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I have mixed feelings about the darksaber. On one hand, it is the most fanfiction thing ever included in Star Wars, and I am very much including everything about Luke in the old canon and even the sequel trilogy. And on the other hand, it is, like, actually the coolest thing in the series! It’s a lightsaber but made by an ancient Mandalorian Jedi. Its blade is shaped like an actual blade, and instead of glowing blue, green, or even purple, it has a white edge with a pure black blade.

Oh my god, that is so cool! And every time it showed up in the series, it’s always been the focal point of something epic. From Pre Vizsla to Maul to Sabine to Bo-Katan to finally Djarin. No one knows whose hands will reach the saber after him, but it’s guaranteed they’d leave their mark on the entire franchise.


I’m evaluating the Action Figures by three different metrics:

  • Quality – By “Quality,” I’m referring to how accurate it is to the source material. That includes all of its appearances on screen, from The Clone Wars to Rebels, to The Mandalorian. Disney keeps a surprising amount of consistency across its work, so I am basing its score on that. Outside of just the accuracy of the source material, the more features the replica has, the higher the score. For example, does the blad actually extend out the hilt? Can you switch the darksaber’s colors? These extra features aren’t necessary, but they do make for a better product. 
  • Availability – What I mean by “Availability” is how easy is the darksaber replica to find. Can you buy it directly from a company’s website, or do you have to browse shops like Etsy for it? More important than its findability is the price tag attached. Lightsaber replicas can get freakishly expensive, and the more expensive something is, the less available it is for people who work on a budget. 
  • Serialization – “Serialization” refers to if the darksaber is a part of any more extensive line or series. Having a darksaber is good, but you know what’s better than that? Having a darksaber, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, or a darksaber and Darth Vader’s lightsaber. These things are at their best when they’re collected when you have an entire arsenal of lightsabers so vast that General Grevious is getting jealous. 

Now let’s get the guide started!

First Point Upfront

The best replica darksaber that your money can buy is likely The Darksaber Lightsaber from EbonHawKArmory! It’s a very impressive recreation of what you’ve seen in tv shows. The blade is black with a white edge, and lightning-like effects crawl up the blade to sell how different it is from the usual lightsaber.

It even comes with other colors and sound effects when you swing it around. That being said, you should be careful with it since the blade is not made for dueling. It’s also relatively expensive as far as lightsabers go, sitting at around $350 or $450 depending on which version you get, but it’s far from the cheapest or most expensive option on our guide.

Top Picks

The Darksaber Lightsaber

The Darksaber Lightsaber

Etsy is a beautiful website. They act as a reliable way for indie companies and individuals who are experts at their craft to sell their wares. I use it to get a lot of stuff for smaller franchises that don’t have much official merchandise. One of my favorite things to do is just to browse the website because you find a lot of good things. Every so often, you’ll find something so freakishly awesome that it leaves you completely starstruck. This darksaber replica is one such thing.

  • Quality 10/10 – The blade itself initially impressed me the most about this replica. The darksaber is not unique among lightsabers for its angled edge, but the lightning-like design on the blade’s edge. This replica has all of that in full detail, which is my favorite thing about it. The blade itself also has color functionality, meaning you can make your darksaber’s edge red, green, or blue to suit your needs. 
  • Availability 5/10 – I’m not going to lie. I was this close to buying it until I looked at that $350 price tag. My first thought was, “GOOD LORD, THAT IS A LOT!” I’m not sure many people would be able to afford this, and budgeting is necessary. I also had to take some points because this replica is only available on Etsy, and then there’s the price of shipping which can get pretty high depending on where you live. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – EbonHawkArmory is a fantastic seller. They not only have a history of reliable shipping but a tremendous score of over 4.6. They not only sell replicas of just about any lightsaber you can think of, from Ahsoka to Kylo Ren, but they also have an excellent selection for you to choose from. They’re a fantastic first stop on your search. 


