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One Piece was one of the first animes I’ve ever watched. I distinctly remember getting past Louge Town, but many, many years later, I did pick up the manga. That time I went straight from the East Blue all the way to Dressrosa and have kept up with it ever since. One Piece has always been one of my favorite series, so it was only natural that I would begin to collect merchandise for it. Starting with a statue of Katakuri, the collection just kept growing and growing until I eventually amassed something so big I struggled to find a place to put everything.

I’m evaluating the Action Figures by three different metrics:

  • Quality – By “Quality,” I’m referring to the detailing of the statue. Do the colors match? Is everything proportional (or as proportional as it can be in a series as wacky as One Piece)? But beyond that, I’m also looking to see what the statue is referencing. For example, a statue of Luffy and Ace is cool. Still, a statue referencing the specific moment when Luffy is holding Ace as his brother thanks him during Marienford will get more points solely because it references a specific moment from the series. The more iconic the reference, the more points.
  • Availability –  How easy the statue is to find. Since these statues are hard to find in everyday stores like Walmart or Target, I’m mostly going by how easy they are to find online through stores like Amazon. Outside of that, I’m also factoring in the statue’s price for this one. A statue that costs nearly $100 is far less available than one that only costs $20.
  • Serialization – “Serialization” refers to if the statue is a part of a more extensive line of works. This is important because statues are made to be collected., so having other options in the same line by the same creator means a good collection can get going where all the statues fit. Because when statues made by different companies are put together, the stylistic differences can ruin the look of the whole set.

Now let’s get the guide started!

First Point Up Front

The best One Piece statue is definitely the Tamashi Nations – One Piece – GOL.D.Roger-Kamusari, Bandai Spirits Figuarts Zero. It’s a perfect statue for one of the most iconic characters doing one of the most iconic scenes in the series. Seeing the Pirate King use  Ryou for the first time and actually getting some understanding of how strong he made the fandom lose their minds. It’s also a Gol. D Roger figure, and how can you not love that? He’s one of the first characters, if not THE FIRST, character we’re ever properly introduced to in that iconic opening. “You want my treasure? You can have it!” This statue is everything a good One Piece statue should be.

1. Tamashi Nations – One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy

Tamashi Nations - One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy

This statue is a pretty good one. It’s based on one of Luffy’s more recent looks from the Raid on Onigashima, where he wears the black captain’s coat draped over his shoulders. It’s a really good look whose strength lies in its simplicity. Chopper is also included in his Onigashima get-up, where he wears the red Samurai Armor. I really like the posing where Luffy’s actually doing something because a lot of statues tend just to have characters standing around.

  • Quality 8/10 – This statue sets a high bar in the quality department. Luffy looks exactly as bombastic and silly as he does in the series. Even the pile of gold that they’re standing on has money symbols printed on all the coins. It’s an unnecessary detail that goes a really long way. The statue does lose points overall since it doesn’t actually reference anything specific. It’s just two characters doing an admittedly cool pose.
  • Availability 10/10 – The statue was really easy to find. It was one of the first things I was shown on Amazon. What’s more, the price of this statue is freakishly good. It tops out at around $75+, which is well under what a lot of lower-quality statues ask for. For that, I got to give this statue a perfect score for availability. It’s a great starting place for a collection with a decent room of its own for a low price.
  • Serialization 8/10 – The maker of this statue, Tamashii Nations, has a huge line-up of anime merchandise from a variety of series, including other One Piece statues. This specific statue is a part of their W100 Commemorative line. You can get two other statues in this specific line-up from them featuring Onigashima Zoro and Nami, standing atop their own pile of gold. Since the collection lacks the rest of the Straw Hats, I do have to take away some points, only including four. Despite Chopper being paired with Luffy, none of the other statues are paired like that, so that’s another point I’ll have to take.


  • A high-quality, high-detail statue
  • It comes with Luffy and Chopper


  • The pose is vague and non-specific, only being a general reference to Onigashima.

2. One Piece Shanks Touching Luffy Figure

One Piece Shanks Touching Luffy Figure

One thing this statue gets absolutely right is the posing. The statue references one of the most iconic and touching scenes in the entire series, where Shanks gives Luffy his Straw Hat which earned him and his crew their moniker of the Straw Hat pirates. For the price you’re paying, you get the quality you expect, making this a nice low-end gift for the One Piece fan in your life. As long as you don’t look too closely at the statue, you’ll be satisfied with what you got.

