Best Harry Potter Funko Pop Guide

Harry Potter is a legendary series. One of the most popular book series of all time that has captivated audiences since the first book was released way back in 1997. It’s expanded from books to movies and rides, so it seems inevitable that Funko would get their hands on the franchise is start making one Funko Pop! after the other.

There are quite a lot of them, so many that it can very quickly get overwhelming when trying to find the right one. So that’s what this guide is for. By the time you’re done, you’ll know what makes a good Funko Pop! and which ones you should buy.

Best Harry Potter Funko Pop Guide

What makes a Funko Pop! good?

I base my assessment of each Funko Pop! on three main criteria:

  • Quality – The quality of a Funko Pop! goes beyond how nice the Funko Pop! looks. The quality refers to how well the characters are posed. Are they just standing there, or are the characters doing something? Does it reference a specific scene or look from the source material? How far off is the Funko Pops! when recreating the scene? All of these things factor into what makes a good Funko Pop!
  • Availability – It doesn’t matter how good a Funko Pop! is if you aren’t able to buy it. This factors into how easily you can find it in stores and online retailers while also looking at its price tag. The more expensive a Funko Pop! is, the less chance you can actually buy it.
  • Serialization – Funko Pops! are made to be collected. To that endeavor, many of them are designed, and many people buy them specifically for display. A good display will have a coherent theme and look to it, meaning many of its figures will have good serialization. A figure with a unique style and design may look good on its own, but if it doesn’t mesh with others in your collection.

First Point Upfront

The best Harry Potter Funko Pop! is the Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Hermione with Feather Vinyl Figure. It looks good on its own and fits with any Harry Potter Funko Pop! display. The best part is how good of a reference to the movies and books. One of the most iconic scenes from the Philosopher’s Stone has now been made into a Funko Pop!

Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter – Dementor


It may be a little odd to start with someone who’s not Harry Potter on a list about Harry Potter, but I can’t let this one go. This Funko Pop! looks SO COOL! The way its face is covered, the missing eyes, and the torn fabric drooping off of it. I love it so much! It really stands out amongst other Funko Pops! and I love it for that. It’s so creepy and ominous that it draws my attention.

  • Quality 10/10 – The quality of this Funko Pop! is unexpectedly high. I’m talking about the fabric’s specific details and how it has a detailed mesh in the vinyl. It goes a long way to selling the creepy look, and aesthetic the dementors are known for. The pose is a little underwhelming but not a deal breaker.
  • Availability 7/10 – These are easy to find on Amazon, but maybe a twinge harder to find in stores. The price of it isn’t bad either, falling on the low-end of what a Funko Pop! can cost. This makes them a solid buying option if you’re in the market for a Harry Potter Funko Pop!
  • Serialization 7/10 – This Funko Pop! is a part of Funko’s absolutely massive Harry Potter line-up. However, this Funko Pop! doesn’t really blend in with the rest of its peers. It’s rare for a Funko Pop’s face to be covered like the Dementor’s. The sheer detail on the fabric is highly unusual for Funko, so it does stick out like a sore thumb compared to others.


  • Incredibly detailed fabric that Funko usually doesn’t do.
  • One of the better-looking Funko Pops! for one of the more iconic Harry Potter antagonists.


  • Ironically, the sheer quality of this Funko Pop! makes it poor for a display collection because it stands out, especially with the highly detailed fabric for the face.

Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter – Voldemort Action Figure

Voldemort Action Figure

Let’s keep going by having another villain on our list! This time it’s the main antagonist and big bad himself: Lord Voldemort. It’s a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the character, blending what we know of his appearance from the books and movies. I do like the attention paid to his nose and how it’s sunken in rather than the standard triangle you see on most Funko Pops! The pose the Funko Pop! is doing is a general reference to Lord Voldemort’s mannerisms in the movies, which I think is a nice touch.