  • Great detailing on the edge of the blade
  • You have multiple color options for your darksaber


  • The lightsaber is very expensive at $350 before accounting for shipping.

Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Elite Mandalorian Darksaber

The Black Series Force FX Elite Mandalorian Darksaber

The Black Series is a line of Star Wars merchandise produced by the collectible giant Hasbro. The line includes things like a variety of limited edition toys and other things. This replica of the Darksaber is one such product. It’s a very nice replica as far as they go. The blade is solid, and it even has sound effects for when you turn it on and off and even swing it around. Be careful doing the latter, though, as these are made primarily for display rather than roughhousing.

  • Quality 8/10 – The blade’s strongest asset is the variety of sounds that the blade can produce. The problem comes in when you look at the blade and the hilt. I prefer the Clone Wars version of the grip with the lighter gunmetal grey, but as it says on the box, this Darksaber has the black metal handle from The Mandalorian TV show. The second problem is how uniform the blade is. The Darksaber is known for having white designs on the blade, so I can’t figure out why it’s missing them for the life of me. The edge does indeed glow white, but it doesn’t have those lightning-like effects or anything like that intruding onto the blade itself. 
  • Availability 6/10 – This Darksaber not only has the benefit of being made by a giant like Hasbro, so it’s easy to find. The price is also… not that good, but it could definitely be worse, like the example above shows. That being said, this Darksaber isn’t a bad choice if you’re struggling to find an alternative. It’s readily and widely available in many stores. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – As I said before, The Black Series is an extensive line of Star Wars collectibles. This means there’s a wide variety of things you can buy, from figures to even more replica lightsabers. A personal favorite lightsaber of mind that you can find is Rey’s yellow lightsaber, which we frankly haven’t seen enough of. If you don’t like the Darksaber or Rey’s Lightsaber, they have plenty of more options for you to choose from. 


  • The lightsaber is readily available and easy to find from a prominent reputable seller.
  • They have an enormous selection of lightsabers for you to choose from.


  • It’s missing some of the details, like the lightning-like effects that go into the blade.
  • It’s pretty expensive, as replicas usually are.

Galaxy’s Edge Dok-Ondar’s Legacy Darksaber Lightsaber Star Wars, Black

Galaxy's Edge Dok-Ondar's Legacy Darksaber Lightsaber Star Wars

Galaxy’s Edge was indeed one of Disney’s greatest decisions. It’s an entire theme park filled to the brim with Star Wars stuff. It’s a literal wonderland for Star Wars fans, and that’s not even getting into the merchandise they sell. Namely, their official recreation of iconic things from the movies and TV shows, and what’s more iconic than a lightsaber? This official recreation of the Darksaber is… a very mixed bag. On one hand, the replica itself looks middling at best.

It has the visual flaw of no lightning-like effects, but on the other hand, this is an official product you can buy to support the franchise itself. This is on the list as an example of the kind of replica you should be trying to avoid. Its accuracy to the source material isn’t that high, but the price tag attached to such a lackluster replica certainly is.

  • Quality 5/10 – This replica is honestly not that good for display. It lacks a lot of essential features, and even the glow isn’t as bright as some of the other options on this list. It doesn’t have the lightning-like effects that make the darksaber look so cool. The only reason you should buy it is if you’re in Galaxy’s Edge and it’s immediately available or if you want to support the official series in some capacity. 
  • Availability 7/10 – On one hand, this is available on Amazon, and it’s also available on Galaxy’s Edge. This could very well be the first darksaber you find when searching for it online. On the other hand, it costs over $300. You could buy the better replicas listed above for a price under and not that far above what this is asking for. The price tag attached to this is truly one of the most baffling things about it. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – While this darksaber replica barely manages to pass adequate, it isn’t the only thing Disney sells under their Galaxy’s Edge. It sells an extensive line of replica lightsabers, from Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber to Count Duko’s lightsaber with a curved handle. It’s honestly more than a little baffling. Those are great, so why does this one manage to be barely passable? Were they made by different teams, or did someone go so far beyond phoning it in that they sent it in by carrier pigeon? 