  • Quality 6/10 – This statue does recreate one of the best scenes in the entire series, but holy moly, there are some issues. The modeling on the figurines is shoddy at best, with fingers barely being indented lines, and the paint job is substandard. This shouldn’t be the centerpiece of any collection because the more attention you give it, the worse it looks.
  • Availability 8/10 – The price on this statue is fantastic. It hovers around the $25 range, which is astoundingly cheap for a statue. If you don’t mind paying for the quality, you’d expect to go ahead and buy this one as a gift, or you could do what the title has and make it a cake topper, which works pretty well as. Not only do you get cake, but you get a decent enough statue to go with it.
  • Serialization 5/10 – This is a generic One Piece statue, so it has the benefit of fitting in with the crowd when put with a collection. However, there aren’t any other pieces in this specific line, meaning you can really only get one statue in this particular style, which might not be that big of a deal, depending on how you look at it.


  • A cheap small statue that’s easy to fit anywhere.
  • Based on one of the best moments in One Piece.


  • Lower quality that fails upon closer inspection

3. One Piece – GOL.D.Roger-Kamusari

One Piece - GOL.D.Roger-Kamusari

The man, the myth, the Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger, the man whose treasure the entire series is named after. It’s a fantastic statue in every regard, from the detailing of Roger himself to the Conqueror’s Haki emanating from his sword, to even the pose being a reference to the one named attack we know he had “Divine Departure.” The fact that you can buy an Oden statue to go alongside this one to recreate the scene where we saw two legends go at it, is the icing on the cake. Don’t ignore this statue because it’s really one of the best.

  • Quality 10/10 – There isn’t a single thing to dislike about this. The fluttering of Roger’s Jacket, the lightning effects of the Conqueror’s Haki, the cloud of dust being raised at his feet to hide the platform the statue stands on! It’s all so perfect! I honestly can’t say anything other than that. The creator’s really managed to capture the exact moment in all of its glory.
  • Availability 7/10 – Like the statue above, you pay for the quality you get. The sad reality of the matter is that for high quality, you pay a high price. That being over $100 for this one statue. If you want to get the dual set with the Kozuki Oden statue, you’ll set yourself back $200, which isn’t a price to sneeze at. Grab this one on sale if you can.
  • Serialization 8/10 – This statue isn’t a part of any extensive line. In fact, it only has one other statue to go with it, but it is a fantastic statue as well. It’s Kozuki Oden from the past, ready to clash with Roger. This makes them a great dual-set that practically must be bought together, so you can have the scene recreated on your shelf.


  • A part of a dual collection set referencing Witebeard clashing with Roger
  • The statue looks great on its own without its companion piece.
  • Roger is one of the most iconic characters in One Piece, literally being the first pirate we ever see.


  • The price of this statue does begin to climb when you buy the dual-set.

4. Banpresto ONE Piece Manhood-Edward

Banpresto ONE Piece Manhood-Edward

Manhood is the correct word to us for the manliest man to exist in One Piece (aside from Señor Pink, of course). This statue shows Whitebeard in his prime, with a full head of golden hair and his naginata swinging down as the ground cracks beneath his feet. The more eagle-eyed among you may realize that this is only one half of the whole. There’s also another Gol D. Roger figure of him using Divine Departure, but this one is taken from the moment after he blew Oden away, so he could take a strike at one of the few pirates to ever rival the pirate king.

  • Quality 9/10 – This figure looks really good. My favorite detail is how the naginata is actually bending as he swings it. Not only does it sell the sheer force of the swing, but also the force of the Conqueror’s Haki as it forces both weapons to literally bend as they clash. It’s a wonderful scene that has been wonderfully recreated.
  • Availability 7/10 – The price of this statue, for what it’s worth, isn’t bad. It averages around $50, which is kinda pricey, especially if you want to get both Whitebeard and Roger. The statue does manage to look great on its own, so buying both isn’t necessary.
  • Serialization 8/10 – Much like the Roger statue above, this one manages to work well on its own and as a part of a larger One Piece collection. It also gets bonus points for having the Roger statue to go along with it, meaning you can get a great two-statue collection going.


  • Statue looks good on its own and with the other half of the dual-set.
  • It captures a great moment from the story when we see Roger clash with Whitebeard.


  • The price of one statue is kind of high, but buying both is certainly expensive.

5.  Monkey D. Luffy Figure

Monkey D. Luffy Figure

I remember being there when Gear Fourth was first revealed in Dressrosa. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t really like the design at first. I probably should have expected something goofy from a series like One Piece, so I suppose it was my fault. The weird bulkiness did grow on me as the series continued, and Gear Fourth was used more and more the design slowly grew on me, but looking at the statues, I definitely think the design works best in a 3D format over 2D. This statue does a pretty good job of showing that.

