Best One Piece Action Figures Guide

One piece has been one of my favorite series for a long time. I remember watching the series way back when I was in elementary school, but I never quite got to finishing it. It was only later when I got older did I pick up the manga and tore my way through Echiiro Oda’s massive magnum opus of a series.

I was hooked from page one. I never got past the Eats Blue when I watched the anime, but when I finally got to reading the manga, I went all the way to Dressrosa in one straight shot.

I’m evaluating the Action Figures by three different metrics:

  • Quality – By “Quality,” I’m referring to not only how good of a recreation of the character from the show is, but how well the articulation and joints move. This category will also include what accessories come with the action figure, like swords or whatever else it comes with.
  • Availability – What I mean by “Availability” is not only how easy the figure is to find either in stores or through websites, but I’ll also be factoring in the price tag of the action figure. It doesn’t matter how easy an action figure is to find if it’s utterly unaffordable.
  • Serialization – “Serialization” refers to if the action figure has any other companion pieces in its series. For example, if Hasbro doesn’t just have a Luffy action figure but also a Zoro one would get it extra points.

Now let’s get the guide started!

First Point Upfront

The best One Piece action figure is the Anime Heroes – One Piece – Roronoa Zoro Action Figure 36932. In comparison, its quality doesn’t match some of the stuff made by Megahiuse.

It’s a good representation of the character that comes with all 3 of his most iconic swords. The low price also makes it work as a gift for a loved one who likes One Piece without being too hard on your bank. It also has companion Luffy and Sanji action figures meaning you can get a full three set for your loved one.

Bandai America – Anime Heroes: One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy Best One Piece Action Figures Guide

Let’s begin as is proper with the protagonist of the series: Monkey D. Luffy, the future King of the Pirates. This Luffy action figure uses his post-timeskip design from the Sabaody Archipelago and Fishmen Island. It’s the standard iconic design with the jorts, yellow sash, and open red button-up. I like how it doesn’t use any special design. It makes the figure a bit more iconic and timeless.

Quality 8/10

This action figure looks pretty good. I especially like the details on the face, specifically the eyes.

They’re pretty much on point with the wide-cartoonish ones that Oda draws, so I can’t help but love it. It has a good amount of joints on the arms and legs, but notably, it has some on its wrist. The wrist joints combined with the variety of hands the action figure comes with means you have a pretty good range of poses.

Availability 10/10

The action figure is something you probably wouldn’t find in stores unless they specialize in anime and manga merchandise, and even then, it’s not guaranteed, so you’re definitely going to want to grab this online. While that is a bit disappointing, the price tag certainly is not. The action figure is impressively cheap, making it a fantastic budget option for the One Piece fan in your life.

Serialization 9/10

This action figure is a part of Bandai’s Anime Heroes line, giving it many contemporaries. You can buy Naruto, Deku, and Pegasus Seiya. There are other figures specifically from One Piece in this product line, like Red Hair Shanks, and the next entry on our guide Roronoa Zoro


  • An excellent budget option that’s great for a children’s gift.
  • The action figure looks good.
  • A very cheap and reasonable option.


  • A basic action figure that doesn’t come with more than a pair of different looking hands.

Anime Heroes – One Piece – Roronoa Zoro Action Figure 36932

Roronoa Zoro Action Figure

Roronoa Zoro is Luffy’s first mate and right-hand man. He’s almost as iconic as One Piece itself, perhaps even more so, since his design originates from a pre-One Piece one-shot called Monsters! The design must’ve been something Oda loved since he brought it back around for One Piece, and I can’t blame him.

The design is good. There’s something about Zoro’s face that just works. It’s so expressive, equally capable of doing comedy and seriousness. Give that to Zoro, who has an endless stream of cool moments, and it makes sense why he’s so iconic.

Quality 8/10

This figure is a really good representation of Zoro’s post-timeskip design, making it great for display. It has great poseability because of its various joints on the ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and wrists.

It even comes with his 3 iconic swords: Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Shusui. It can even hold two of the swords, but sadly not the third because its mouth does not open. It even comes with more hands for different poses.

Availability 8/10

It has much of the same availability as the Luffy action figure, but the price on this one is notably higher, around double the price of the Luffy action figure, but this figure does come with the sword accessories, so I’m not totally surprised.

Serialization 9/10

Because it belongs to the Anime Heroes line from Bandai, it gets to go alongside Luffy and a Sanji action figure. The three of them would make a pretty nice display if playing with action figures isn’t what you’re into.