  • An officially licensed product made by Galaxy’s Edge.
  • Galaxy’s Edge does have a humongous line of replica lightsabers to purchase.


  • It’s a really lackluster recreation of the darksaber, missing the lightning effects that make the darksaber from the TV shows so unique.

Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Darksaber Electronic Extendable Black Lightsaber Toy, Customizable Roleplay Toy for Kids Ages 4 and Up

Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Darksaber Electronic Extendable Black Lightsaber Toy, Customizable Roleplay Toy for Kids Ages 4 and Up

I’d be remiss not to include something like this on the list. So far, all the darksaber replicas showcased on the list have been very much collector’s items. The only thing to exceed their expense is their fragility. This is finally the first sword that you can actually have some fun with. It’s a pretty cool toy, all things considered; it reminds me of this multicolor lightsaber I had when I was younger. The blade is made of plastic, and you can even have it eject from the hilt in a really cool way.

It even has the lightning effects, which some replicas fail to include for reasons beyond me, etched onto the blade. It even has sound effects for when you swing it. I can’t complain too much about this sword. It makes for an excellent prop if you intend to do a Mandalorian cosplay. You’d instead carry around something cheap than a $200+ replica at a convention, wouldn’t you?

  • Quality 6/10 – I won’t even try to hide it. While the hilt does a reasonably decent job of recreating the darksaber from the TV shows, the blade itself does not look like the darksaber. That’s not to say the manufacturer didn’t make a genuine effort of it. It makes sounds, and the blade has lightning effects. (You have no idea how mad it makes me that this, of all things, managed to remember them and not the blades trying to be display items!) And it’s a part of the larger Lighsaber Forger Series, which has swappable parts between them, which is a nice benefit to genuinely making the lightsaber you want. 
  • Availability 10/10 – After covering so many items over $200, it is so lovely to have something in the double digits finally. That being said, $35 is still kind of a lot, but if you’re in the market for a darksaber replica, $35 is hilariously cheap. Your Mandalorian cosplay probably cost more than this saber. It’s also available on Amazon, making it easy to find, and I’d place money on you being able to find it at your nearest toy’s section. The sword isn’t much of a thing for display, but it’d work super well for cosplays, especially since you definitely won’t run into any convention rules about the imitation weapons you can carry.
  • Serialization 10/10 – This darksaber replica is a member of the Lightsaber Forge series, which is beyond massive in scope and scale. It includes most of the lightsabers from the entire franchise, and all of them have parts you can swap and mix together. It’s really incredible, in my opinion. It’s like the lightsaber customization feature from Star Wars: Fallen Order. You can take your favorite pieces from any lightsaber you can find to truly create something you’ll love more than your own children. 


  • A cheap affordable option.
  • It’s a part of the large Lightsaber Forge series, which lets you swap parts between them.


  • Much more of a toy than a collector’s item.
  • It’s not that accurate of a recreation of the darksaber.

Mando Neopixel Darksaber V2

Mando Neopixel Darksaber V2

The people who made these ZIA Sabers specialize in making replica lightsabers, and they’re pretty good at it. They have a vast selection to show for it, some are meant to imitate ones from the franchise, and others are not. This darksaber is one of the better replicas I’ve seen. The blade lights up a variety of colors, and the hilt is made of aluminum.

It not only has sound effects for when you swing it around, but on clash, the blade has s specific noise, and the LED blade even flashes. It has a Flat Duel Grade 36″ Polycarbonate Sword Blade, which is strong enough that you can actually do some dueling with it!