  • Quality  8/10 – This isn’t a bad Funko Pop! the only problem I have with it is that it’s boring. There’s nothing really special or standout about it. The nose is neat, but it’s not much. Other Funko Pops glow-in-the-dark, or have a metallic sheen to them. Not this one. It’s just Voldemort. I’d just want something special for the ultimate antagonist of the series.
  • Availability 9/10 – This Funko Pop! shouldn’t be hard to find either in stores or online from places like Amazon. What’s more, it’s incredibly cheap, even for a Funko Pop! which gives it extra points. You could do worse when buying a Funko Pop! but you could also do better when buying this one. It’s cheap, so it might not be bad to include it as a bundle gift.
  • Serialization 9/10 – This Funko Pop! is surprisingly unspecial, which means it fits right in with the crowd. You can easily fit this amongst your Harry Potter Funko Pops! and it won’t look awkward or weird. I wouldn’t buy it on its own since it’s so unremarkable as a standalone figure.


  • It is very cheap as far as Funko Pops! go.
  • Some features unique to this Funko Pop! like the sunken nose and eyes, make this a good representation of the character.


  • There isn’t anything special that really stands out about the Funko Pop! It’s surprisingly basic. It doesn’t glow-in-the-dark or anything, and the pose the Funko Pop! is doing is pretty basic.

Funko Pop! Harry Potter #64 Basilisk (Target Exclusive)

Basilisk (Target Exclusive)

If the last Funko Pop! was basic and boring, this one is anything but. It’s a part of a unique line within Funko’s Harry Potter figures, which are reserved for a few special characters from the series. This Funko Pop! figure weighs in at 1 entire pound, which is some serious weight for a vinyl figure. Its size really works when the Basilisk is supposed to be this titanically giant snake, making it scale pretty well when put with the normal Harry Potter Funko Pops!

  • Quality 10/10 – This snake is cool. It’s large and in charge, demanding special attention be paid to it. There’s nice detailing on the scales, and while the eyes are featureless, they are just golden dots. It’s creepy and unnerving, which works in the Funko Pops! favor since the Basilisk is supposed to turn people to stone with a glance.
  • Availability 6/10 – This Funko Pop! loses points due not only to being in high demand, making it hard to find, but it has also made its high price even higher. This one cost well above most Funko Pops! You might have to budget it. I wouldn’t throw around the amount of money for many things, and as cool as this Funko Pop! is, this statue is, unfortunately, one of them.
  • Serialization 8/10 – Once more, this Funko Pop! is a part of the large and extensive line of Harry Potter Funko Pops! And while the snake is large, it works really well in the Funko Pop!’s favor since the Basilisk is supposed to tower over just about every normal human in the Harry Potter world.


  • This Funko Pop! looks amazing, even when compared to other Funko Pops! in its line.
  • The Funko Pop!’s large size makes it more to scale with your other Funko Pops! so it looks really good in a collection.


  • This Funko Pop! is expensive. Like, really expensive.
  • The Funko Pop! is so large that it is hard to fit on your shelf with your other Funko Pops!

Funko Pop! Harry Potter Buckbeak #104 Flocked Exclusive

Harry Potter Buckbeak

This Funko Pop! is a part of the same line as the Basilisk, but it isn’t as cool, which is a shame. That’s not to say I don’t like it. Buckbeak was one of my favorite characters, even if he was an animal. This Funko Pop! does a good job bringing Buckbeak off the page and out of the silver screen. The appearance closely follows that of the movies, which is good since it’s a pretty good representation of the books.

  • Quality 8/10 – The Funko Pop! looks good. Especially since they don’t usually make four-legged creatures. Buckbeak isn’t doing a particularly cool pose; it’s just standing there, which bothers me. The detailing on the feathers is good too. Do like how Buckbeak has a felt backend which makes it a bit more worth the price.
  • Availability 7/10 – This Funko Pop! shouldn’t be hard to find. It doesn’t go for an unreasonable price off of Amazon, but you might be able to find it for cheaper in stores.
  • Serialization 9/10 – This Funko Pop! fits in almost perfectly with the rest of Funko’s Harry Potter line. I imagine you could have a really good Hogwarts collection with Buckbeak and Harry as the center of it. In fact, I’ll write that idea down because it sounds like a good one.