  • Quality 8/10 – There’s a lot to love with this statue, specifically the way it’s posed. Rather than being Gear Fourth standing there or even striking the Gear Fourth pose, the creators went with something more ambitious of Gear Fourth Luffy getting ready to launch a King Kong Gun.
  • Availability 9/10 – For a statue of this quality, it’s surprisingly cheap. The price usually comes in at over $20, which is low enough for an impulse buy. I’ve spent more money DoorDashing Japanese food, so that price is minuscule, especially when compared to other statues.
  • Serialization 8/10 – I couldn’t find any other statues in this specific make or model from the seller. However, it does do its job as a generic One Piece statue well enough that you should be able to slot it into most collections without it looking too out of place. It does lose some points because it is 25in tall, which is so big you’re probably going to struggle to find a place to put it, especially with other statues.


  • Great statue for Gear Fourth Luffy
  • Fairly iconic to the series.


  • The posing is non-specific, without referencing any particular moment from the anime or manga.

6. Crocodile Duel Memories One Piece

Crocodile Duel Memories One Piece

Sir. 0 Crocodile is one of the most iconic villains in One Piece. He was one of the first to make an impact, to be a massive, looming threat talked about over multiple arcs. When he finally fought Luffy, he put the fear of god into that rubber man. Still, Luffy persisted and prevailed, finding out Crocodile’s weakness. He was so iconic that he was brought back for the Impel Down and Paramount War Arcs and then brought back yet again in the manga as one of the leaders of Buggy’s Cross Guild. What will Oda do with Crocodile next? I have no idea, but I’m sure Oda will make it great.

  • Quality 9/10 – This is a really good Crocodile statue. The detailing on his coat is nice, but I especially like how the sand looks. It’s got this texture to it that simulates the grains, which is a nice detail. The biggest problem for the figure is the pose. It’s honestly not that iconic. I had actually to look up what move he’s using, and it’s Desert Spada. I can see why that was the pose chosen since it’s what Crocodile uses the most, but he’s been in so much that there are plenty of cooler moments to choose from.
  • Availability 6/10 – While this statue will be one of the first Amazon shows you, the statue is one of the more expensive ones on this list. It’s over $90, which is a pretty penny, especially for a One Piece statue when there are some great ones you can buy for less.
  • Serialization 9/10 – The Duel Memories line of figures is one of the larger lines of One Piece statues. You can get a statue of Lucci, Doflamingo, Enel, Katakuri, and one for Luffy himself. All of the figures are even doing a similar pose where they trust one hand towards the ground, so there’s a lot of visual cohesion between the whole lot.


  • A part of a larger line of Dual Memories statues.
  • Crocodile is a beloved character from the series, so he’s good for a gift.


  • The statue is fairly expensive for who and what it is.

7. Ichiban – One Piece – Donquixote Doflamingo Duel Memories

Ichiban - One Piece - Donquixote Doflamingo Duel Memories

Doflamingo is very similar to Crocodile in a lot of ways. Both were Warlords of the Sea with the goal of taking over and dominating a country. It’s even implied that Doflamingo may know a thing or two about the ancient weapons, like the Pluton that Crocodile sought. The biggest difference between the two is that Doflamingo had already succeeded with his ambitions by the time Luffy arrived. The Dressrosa arc was a payoff for a battle set up ages ago when Doflamingo first punished Bellamy for failing to take out Strawhat. The build-up and payoff certainly delivered everything Doflamingo was built up to be.

  • Quality 8/10 – The statue has some things to love about it. Doflamingo’s feather coat has an impressive amount of detail. It has detailed trails and looks like it’s billowing as he slams down his strings. The problem is that the pose is pretty basic and boring. Sure, Daflamingo is attacking, but it’s just that generic slashing string attack he does.
  • Availability 6/10 – The price of this statue is one of the major pain points. It’s slightly cheaper than the Crocodile one, by around $10, meaning you’ll be paying $80 for this one statue, and quite frankly, there are better ones out there, especially for Doflamingo.
  • Serialization 9/10 – This is a part of the Duel Memories line of statues, so it’s got a pretty good line to itself while also being a more than a serviceable generic statue that can fit amongst a One Piece collection or on its own.


  • The statue has a lot of detail on things like Doflamingo’s coat, so it looks really good.
  • Doflamingo has been a part of the series for a while, so he’s pretty iconic.


  • The statue’s pose is non-specific to any particular moment from the series.
  • It’s kind of expensive for what the statue is.

8. Three Thousand World – Roronoa Zoro PVC Action Figure

Three Thousand World - Roronoa Zoro PVC Action Figure

It’s kinda crazy that it took me this long to get to Luffy’s first mate on a guide about One Piece. That aside, Zoro is a beloved character because he’s the serious offset to Luff’s zany nature. He makes no jokes, makes no quips, just grabs his 3 trust swords, and gets the job done. Whether it be slicing apart the mountain-sized Pica or putting down King during Wano, you can be sure that Zoro will be there to back his captain. Through thick and thin, rain or shine, from Shells Town all the way to Laugh Tale, Zoro is the man who will be the World’s Greatest Swordsman and confidant of the future Pirate King.

