Best Avatar Funko Pop Guide

Avatar: The Last Airbender has a special charm that can endear it to people of all ages. Even over a decade after its finale, it still has an active fanbase hungry for more content. Nearly every part of the show is carefully and lovingly crafted to near perfection. From relatable yet unique characters to stunning animation, rich storytelling, and meaningful lessons, there’s much to praise for this television masterpiece.

What Makes These The Best

It was difficult to only choose a few Pops as the best. Avatar is one of my favorite shows, and I have a soft spot for anything related. I found every Avatar Pop to be an excellent representation of the character, with show accurate designs and fun, expressive poses.

I decided to organize the Pops into a few categories to make the process easier and offer a few ideas for smaller collections that can be made within the larger set. The categories I choose are Team Avatar, The Fire Nation, Action Scenes, and Miscellaneous. I thought this would give a good range and allow me to highlight a variety of figurines.
While it would be easy to pick the most epic-looking Pops from the most action-packed episodes, I think that does a disservice to the characters and the other figurines. What makes Avatar a great show is its balance between fun, light-hearted episodes and serious, dramatic ones. A figure of Aang at the height of his power looks awesome. Still, it misses important elements of Aang’s character, and it seems weird when next to characters who aren’t so dramatically posed.
So each category aims to display a different style of Pop.

The Team Avatar category aims to show off a collection that conveys each character in Team Avatar as we typically see them. The idea is to create a collection celebrating our favorite team of heroes. Being the main characters, many people in Team Avatar have multiple figurines. In these cases, I choose one figure that I think looks cool but doesn’t focus solely on fighting prowess.

The Fire Nation category has similar criteria. I wanted to pick Pops that look like the character as I usually imagine them. Fewer characters from the Fire Nation have multiple Pops, with more characters overall. I choose these Pops based on the popularity and significance of the character, alongside how well the Pop represents them.

Pops based on specific fighting scenes are chosen based on how well they encapsulate those scenes and how cool they look. For most of these, I could immediately tell what episode the fight was from. Here I did choose the Pops that made the character look powerful rather than focusing on their nuances.

Then the last category is simply for Pops that don’t quite fit in with any other group but need to be mentioned.

My Personal Favorites

It would be a hard decision if I chose only a few Pops for my collection. With any other series, I would simply choose my favorite character and a few cool-looking ones. However, I’ve never been capable of picking a favorite Avatar character; I love them all too much, and every figure looks cool. So I’m basing my favorites on the ones I found most memorable.
My first personal pick would be Final Agni Kai Azula. While I’m not usually one to fawn over villains, Azula is just so well written. This Pop conveys everything we see from her in the series finale. The pose and flames communicate her immense power, while the hair shows her unstable emotional state. I couldn’t possibly say no to such a faithful recreation of one of Avatar’s best scenes.
Next, I would choose the supersized flocked Appa. My entire life, I’ve been a sucker for animal characters. My first piece of Avatar merchandise was an Appa plush that quickly became the envy of my whole friend group. I love the way Pop made Appa’s face so big and lovable when many other manufacturers tend to make it look creepy with tiny eyes and teeth. Plus, getting the flocked version means he’ll be big and soft, and that’s always a plus.
Finally, I would choose the Cabbage Man. I find inside jokes and running gags more endearing than I probably should. Any scene with the Cabbage Man makes me irrationally happy. There’s also something special about how an entire fanbase has latched onto this one nameless character. It really makes us all feel like a community when we can all recognize and laugh at a phrase as simple as “My Cabbages!”

The Best of Team Avatar

Team Avatar began as two siblings and a weird kid they found frozen in an iceberg. Then it became a group of friends, comprised of some insanely powerful kids, ready to save the world. Avatar wouldn’t be nearly the show it is without the amazing main characters that we watch learn and grow through the series.