  • This Funko Pop! looks really good, making it great on its own and as part of a collection.


  • Relative to other Funko Pops! this one is one of the more expensive ones.
  • The Funko Pop! has very boring posing, with Buckbeak just standing still rather than performing any specific action or pose.

POP Funko Deluxe: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Harry Pushing Trolley, Multicolor, (57360)

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

It may have taken a while for us to get to the first Harry Potter Funko Pop! on our list all about them, but this is one of Harry’s best figures. It’s a good reference to the beginning of the books and one of the more iconic scenes from the movie. It doesn’t come with Platform 9 and 3/4, but it has a solid base, like many other Funko Pops! don’t have.

It’s a nice relic of a simpler time before dementors and death eaters, back when Harry was just a child enraptured by magic and majesty, unsure of what the future held. It brings me back to when I first read those books, which is probably why I like the Funko Pop! so much.

  • Quality 9/10 – The Funko Pop! looks good. The posing isn’t anything spectacular, which is fine because it’s a direct reference to something from the books and movies. It is a surprisingly accurate recreation of the scene from the movie, down to the holes in Harry’s pants. The attention to the tiny details is fairly impressive.
  • Availability 7/10 – Unsurprisingly, this is one of the more in-demand Funko Pops!, but you can still find it online through websites like Amazon. The price tag attached to it isn’t surprising either. It’s a part of the same collection as Buckbeak and the Basilisk, so the price tag is notably higher than the average Funko Pop!, but this one isn’t too bad.
  • Serialization 8/10 – Like before, this is a part of the extensive Harry Potter line of Funko Pops! alongside the special Harry Potter Funko Pops! that come in a special white box. This one blends in nicely with the rest on the surface, but the platform beneath the Funko Pops’! feet does make it a bit hard to set up for display.


  • A very accurate and spot-on reference to the movies.


  • It leans more towards the expensive side of Funko Pops!
  • The Funko Pop! has a little platform for it to stand on. This can get in the way as you try to arrange it with your other Funko Pops!

Funko Pop! Town: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Dumbledore with Hogwarts

Dumbledore with Hogwarts

Dumbledore has always been a fan favorite character. He’s up there with Gandalf as examples of the Wise Old Master character trope. Unlike Gandalf, Dumbledore is almost synonymous with the school he presides over. It’s only natural that he’d be included with this particular Funko Pop! Town. The Hogwarts figure that comes with it is surprisingly good, too. Attention was paid to the details of the brickwork and the school’s different wings.

  • Quality 9/10 – The Funko Pop! comes with the Dumbledore and Hogwarts figurine. However, I will say that the Dumbledore Funko Pop! is a little underwhelming. It’s just Dumbledore just sort of standing there, which is more than a little disappointing. The Hogwarts figurine included is actually pretty good. I like the accuracy of the Funko Pop! but I will say it’s a little small, so it looks weird.
  • Availability 7/10 – This Funko Pop! isn’t too hard to find. Most online retailers have them readily available, but the real problem is the price. It’s not out of line for the Funko Pop! Town series, but all of those are expensive because they come with a figure of a location.
  • Serialization 7/10 – The Dumbledore Funko Pop! works really well with all the others since it doesn’t have anything super standout. The only real problem is that Hogwarts figure. Probably due to how big the school actually is, the figure was scaled way down to the point where the average Funko Pops! are half as tall as the school. It just makes Hogwarts look weirdly small when put next to any of them.


  • Comes with a good-looking Dumbledore and Hogwarts figure.


  • Like all Funko Pop! Towns, this one is expensive.
  • The Hogwarts figurine is pretty small.

Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Harry Potter – Harry with Invisibility Cloak,Multicolor

Harry with Invisibility Cloak

This is another special edition Funko Pop! that belongs to the same collection as the Basilisk and Buckbeak. I like this one because the invisibility cloak was one of my favorite things from Harry Potter, and I like what Funko did with it. The blend of deep blue and purples with the night sky embroidery looks pretty dope. The fact that it also comes with Harry Potter in his pajamas is cool too because you don’t see many figures wearing them, Funko Pops! or otherwise.