  • Quality 9/10 – This statue is many things, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at it is awesome. Zoro’s Wano-outfit was one of the best, so it’s nice to see a statue with it, but even cooler is that you can see the Haki wrapping itself around his blades. It’s only something we’ve seen fairly recently, starting in Dressrosa, so it’s cool how the statue actually includes it. The problem is that the pose is cool but generic. It might be a reference to his fight with King, but I couldn’t pick it out when I browsed the battle.
  • Availability 8/10 – The statue is a little expensive at just over $30, but it’s not a bad price for the quality you get. The detail on Zoro, his sword, and even the tiny Piece of roof he’s standing on is pretty high.
  • Serialization 7/10 – This statue isn’t a part of any line. It’s just a generic One Piece statue, which is all it needs to be. If you’re a big Zoro fan, I’d definitely suggest you take a look at this one. It’s got quality for a low price, meaning it’d be a good place to start a collection or even something to add to an already existing one.


  • Zoro is a super popular character from One Piece, so this is a good gift statue.
  • The statue’s price is pretty good for the detail you get.


  • The statue’s posing is non-specific to any particular moment from the series.

9. Banpresto One Piece DXF Figure, Brotherhood II

Banpresto One Piece DXF Figure, Brotherhood II

It’s kind of wild to think that for a decent amount of One Piece’s run in Shonen Jump, we knew nothing about his family. It was only when Ace was revealed during the Alabasta Arc did we get bigger hints about Luffy not being an only child. It was only until after the Paramount War that we got our protagonist’s backstory with Ace and Sabo. It was a surprisingly touching tale that had a bittersweet end until Sabo’s return to Dressrosa. Since then, Luffy’s family has been an enduring question that has lingered in the audience’s mind, from Sabo’s activities to practically everything about his father, Dragon. Still, this statue serves as an excellent way to celebrate one of the main themes in One Piece.

  • Quality 10/10 – This statue is as close to perfection as you can get. The statues are of good quality with no outright errors or anything I can knock on the detailing. Even the pose Luffy and Sabo are doing is a reference to their reunion during Dressrosa. The pose ace is doing isn’t an explicit reference to anything, but it does its job well enough to show his pride and joy in the Whitebeard Jolly Roger. The only problem I really have is that the base they’re standing on is this boring sort-of rock texture that I don’t like.
  • Availability 4/10 – Keep in mind this is a collection of 3 statues with bases that come together to form one whole thing. That’s why this statue is one of the most expensive on this list at well over $150. This collection isn’t something you can buy on a whim. In fact, you might want to try slotting it into your budget to make sure you don’t go hungry.
  • Serialization 9/10 – I’m going to give it some points since this is a set of 3 statues, but beyond that, there isn’t any specific line the statue is a part of. It’s not that big of a problem when it can fight into most One Piece collections easily.


  • A part of a 3 statue set for Luffy, Ace, and Sabo
  • All 3 of the statues look really good.
  • The pose of all 3 statues references specific moments from the series.


  • The full set of all 3 statues is pretty expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where’s the Best Place to Buy One Piece Statues?

Answer: The best place to buy a lot of fandom merchandise is Amazon. It’s a great one-stop shop for a lot of companies that ship around the world. They also have some pretty good categorization going and a search bar which makes narrowing down what you’re sifting through much easier. Of course, they offer so much that even sifting through that narrowed pool can be a huge hassle, so do still be prepared to search. And when you do find what you want, try checking the retailer’s website for it. The price on Amazon fluctuates, so you might find a better deal there.

Question: Which Toy Would Make the Best Gift for my Child?

Answer: The best statue to get as a gift is probably One Piece Figure, Aiaouiul Luffy Figure Anime One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Figure. It’s a good gift because it features the main character who most people should like, and the price means it’s a safe purchase even if they don’t like it. The detail and quality of the statue are also respectable.

Question: How Long has One Piece Been Going?

Answer: The manga for One Piece started featuring in Weekly Shonen Jump way back in 1997, meaning it’s been running weekly for a full 25 years. That’s a quarter of a century of non-stop serialization!


One Piece is a fantastic series. It’s got so many characters and moments to love that it’s hard not to fall in love with the series! The sheer number of side characters sometimes makes finding a statue hard. You gotta remember to go for something that recreates a scene from the series as best as possible while also having a lot of detail. I hope this guide has helped you find the right statue for you! Happy hunting!

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