1. Aang With Momo

Aang With Momo Best Avatar Funko Pop Guide

Choosing the best Aang was a tough call. As the titular Last Airbender, he has the most Pops, and they all look fantastic. In the end, I decided to go with the first version that included Momo because I wanted to ensure Team Avatar was complete.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $ 12
  • Rarity: Low


  • Momo looks adorable, sitting on top of Aang’s head.
  • The clear vinyl wrapping around the figure to mimic airbending look incredible.
  • The pose is fluid and dynamic.


  • The yellow and orange of Aang’s clothing are a bit too bright.
  • There are a lot of small bits to this Pop; you’ll need to keep it either in the box or in a stable location to keep it from breaking.

2. Katara


Katara is the heart of Team Avatar. She’s responsible and looks out for her friends, but at the same time, she isn’t afraid to fight someone for what she believes is right. Her love and morals are unwavering, and she’s a great role model for children to look up to.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $13
  • Rarity: Low


  • The hair, water, and pose work together to create the idea of fluid movement.
  • Even though Pop figures don’t have a neck, they included her mother’s necklace without making it look weird.


  • I always thought Katara’s season 1 outfit was the worst of all her clothes.
  • The hair and water may be fragile.

3. Sokka


Sokka may not be a bender, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable than the bending members of Team Avatar. He’s smart and thinks outside of the box, ensuring Team Avatar stays on task, but his humor also ensures that they enjoy themselves. Zuko may have one of the greatest redemption arcs in television history, but I think the way Sokka grows from an immature boy obsessed with his masculinity to a respectful, humble, and wise strategist is often overlooked.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $13
  • Rarity: Low


  • He is given his trusty boomerang, so he doesn’t seem out of place with his bending friends.
  • His cocked eyebrow alludes to his sarcastic and witty personality.


  • The way he holds his non-boomerang hand a little limp, looks a little strange.

4. Toph


Her name is Toph because it sounds like tough, and that’s just what she is. Truly there is no character quite like Toph Beifong. She may be small and blind, but her disability doesn’t slow her down. She can and will take on any opponent without hesitation. Her strength and attitude bring team Avatar to a whole new level in season 2, and the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $13
  • Rarity: Low


  • Her eyes are absolutely perfect. The pale blue depicts her blindness, and the slightly lowered eyelids and raised eyebrows show off her cocky personality.
  • The pose looks strong and solid, just like earthbending is meant to be.


  • Her bangs are highly detailed, but her bun is perfectly smooth, making a strange contrast.
  • The rocks at her feet to represent earthbending aren’t quite as impressive as the ways the other elements look.

5. Suki


I find Suki to be an underrated character. She is often left out of Team Avatar when her skills as a fighter a mature worldview add a lot to the squad. Granted, she did join late and didn’t get to go on as many adventures, but I stand by that she is an important member and should be recognized as such.

  • Release Date: April 21, 2021
  • Current Value: $16
  • Rarity: Low


  • The Kyoshi Warriors uniform is pretty complex, but they’ve represented it well.
  • Her bright makeup is very striking against the darker colors of her hair and clothing.


  • Since she is in uniform, she stands out from the rest of Team Avatar.

6. Zuko, Glow-In-The-Dark

Zuko, Glow-In-The-Dark

On the surface, Zuko may seem like an angry teenager, but as the show progresses, we see him make different choices and learn about his past, and we get to know just how much turmoil he has gone through. His redemption arc is praised by everyone that watches this show because it isn’t immediate or linear; it’s a struggle that takes time and feels just so good when it finishes.

I choose this Zuko out of the many options because it is the version of him when he is at his best, and the glow-in-the-dark lightning looks awesome. Plus, his hair in season 3 is way better than in season 1; his personality and morals aren’t the only things getting redeemed throughout the story.

  • Release Date: September 28, 2020
  • Current Value: $27
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • The lightning isn’t very big, but the sharpness of it, the way it wraps around his hand, and the glow make it look epic.
  • The way the hair is sculpted emulates the movement of Zuko’s hair when he bends lightning in the show
  • The scar looks good despite the change in proportion.


