Jaden Hasse

Jaden is our man on the ground covering everything pertaining to the world of anime. Whether it's Nendoroids, Pop Up Parade figures, or even the occasional Funko, Jaden will be able to tell you if the figure does the anime hero (or villain) justice

jojo nendoroid

Jojo Nendoroid Guide

I’ve been a fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for the longest, back before the anime was a thing when scans of the manga were still riddled with horrible translations. I’m eternally thankful it did get a spark of popularity, thanks to the anime. It brought the series back to the forefront, not only in Japan but also bringing …

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Best Nendoroids Playsets

People like to compare Funko Pops! to Nendoroids, and I understand why. They’re both aimed at being affordable collectible figures based on various franchises. What makes Nendoroids different, aside from the higher price, is the fidelity. They all have working joints allowing them to be posed with much greater finesse than Funko Pop! and many …

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Sasuke Funko Pop Guide

Despite the series being named “Naruto,” one of the biggest characters in the story, there’s another character of extreme importance. So important that they were basically left alone to carry entire arcs, like the Capturing of the Eight-Tails, and the Attack on the Kage Summit. Sasuke got almost as much love as Naruto’s swing set, …

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