that one detail is so hard to get right.

  • Quality 7/10 – Overall, I have to say that these figures are okay. The details are underwhelming and mediocre, so you don’t have to look at them too closely to notice the flaws. The accessories carry the action set that is an energy sword, and the only thing better than an energy sword is two needlers! You’d be lying if you said dual-wielding needlers weren’t one of the best things you can do in Halo, so the fact that you can recreate it with these figures is literally the coolest thing about it.
  • Availability 7/10 – Honestly, the price is a sore spot for me. On one hand, you get three figures, and on the other hand, you only get two figures since it’s two grunts and one elite. Is all of that worth the $35 this is asking for? I don’t think so. The figures themselves aren’t good enough to justify the price. The only thing in this set I really want are the two needlers, and that might be because I’m a wee bit insane. If you have the money to spend or a strange obsession with dual-wielding needlers, then sure, go ahead and buy it. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – These figures are a part of the World of Halo series I mentioned. It’s a great collection that spans the entirety of the franchise. The amount of detail and love put into these figures sometimes surpasses the games. Every figure in the series is scaled to one another so that Master Chief will be shorter than the Arbiter, and the grunts will be shorter than him. It makes the World of Halo series ideal for collectors who want to get a vast set going. 


  • You get a lot of bang for your buck with three figures of iconic enemies from the games.
  • It’s a part of the super large World of Halo series.


  • All of the figures in the set are mediocre quality-wise.

#05 Halo 4″ “World of Halo” Two Figure Pack – Master Chief vs. Flood Tank Form & Infection Forms

Master Chief vs. Flood Tank Form & Infection Forms Figure

I know this is the third thing from the World of Halo series on this list, but it’s such a massive collection that it does have everything you could ever want, including the Flood. I can’t lie; when I was younger, I actually put down the game because the Flood creeped me out that much. There’s something about the way all the characters talk about these terrifying parasitic creatures. The fact that the forerunners nearly wiped themselves out, that they created genocidal weapons to keep these things in check. That prospect is genuinely terrifying.

  • Quality 7/10 – This is the first time I’ve seen quality take a hit in the World of Halo series. Their acting figures are usually much better than this. I wonder why it took a sudden downturn with this one. Master Cheif’s armor isn’t as good as it should be, the depth is shallow, and the details are smudged. I can’t speak for the Flood figures because I’m too busy being terrified to really know what they look like in-game. I do like how much the set comes with. A Master Cheif, a Flood Tank, and three tiny crawling Floods. It’s a lot of bang for your buck. 
  • Availability 5/10 – I had to specifically look up Flood Action Figures to find these if that goes to show how hard it was to see these on Amazon. Putting that aside, these do go for a fantastic price. $21 is surprisingly cheap for three action figures, even if some are of middling quality. If you’re a Halo fan who wants to add some Flood action figures to their collection, then this is a great way to get your hands on a few. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – The serialization of these figures is fantastic because it’s part of the World of Halo series. An enormous line of toys that covers anything from the Halo universe. You can get guns, spartan soldiers, the Arbiter, Master Chief, and the Flood. I wish other series could get lines as extensive as the World of Halo series because when I say it covers everything, it just about does.


  • You get the Flood with this pack which is super iconic enemies.


  • The overall quality of this pack is low
  • It’s really hard to find on Amazon, let alone in brick-and-mortar stores

#06 HALO ARBITER (Deluxe Spartan Collection) – 12-Inch Articulated Arbiter Figure with Energy Sword and Storm Rifle Accessory

Halo Arbiter Figure

To bookend this guide, I had to ask myself, who would be perfect? Considering that the first choice on our list was Master Chief, it seems only fitting that I close it out with his unexpected ally and genuine friend: The Arbiter. I don’t know why everyone thinks the Arbiter is so cool; he is. He gets to use the most incredible weapon(right below double needlers), the energy sword, and every line out of his mouth is pure poetry.

This action figure is a great way to celebrate the Arbiter in all of his magnanimity because it is a whopping 1 foot tall! That’s so big you might struggle to find a place to put this thing! And with all that added space and surface area, it seems that they finally got the facial details right, among other things.

  • Quality 10/10 – This is one of the best-looking action figures, not just Halo, just one of the best-looking action figures flat out that I’ve seen. It’s enormous with wonderful detailing, like the engraving on his armor. I do dislike how evident the joints are on the figure, but I won’t complain about the range of motion that they give. The figure even comes with multiple hands, a plasma carbine, and an excellent golden energy sword. This is, without a doubt, the best way to celebrate your love for the Arbiter. 
  • Availability 7/10 – Despite the figure’s quality, it was actually annoying to find on Amazon. I had to specifically look up Arbiter action figures before it tossed this one at my feet. The price tag attached to this figure is also a pain point but also unsurprising. The figure is 12 inches of multilayered plastic, so $35 isn’t an unsurprising price tag. It’s actually under what I expected since it falls in line with most of the other action figures on this list. That being said, for $35, you’d only get this one figure while the others offer more bang for your buck. 
  • Serialization 5/10 – Serialization is this figure’s major downfall because there’s nothing else quite like it. The closest things are a Jega’ Rdomnai figure and a Master Chief and Cortana figure that are 6.5 inches tall, which is a little over half the size of this one. I don’t know why the manufacturers went and popped off with only this one because the other figures don’t come close to matching the quality of this one. Sadly, you can only get this one figure because you can’t start anything remotely close to a collection with just that. 


  • The quality and detail of this figure are insane! 
  • The Arbiter is one of the most iconic and beloved characters from the Halo franchise.


  • It’s 12 inches tall, which is so big you’ll struggle to find a place to put it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Halo?

Answer: Halo is a video game series made by Bungei Studios, which was released on January 15, 2001. It’s a sci-fi series following the exploits of the soldier Master Cheif and his dealings with extraterrestrial threats. Namely, the Covenant, a collective of alien species with the intent of activating a “Halo Ring” for religious purposes, thus giving the franchise its name.

Question: Which Figure Would Make the Best Gift?

Answer: The best gift would be the HALO 6.5″ Spartan Collection – Master Chief Highly Articulated, Poseable with Weapon Accessories – Scaled to Play & Display. It’s a good figure of the main character that starts as a solid foundation to beginning a collection. I’d still recommend you ask the recipient to make sure this is the character they want and not someone else. 

Question: Where’s the Best Place to Buy Halo Action Figures?

Answer: That would definitely be Amazon. They have a vast selection to choose from and categorize everything pretty well. Their search bar is handy, too, for searching for any specific item you want or using general keywords to narrow your search.


Halo is one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises for a reason. It’s a wonderful space-opera epic following humanity at war with aliens, only for the story to unfold into a tale of camaraderie that goes beyond species and duty to do the right thing rather than your team. It’s also helped by the fact that the games were some of the best. An excellent online mode that creates some of the best memories with your friends. And the solo mode was also some of the best Xbox had to offer.

A campaign with tons of replayability, thanks to the hidden Skulls. The fact that the series is still going goes to show how beloved it really is if there’s still money to be milked from it due to its unbelievable popularity.

With that unrivaled popularity came just as plentiful merchandise that spans just about every genre you can think of. The video game managed to spawn off other video games like Halo: ODST. It can be more than a little challenging to navigate your way through all the goods, doubly so if you’re trying to separate the diamonds from the rough.

Please don’t lose hope because they do exist. Things made with genuine love and appreciation for what Halo is. This guide helped you find what you’re looking for. If not, it gave you the tools to find them for yourself! Happy hunting!

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