  • Quality 9/10 – I honestly can’t complain too much about this Funko Pop! Harry’s pajamas look cool, and I like how the invisibility cloak looks. It honestly looks better than it did in the movies, which is impressive. Harry’s pose isn’t too good, but it works enough.
  • Availability 9/10 – This Funko Pop! isn’t in too high of a demand, so you can find probably find it in stores. The price reflects this since it’s pretty cheap as far as Funko Pops! go. Considering the quality, I really like how reasonable the price for this one is.
  • Serialization 9/10 – This Funko Pop! is not only a part of the regular Harry Potter Funko Pop! line but goes alongside the special collection. While it is a bit generic, it manages to stand out enough to be cool, and blend in with the rest of your Harry Potter Funko Pops! It’s pretty good.


  • A rather unique look since not many figures have Harry in his pajamas.
  • The invisibility cloak looks super cool with the pastel purple and blues.


  • Fairly basic as far as Funko Pop! go. Unless you really liked the invisibility cloak, you can find other Funko Pops! that have harry doing something color than holding the cloak.

Funko Pop Movies: Harry Potter with Golden Egg Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Harry Potter with Golden Egg Collectible Figure

The Tri-Wizard Tournament was one of my favorite parts of the book. I couldn’t get enough of this sense of danger and whimsy. One of my favorite moments was in the beginning when they had to steal the golden egg from the dragon. I was beyond stoked when I found that there was a Funko Pop based on the ending to that moment where Harry finally got his hands on the Golden Egg.

  • Quality 9/10 – This Funko Pop! has a lot of great things going for it. The detailing of Harry’s clothes is pretty good. It’s got all the waves and wrinkles you’d expect from fabric. Harry’s pose is better than nothing, but he could be doing more than holding the egg out.
  • Availability 8/10 – This isn’t a particularly hard Funko Pop to find, but I would suggest you look in stores first. The price doesn’t hit your wallet too hard, either. You can find worse Funko Pops! for more than this one is asking for, which is nice.
  • Serialization 10/10 – This Funko Pop! benefits two-fold for being part of the regular line and the special anniversary collection of Harry Potter Funko Pops! It blends in with both collections and looks great on its own. You can’t go wrong with this Funko Pop!


  • Based on Harry Potter during the tri-wizard tournament, a look you don’t see in many other figures.
  • This Fuko Pop! looks great on its own and as part of a collection.


  • The pose is more than a little boring.
  • It’s more expensive than what you’d expect of a Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Hermione with Feather Vinyl Figure

Hermione with Feather Vinyl Figure

Remember that old meme? It’s It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!”? You probably do, so why not get a nice reference to the meme and the specific moment from Harry Potter history with this Funo Pop! It’s a recreation of Hermione using the spell to levitate a feather way back during her first year. I’m surprised it took me this long to get to this Funko Pop! when it’s one of the more popular ones.

  • Quality 10/10 – The posing on this Funko Pop! is pretty good too. I also like the magic effect stemming from the wand to the feather. It’s whispy and translucent in a nice way. Everything else about the Funko Pop! is sadly unremarkable. 
  • Availability 9/10 – The Funko Pop’s! price is utterly average, if not a teensy bit high. This makes it surprisingly affordable for fans of the series. You should be able to easily find it in-stores and online, but you’d probably have an easier of time of it looking on websites like Amazon.
  • Serialization 10/10 – This Funko Pop! gits right in with almost every Harry Potter Funko Pop! released. It’d look super good when put with the other Harry Potter Funko Pops! based on the main cast wearing their regular Hogwarts uniforms.


  • Just a fantastic Funko Pop! all around: great posing, great referencing, and cheap to boot.


  • It’s based on the Harry Potter movies, so it uses a design based on Emma Watson, which isn’t totally accurate to the way Hermoine’s described in the books, so book-fans may not like this Funko Pop! very much.