  • A quality representation of the character it’s based on.
  • It comes with Zoro’s 3 iconic swords.
  • An excellent budget option that’s great for a children’s gift.


  • A pretty basic figure that doesn’t have anything too special about it.

Bandai America – Anime Heroes: One Piece, Sanji

One Piece, Sanji

Sanji is the third action figure from Bandia’s line of anime heroes, balancing out the pair of Zoro and Luffy, so you can collect all three members of the Monster Trio. Sanji comes with two different hands and fire, which you can attach to his feet for his Diable Jambe. There’s a lot you can do with this, which is what makes it so good.

Quality 9/10

The quality of this figure matches the others in its series. It’s got the same amount of quality joints. The biggest issue is that this one comes with the least amount of accessories, and to be honest, Sanji’s timeskip design is my least favorite of the three, but the quality of this action figure is impressive. If you stan Sanji, then you can’t go wrong with this. 

Availability 9/10

Bandai’s Anime Heroes are easily available on Amazon, so it isn’t too hard to get your hands on one. What gives this action figure even more points is the price of this one. It’s slightly more expensive than the Luffy figure, but the price is under $20. That’s cheap enough that wasting money on this shouldn’t be an issue.

Serialization 9/10

I love the fact that Bandai went ahead and made Sanji to complete the set of action figures. I really like to collect things in sets, so the fact that I can get them all, and for a pretty reasonable price, is do good.


  • An excellent budget option that’s great for a children’s gift.


It’s a basic action figure that doesn’t come with too many parts or pieces.

NRGDWXZ Anime Figure,One Piece Four Emperors Whitebeard Edward Newgate

NRGDWXZ Anime Figure

For our first action figure that’s not part of Bandai’s Anime Heroes line, we have Yonko Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate. It’s a really cool figure that captures the characters well. It’s measured at nearly 10 inches.

A fitting height for the action figure based on this absolute mountain of a man. It comes with a lot of parts and pieces, too, so you can stylize and pose Whitebeard to your preference.

Quality 8/10

This action figure has so much going for it. On the surface, it looks good, and its joints are too. It even goes further than Bandai by having a join on the stomach, allowing for some movement Bandai’s couldn’t. It also comes with a detachable cape, naginata, and different hands. There are also crack effects, meaning you can even have him use his Gura-Gura No Mi.

Availability 7/10

This action figure is readily available on Amazon without too much trouble. The problems do enter when we look at the price tag attached to this one. It’s more expensive than anything previously on the list, but I still think the price is well worth it.

Serialization 2/10

This figure gets such a low score because I was unable even to find another One Piece action figure sold by this brand NRGDWXZ. They have some One Piece figures and statues, but there’s not another action figure to go alongside Whitebeard.


  • A nice option for quality action figures from one piece.
  • It has plenty of parts and pieces to attach and detach at your whim.


  • The action figure is bit expensive starting at around $50.

Megahouse One Piece: Portgas D. Ace Variable Action Heroes Action Figure 

Portgas D. Ace Variable Action Heroes Action Figure 

Megahouse’s anime figures demand a hefty price, but their aesthetics match the price they ask for. The figures have detailed paint that adds a layer of shading and depth to them. There are a lot of poses you can do with the action figure, referencing your favorite moments from the anime and manga. The multitude of parts and pieces that come with it means you can make the recreation even more accurate.

Quality 10/10

These action figures have everything you could ever want going for them. Incredibly mobile joints, variable parts that you can mix and match to your pleasure, and a fantastic aesthetic that makes this a quality action figure.

Availability 6/10

These action figures lose out on their price. These are incredibly expensive, and I mean expensive. Easily over $150, which is a terrifying price. I’m not sure you can buy this and use it as an action figure when it’s so expensive. It’s much more suited for display than practical use.

Serialization 10/10

Megahouse has an insane lineup of action figures that match this one’s quality. They include some of the most iconic characters from the series, from Luffy himself to Law. They ask for a high price but are equally worth it.


  • A great action figure for one of the most iconic characters in the series.
  • It comes with plenty of different pieces to recreate poses and attacks from the series.


  • It is a fairly expensive action figure.
  • Megahouse’s action figures are more suited for display purposes rather than play.

Bandai Hobby Thousand Sunny Model Ship One Piece – Grand Ship Collection

Bandai Hobby Thousand Sunny Model Ship One Piece

This action figure is different from the rest. Rather than being based on a character or even a person, this action figure is based on the Straw Hat Pirate’s current pirate ship: The Thousand Sunny. It’s a pretty detailed piece of work that even has Nami’s tangerine tree’s on the deck. It’s a really good recreation of the ship.