  • Quality 10/10 – This is perhaps the best recreation of the darksaber you can buy on the market. The blade glows brightly and has 12 different color options for you to choose from, alongside all the sounds that come with it. It even has those lightning-like effects creeping up the edge of the blade that is somehow forgotten by almost everyone who makes replicas. What’s more, the polycarbonate blade is durable plastic. It’ll hold up really well to the more outlandish duels you have with your friends. 
  • Availability 3/10 – Despite being one of the best replica darksabers I could find, I struggled actually to find it. So many options get thrown at you before this one that I had to do some digging to find this diamond in the rough. The second biggest problem is the heart attack the price tag will give you. Keep 911 on speed dial because this thing costs a whopping $575! That is absolutely beyond crazy! That’s half a grand! You might be able to make your own actual laser sword darksaber for a little more cash! If you’re buying this, you have to be some Star Wars super-fan or just plain ol’ filthy stinkin’ rich. 
  • Serialization 10/10 – ZIA Sabers are pretty impressive as far as lightsaber replicas go. They have a vast selection on offer, from lightsabers from the show to more generic custom builds. Their selection is really nice due to the variety they offer, and most of them manage to have a similar level of quality without the obscene price tag attached to this one. 


  • A fantastic recreation of the darksaber from the TV shows.
  • The polycarbonate blade is durable enough for you to have some fun with as you swing it around.


  • This thing is super expensive. Like, for real, it is incredibly, obscenely expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where is the Best Place to Buy Replica Lightsabers?

Answer: There are honestly a lot of places you can visit to buy replica lightsabers, but I have to go with the old reliable answer and point you towards Amazon. The number of options they have can be overwhelming, but it’s the options they offer that allow you to find the best darksaber replica for you.

Question: What is the Darksaber?

Answer: According to the lore, the darksaber was the lightsaber made by the first Mandalorian Jedi. It was created by Tarre Vizsla a long time ago, during the time of the Old Republic or maybe even further back. It was kept in the Jedi Temple for years until the House of Vizla during the fall of the Old Republic. It was passed down throughout the generations of Vizlas until Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla in a duel and made it his own.

He kept the darksaber for quite some time until it was stolen by Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Rebels, who then gifted it to Bo-Katan, but it was lost again after the Empire laid waste to the planet Mandalore. It was in the hands of Moff Gideon, who lost the darksaber in Din Djarin, and managed to keep the lightsaber by winning a fight against Paz Vizla. The darksaber remains in his possession until Disney makes a new season.

Question: Which Replica Would Make the Best Gift?

Answer: That mostly depends on what they intend to do with it. If the recipient is an older Star Wars fan, mostly into collecting merchandise and things of that sort, then The Darksaber Lightsaber is a nice safe bet. If the recipient is a younger child, then the Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Darksaber Electronic Extendable Black Lightsaber Toy, Customizable Roleplay Toy for Kids Ages 4 and Up, is a perfect option.

It’s durable enough for a kid to go wild and cheap enough that you won’t be too mad when they somehow manage to break it. 

lightsaber toy


The Darksaber really is one of the coolest additions to Disney’s Star Wars canon. It has a deep history that goes back into the past of the galaxy far, far away. What makes it even more astonishing is that we get to see it pass through so many hands. We see it being used by Pre, Maul, Sabine, Bo-Katan, Moff Gideon, Paz, and Din Djarin. Has any other weapon in the series been used by that many people?

And all of them have some sort of great ideal or aspirations for it. Din’s the most significant outlier since he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to use it to conquer or liberate an entire planet, if not the whole galaxy. Maybe lack of ambition is the reason why he was the one to end up with it.

It should be no surprise that replicas of such an iconic weapon were made. Many of them are frankly not as good as they should be, and I can understand. Most lightsabers have a simple and similar design to each other, so replica darksabers require entirely new molds and pieces just to work.

However, I’m glad, so many people have tired of getting it done. It created plenty of options for plenty of people to choose from, so they could find the one that was exactly right for them. Hopefully, this guide can help you find one that suits your needs. Happy hunting!

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