  • His feet look strangely large.

7. Appa, Flocked

Appa, Flocked

Where would Team Avatar be without their beloved sky bison? Appa isn’t just a way to get around. He’s a loyal companion and the cutest six-legged giant beast you can find. Of the two available Appa figurines, I choose this one because it’s larger than the normal figurines, mimicking the show, and it’s nice and soft, just like our best pal.

  • Release Date: August 1, 2019
  • Current Value: $60
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • The flocking makes him nice and soft.
  • Appa merch can often look strange, but the big eyes and cheeks make this figurine look adorable.


  • More expensive than the smaller, non-flocked version.
  • Doesn’t have his tongue sticking out like the non-flocked version.

The Best of the Fire Nation

One of the best parts of Avatar is that while it’s clear that the people of the Fire nation are the antagonists, they aren’t all bad people. We see villains in every nation and heroes in the Fire Nation. While every character from the Fire Nation in this collection starts their journey as a villain, they each have deeper stories. Some don’t turn out to be as villainous as we first thought.

1. Iroh


Uncle Iroh embodies inner peace and does his best to better himself and those around him. He’s not proud of everything he’s done in his life, but he’s grown and learned from those around him, and now he just wants to enjoy time with his friends and a nice cup of tea. If you are putting together a large Avatar collection, Iroh is a must.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $15
  • Rarity: Low


  • His expression perfectly represents Iroh’s happy, calm attitude.
  • He’s holding a little cup of tea.
  • The wrinkles they’ve given him succeed in making him look old but not creepy.


  • You’ll need to get more Pops to keep Iroh company.

2. Azula


Azula is a perfect foil to Zuko. Zuko had to struggle and work hard to get to where he is while Azula’s natural gifts carried her further. Yet, Zuko struggles taught him valuable lessons that made him grow. Meanwhile, Azula was stuck in the role of the perfect child; thus, when she wasn’t perfect, it ate away at her, and she couldn’t handle it. She’s a powerful threat to Team Avatar and herself.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $30
  • Rarity: Low


  • She is depicted with lightning, showing her immense skill and power.
  • The way she is posed and the perfect sculpting of her hair show how precise she is.


  • The red of her clothes is too bright compared to the show.

3. Ty Lee

Ty Lee

Ty Lee is the first of Azula’s elite force that we are introduced to. It feels strange to think that someone so bubbly and friendly could be friends with the cold and calculating Azula. Yet when she goes with Azula, we see how dangerous she can be. It is easy to underestimate her because she’s so friendly and pink, but her chi-blocking poses a serious threat, especially to benders.

  • Release Date: April 21, 2021
  • Current Value: $8
  • Rarity: Low


  • Her pose is excellent, the only way they could have made it better would be if she was doing a handstand, but that may be hard with a head bigger than her body.
  • Her long braid flows down her back beautifully.


  • The trim of her outfit is far too saturated and bright.

4. Mai


Mai is the final member of Azula’s elite team and, much like Ty Lee, is a non-bender that proves you don’t need bending to be powerful in the avatar universe. She’s the embodiment of an angsty teenager, always bored and wanting excitement even though nothing excites her.

  • Release Date: April 21, 2021
  • Current Value: $26
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate


  • Unlike most other fighters, Mai isn’t in a wide stance, and her hands are across her chest, holding her knives. It’s an excellent way to show off her personality.
  • Her eyelids and eyelashes make her facial features look sharp and intimidating despite the roundness of Pop figures.


  • The size of her head takes away from the style of hair she wears.

The Most Action Packed Pops

Avatar is packed with memorable fights. Each one is choreographed for the tone and purpose of the episode. Some are quick and comedic, and others are grand and breathtaking. No two fights are alike, and some of the best fight scenes are represented in this collection.