Amazon Exclusive Funko POP! Moment- Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore with The Mirror of Erised

Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore with The Mirror of Erised

One moment that has always touched me is when Harry looks into the Mirror of Erised. It’s one of the strongest moments of introspection we get from Harry. He never really looked back much or lamented his situation even when he was living with the Dursleys, but this reminds the audience that Harry is just a kid. All he wants is a place to belong.

  • Quality 10/10 – This Funko Pop! looks amazing! It’s a great recreation of the scene from the movie, with Dumbledore standing over Harry’s shoulder as he looks into the mirror.
  • Availability 6/10 – This Funko Pop! loses points because it is fairly hard to find in stores but is readily available on Amazon and other online retailers. The biggest problem is the price because WOW, that is a lot. You could honestly buy half the Funko Pops! on this list for the price this one is asking for.
  • Serialization 8/10 – The Funko Pop! doesn’t blend in with the rest in a Harry Potter Funko Pop! collection. Not only is it a scene that includes a few static Funko Pops! you can’t move. It also comes with this platform for them to stand on. You’ll either have to clutter the scene or move them a little ways away from this one.


  • The scene looks really cool on its own.


  • It’s fairly large, so it literally might not fit with your other Funko Pops!
  • This Funko Pop! is extremely expensive.

Funko Pop! Rides: Harry Potter – Gringotts Dragon with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Vinyl Figure

Gringotts Dragon with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Vinyl Figure

This one stands out from a lot of other Funko Pops! not only for its size but due to it having characters riding another. This Funko Pop! is also a really good reference to the final book where they have to escape from Gringotts. I suppose that makes it fitting for a final entry to my guide.

  • Quality 7/10 – This Funko Pop! is a mixed bag. The dragon is a great size, but that comes at the cost of the characters riding them being small. You can’t remove Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the dragon’s back either. Aside from those few things, the Funko Pop! is great. I do wish the dragon itself has a bit more detailing, though.
  • Availability 8/10 – It’s not the hardest Funko Pop! to find, but I’d recommend you just go online before you go hopping from store to store. The price is another thing I have hang-ups with. It’s not the most expensive thing, but it does cost more than your average Funko Pop!
  • Serialization 8/10 – Much like the Mirror of Erised Funko Pop! this one is pretty large, making it hard to put with the rest of your Funko Pops! However, this has the benefit of looking nice outside of a collection. This might be a good purchase if you have a chunk of space that’s blowing a hole in your room.


  • All of the main trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) are in one Funko Pop!


  • The Funko Pop! is so large it’s hard to fit with your others on display.
  • The price tag attached to this Funko Pop makes me do a double-take.

Best of the Rest

If none of those Funko Pops! suited you. Here are some others that you might love:

Harry Potter-Luna Lovegood

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Harry Potter Funko Pop!?

Answer: Aside from the Harry Potter section of Universal’s theme park, websites like Amazon have a fantastic selection of Funko Pop! to buy.

Question: What Funko Pop! is the Best to get for a Gift?

Answer: The best Funko Pop! to buy as a gift would be either the Funko Pop Movies: Harry Potter with Golden Egg Collectible Figure, Multicolor, or the Funko Pop! Harry Potter: Hermione with Feather Vinyl Figure. It really depends on if the recipient likes Harry or Hrimone better.

Question: How Many Harry Potter Funko Pops! are There?

Answer: The rough breakdown is that there are around 146 normal Funko Pops!, 11 Funko Pops in the 20th-anniversary line, 10 multipacks, 4 Funko Pop! rides, 3 Funko Pop! towns, and 1 super-sized Funko Pop!


Harry Potter is a super iconic series for a reason. There are plenty of great moments to choose from and even more merchandise. Funko Pops! make up a good selection of that merch with Funko Pops based on both the books and movies. They even have figures for the more obscure characters like the Basilisk and Buckbeak. All in all, a Funko Pop! is a safe investment if you’re looking to get the Harry Potter fan in your life a gift they’ll love.

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