Quality 7/10

The ship looks fantastic. It’s got many of the details you’d want from a recreation of the Thousand Sunny. There are many nice things about including how it takes no glue or anything to put together. What’s really nice about it is the action plate you can set the ship on, which makes sound effects.

Availability 8/10

This model is easy to find on online retailers like Amazon. The price of these isn’t half bad either. They’re a good price for what they are and easily be one of the better Thousand Sunnies you can buy online.

Serialization 10/10

The Thousand Sunny isn’t the only pirate ship you can buy. You can buy Shank’s ship, the Red Force, and The Going Merry if you feel nostalgic for simpler days in the East Blue. They’re great to have because the base pieces are compatible with each other allowing for more variety.


  • A great Thousand Sunny that you can build for yourself.
  • Comes with a base that makes sounds and is interchangeable with other ships in its series.


  • Just a model of the ship without anything too special about it.

Megahouse One Piece: Nami Variable Action Hero Figure

Nami Variable Action Hero Figure

Our next entry on this guide is the ever iconic heroine of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Navigator, who will chart the entire world. Nami may not be my favorite, but she’s actually my 3rd favorite Straw Hat. She has a lot of great moments when she’s put on against the heat of the moment, which has earned her such high regard. This action figure does her justice.

Quality 9/10

The action figure uses Nami’s base design from after the timeskip. It’s not a bad design by any means. I really like how the action figure comes with her Clima-tact and a variety of special effects to make posing her even better. This includes cloud effects and thunder so you can bring the action figure more to life.

Availability 6/10

Megahouse will always lose points in availability due to their action figure’s high asking price. I can get why they cost so much when their action figures have this level of quality. They’re some of the best I’ve ever seen, so the price more than makes sense.

Serialization 10/10

These action figures have an absolutely massive line to choose from that includes fan-favorite characters like Luffy, Zoro,  and Sabo. It’s a line whose incredible quality is only matched by the high price they demand.


  • A great Nami figure with lots of detail
  • Parts and pieces of her Clima-tact can be added and removed at your pleasure.


  • The action figure doesn’t have the current incarnation of the Clima-tact, just the one she had immediately after the timeskip.

Megahouse Variable Action Heroes: Onepiece: Sir Crocodile Action Figure

Sir Crocodile Action Figure

Sir “Mr.0” Crocodile is my favorite one of the One Piece villains. He’s in the same category as Rob Lucci and Donquioxte Doflamingo in my book.

He was a great villain that made his mark during the Baroque Works Saga and finally got his comeuppance when Luffy beat him in Alabasta. I was so happy to see him escape Impel Down and even more when I learned he teamed up with Buggy and Mihawk to form the Cross Guild.

Quality 9/10

The action figure is a great recreation of his post-timeksip look. It has everything you’d want from it included in the package, like extra hands and facial expressions.

There’s even an arm with a sand-blade attached if you want to have Crocodile use his powers. The only problem with it is that the movement of the arms is restricted when you also have him wearing the coat, but thankfully that piece is removable. 

Availability 3/10

The price of this action figure is staggering. It costs well over $200, which is more than usual, even for Megahouse’s action figures. It’s a price so high it’s nigh unaffordable even if you do budget this purchase exceptionally well. The price also means it’d make a poor gift or action figure you want to play with. This is definitely intended for posing and display.

Serialization 9/10

While Sir Crocodile may be unaffordable, the same company’s other action figures have the quality to match this one. There are so many action figures to choose from that I can’t recommend you go to any other seller.


  • A high-quality action figure of Crocodile.


  • A pretty basic action figure without too many swappable parts.

Megahouse Boa Hancock Variable Action Hero Figure (One Piece)

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is known as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Fitting such a name, her design has become one more synonymous with One Piece.

Her former position as one of the 7 Warlords of the Seas is also a testament to her power. It’s a superb action figure for all Boa Hancock fans. It even has a plastic accessory to go along with her using her Mero Mero No Mi to steal someone’s heart, something she certainly did to me.

Quality 9/10

The figure uses Boa Hancock’s pre-timeskip design from when we first met her during the Amazon-Lilly Arc. It’s actually my favorite design of hers, but I’ll admit that she doesn’t have that many designs, to begin with. The action figure also comes with a heart effect for her to use her Devil Fruit powers.

Availability 6/10

While the action figure is easy to find for purchase on Amazon, it is once again made by Megahouse, who asks for quite the high price, with Boa Hancocks being placed at over $150. It’s not the highest Megahouse has ever asked for, but it’s not the cheapest either. You might struggle to fit this into your budget.