1. Aang In The Avatar State, Glow-In-the-Dark

Aang In The Avatar State, Glow-In-the-Dark

This figurine is a supersized pop and will take up quite a bit of space. However, that is only appropriate for the immense power it represents at the climax of the series. It depicts Aang in the avatar state in his final fight with Ozai. He’s rushing forward, surrounded by all four elements. 

  • Release Date: April 21, 2021
  • Current Value: $30
  • Rarity: Moderate to High


  • You can’t find a better representation of a more awe-inspiring moment of this series.
  • The glow-in-the-dark version adds to the grandeur by imitating Aang’s power.


  • Since there are so many extra effects, the support structures aren’t as subtle as in the other figures.

2. Katara, Waterbending Master Fight

Katara, Waterbending Master Fight

One of the first momentous character moments we see for Katara is when she steps up to fight Master Pakku, a skilled and experienced waterbender, when she has barely any training of her own. It’s the moment we see how strong Katara’s convictions are and how far she is willing to go to prove herself. This figurine shows the power she exhibits in that fight and all the effort she puts in through messy hair and the massive wave she’s riding.

  • Release Date: July 19, 2022
  • Current Value: $25
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • Every detail of the figure shows the movement, energy, and anger Katara is feeling.
  • The water glows in the dark.


  • It only comes in metallic, which I’m not a fan of.

3. Azula Finale, Glow-in-the-Dark

Azula Finale, Glow-in-the-Dark

You can’t have any discussion of great fights in Avatar without mention of the final agni kai. It’s visually striking as the whole scene is drained of color save for the saturated flames thrown by Zuko and Azula, completely covering the battlefield. The build-up makes it even sweeter as we see Zuko accepting his destiny as Azula crumbles in her mind. This Pop shows Azula, deranged but still frighteningly powerful.

  • Release Date: September 3, 2021
  • Current Value: $125
  • Rarity: High


  • The glow-in-the-dark flames mimic the color palette of the animated fight.
  • The way the flames are made make Azula look very powerful and cool as she lifts off the ground.
  • Her hair is a perfect representation of her breakdown.


  • The glow-in-the-dark version is currently very hard to find. The normal version is much easier and cheaper but doesn’t have the same effect.

Other Pops of Note

We’ve seen many Pops on this list perfectly depict characters in their most pivotal moments. They bring to life these complex characters we’ve seen grow throughout the show. We’ve seen the best of our heroes in Team Avatar, the best of our villainous Fire Nation, and recreations of epic fight scenes; what could be left?

1. The Cabbage Man

The Cabbage Man

Yes, I did give the cabbage man his very own category. There’s something delightful about watching this man pop up all over the Avatar universe only to get his beloved cabbages wrecked by our heroes. He was only meant to be in one episode. Yet, the simple hilarity of his despair ensured that he would repeatedly appear for our amusement. He may not be a great fighter or important to the story, but the way he laments the loss of his cabbages has made him important to us.

  • Release Date: October 4, 2019
  • Current Value: $136
  • Rarity: High


  • He is given his beloved cabbage cart.
  • He’s holding a head of cabbage so gently and lovingly.


  • Takes up a lot of space for a joke character.
  • Very expensive.


Avatar is a masterpiece of a show, and Funko has delivered masterful figures to match that. Each one portrays the character so well, and many even imitate the show’s beauty through different effects. Any one of them would be an excellent addition to the collection. Still, the ones listed here are the ones I think should take priority.


Question: Will There be More Avatar Funko Pops?

Answer: Yes! With so many wonderful characters and brand new stories on the horizon, Funko has confirmed that there are more Avatar Funko Pops in the future.

Question: How Many Avatar Funko Pops are There?

Answer: Currently, there are 32 Avatar Funko pops. If you remove metallic and glow-in-the-dark variations, there are 26 unique figurines.

Question: How Many Azula Funko Pops are There?

Answer: There are three Azula Funko Pops. One is depicted in her normal outfit, one is her appearance in the final agni kai, and the last is the same figurine as the second, but it glows in the dark.

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