Serialization 9/10

This is a member of Megahouse’s incredible line of One Piece action figures. They’re all fairly expensive, but they have a HUGE number of options to pick from. If you don’t want Boa Hancock, I’m sure you could find someone else from their line that you’d love, like Nami or Nico Robin.


  • A good recreation of Boa Hancock for all your needs.


  • A pretty basic figure without many changeable parts.
  • Like all of Megahouse’s action figures, this one is fairly expensive.

Megahouse One Piece Ron Rucchi Variable Action Hero Figure

One Piece Ron Rucchi

Ron Lucci is one of the villains that will go down in One Piece history for his impact on Luffy. He was the hidden antagonist of Water 7 and the final boss of Enies Lobby.

Everything about him, from his silent demeanor to his mastery of martial techniques, has earned him the love of fans and evidently Oda himself, seeing as how Lucci has stuck around after his defeat as a member of Cipher Pol Aegis 0. The action figure uses the new white suit to go along with his new position as its basis.

Quality 10/10

This action figure is a fantastic recreation of Rob Lucci’s Cipher Poll Aegis 0 look. It even comes with the masks that Lucci wore during the film One Piece: Film Gold and the few times he’s shown up in the series since then. The removable jacket and Hatori the pigeon really do mean this action figure comes with everything you’d want with your action figure.

Availability 6/10

The price for this action figure is high, but it’s not the worst that Megahouse is asking for when it comes to prices. It is thankfully easy to find on Amazon, so if you have the money, you won’t be running all over town.

Serialization 9/10

Megahouses extensive line means that this action figure has many companions to go alongside this one. They’re all pretty expensive, so I’m not sure I’d recommend you try to form a collection with them, though.


  • Uses Rob Lucci’s nice post-timeskip Cipher Poll Aegis 0 design.


  • An expensive option that will cost your wallet

Variable Action Heroes One Piece Trafalgar Law Ver.2

One Piece Trafalgar Law Ver.2

Trafalgar D. Water Law. Could anyone have guessed how important he’d be when he first showed up at Sabaody Archipelago? He went from one of the more interesting side characters to a de-facto member of the main cast, constantly palling around with the Strawhats as they traverse the New World, although he’d insist that they aren’t friends.

That aside, time and time again, he’s proved himself to be an enduring member of One Piece’s enormous cast. The figure uses Law’s post-timeskip design, which isn’t too different from his pre-timeskip look, but the small things add up. The figure comes with a few change pieces like his hands, his sword, and even a removable hat.

Quality 9/10

I really like this figure action figure for how simple it is. There’s not too much or too little going on about it. You get everything you love about Law, from his sword and hat to the ability to pose and manipulate the action figure however you please.

Even plastic pieces to simulate him using his Ope Ope No Mi’s abilities. I really like how much they include with the action figure, really letting you do what you want with it.

Availability 3/10

This action figure’s price ranges at $200 and up, making this one fairly expensive. I’d chalk that up to Law being super popular, so his figure is just in higher demand. Their availability is made worse by the fact that even Amazon struggles to keep it in stock, but alternate retailers that go through Amazon are readily available. 

Serialization 9/10

Megahouse has a ginormous line of anime merchandise. Form statues to action figures and all of them have a remarkable standard of quality. Their One Piece action figures remain as one of their standouts works for having highly mobile joints and parts and pieces to be added to your figures.


  • High detail and high-quality action figure
  • It can be posed to suit your needs.


  • An expensive option that starts at $200 and up
  • Hard to find, even through online retailers

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Action Figure Would Make a Good Gift?

Answer: The action figure that would make the best general gift for someone who likes One Piece is the Anime Heroes – One Piece – Roronoa Zoro Action Figure 36932. It’s not too expensive, but it is of high enough quality that it is a suitable gift.

Question: Where’s the Best Place to buy One Piece Action Figures?

Answer: The best places to buy figures and merchandise for any anime are online retailers like Amazon or directly from the publisher, as it isn’t easy to find many storefronts that sell them outside of Japan. You can also check the company’s website to see if they sell them directly. eBay and other 2nd hand retailers are also good options.


One Piece is a fantastic series with a vibrant cast of colorful characters. Every single one of them has something about their design to love. Whether that be Mihawk’s awesome sword Yoru or even something as simple and basic as the straw hat, which earned Luffy the moniker Strawhat Luffy.

There are equally many action figures for you to purchase, all of them with something that makes them unique. I hope this guide was helpful in your endeavors to navigate the market and find the right action figure for your needs!

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