Stitch Funko Pop Guide for Wacky Displays

Does Stitch also remind you of a toddler forgotten overnight in a candy store? I’m a parent, so I can make that joke. I’m about to spoil you with this Stitch Funko Pop Guide if you agree with my comparison. Stitch is a favorite character to my kids more than I, but I love collecting Funko Pops with personality.

Stitch is one Funko Pop collectible that gets the funny juices flowing. For years, I’ve collected Nendoroids, action figures, statues, replicas, and model kits. Still, Funko Pops brings wild and wacky characters to life more than other collectibles. I usually focus on the more collectible Funko Pops, but I made an exception for Stitch.

Dive into my pool of wacky options with out-of-this-world display potential if you’d love to know more.

Stitching the Answer

Stitch has two qualities that make children (and adult Disney fans) love the little alien. Firstly, he’s adorable. Secondly, he’s an absolute nut case that looks like he’s on a never-ending sugar rush. I’ll use the two essential qualities for Stitch fans to design the best Funko Pop collection.

I’ll also share tips on displaying the wacky alien for two types of fans and give you the basics of how many variations you’ll find. Stitch Funko Pop collectibles can inspire a world of conversations, ranging from laughs-a-minute to aww-moments. So, allow me to share my eccentric collectible methods for Stitch Funko Pop.

Here’s a quick look at my top Stitch Funko Pop figures in the two display categories:

Wacky Stitch Funko Pop

  1. “Bandana Rage” Stitch Funko Pop
  2. “Brain Freeze” Stitch Scented Funko Pop
  3. “Fast Craze” Stitch Funko Pop
  4. “Furious Invasion” Stitch Funko Pop
  5. “Manic Monster” Stitch Deluxe Funko Pop
  6. “Pumpkin Troubles” Stitch Funko Pop
  7. “Scratch, Scratch” Stitch Jumbo Funko Pop
  8. “Sugar Rush” Stitch Funko Pop
  9. “Too Much Coconut Juice” Stitch Funko Pop

Adorable Stitch Funko Pop

  1. “Aloha, Tropical Family” Stitch Funko Pop
  2. “Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis Stitch Funko Pop
  3. “Boba Love” Stitch Funko Pop
  4. “Curled Blues” Stitch Funko Pop
  5. “Lalaland Galaxy” Stitch Funko Pop
  6. “Papa Alien” Stitch Deluxe Funko Pop
  7. “Rockstar” Stitch Funko Pop
  8. “Space Hula” Stitch Funko Pop

The Ultimate Guide to Stitch Funko Pop

Lilo and Stitch became a famous duo in 2002 when Stitch, an alien, learned about Ohana (family). Children loved the movie, and adult fans saw potential in collecting the cute but crazy alien. Let’s see the variations available before choosing the top picks. I’ll also share my two eccentric display ideas.

Stitch Funko Pop Variations

Before writing this piece, I immediately had an idea for my top Stitch Funko Pops. However, there are numerous variations available for Stitch and his friends. There are 20 variations of Stitch Funko Pops available, including:

  1. Chase Stitch Pops are a collector’s dream, much like the Stitch With Record Player Funko Pop. You might get slight variations if you’re lucky.
  2. Convention Exclusives like the Stitch as Baker Funko Pop are exclusively available at conventions and Comic Cons, making them more collectible.
  3. Deluxe Pops like the Stitch With Pet Funko Pop are more significant than traditional ones, measuring around six to eight inches. Some have scenes from the movie, and others are super-sized vinyl figures.
  4. Diamond Collection Stitch Pops like the Stitch Entertainment Earth Limited Edition Funko Pop have a glitter effect and are harder to find.
  5. Exclusive LGBTQ Pops like the Pride Stitch Funko Pop work well for members of the LBGTQ. They take on the colors of the rainbow.
  6. Flocked Pops like the Exclusive Flocked Stitch Funko Pop are rare and feel like the alien would in real life. However, flocked Funko Pops have a texture, unlike the vinyl kinds.
  7. Funko Pop Rides like the Stitch in Rocket Funko Pop are rare versions that show the alien in a ride-on figure. They typically measure around 9″ tall.
  8. Funko Store Exclusives like the Stitch on the People Mover Podium Funko Pop are only available at the Funko Pop Store.
  9. Holiday Exclusives like the Stitch at Christmas Funko Pop represent the holidays, whether Christmas, Halloween, or Easter.
  10. Hot Topic Stitch Pop Exclusives like the Sleeping Stitch Funko Pop are rare and come with an exclusive sticker. Stitch will look unusual with these pops.
  11. Jumbo Pops like the Jumbo Stitch Funko Pop measure an astonishing 10″ tall, and they’re incredible collectibles for massive fans.
  12. Keychain Pops like the Stitch Pocket Funko Pop are miniature versions of the alien you can use as a keyring. Unfortunately, they only measure 1.5″ tall.
  13. Lilo & Stitch Character Pops like the Lilo With Scrump Funko Pop. These are regular 3.75″ pops that include characters from the movie other than Stitch.
  14. Mini Stitch Funko Pops like the Seated Stitch that measures 1.5″ tall. The miniatures are fantastic collectibles because you can own an ocean of them.
  15. Pops in Costumes like the Stitch 626 Funko Pop wears an alien invader outfit. Stitch can wear any outfit, which you see with the Superhero Cape Stitch Funko Pop and the Hula Stitch Funko Pop.
  16. Pops With Accessories like the Stitch Playing Ukelele Funko Pop show the alien holding something. They come in various sizes and designs.
  17. Scented Pops like the Summer Stitch Funko Pop smell divine, and they’re exclusives. Fortunately, they don’t smell like the alien would.
  18. Special-Edition Exclusives like the Elvis Stitch Funko Pop are rare and unusual. They’re highly collectible for two fan bases and cost more than others.
  19. Stitch Popsies like the Ohana Means Family Popsie. They’re Funko Pops with a message or greeting measuring 4.75″ tall.
  20. Twin Pack Pops like the Stitch & Angel Funko Pop Set include two figures for one price. Any character can accompany Stitch, and the packs are typically exclusive to Comic Cons and specific stores.

Tips for Displaying Stitch Funko Pop

Ohana Means Family Popsie

I love eccentricity in my collectible displays, and Stitch gave me a mountain of ideas. There are two ways to display Stitch. The first method is by collecting the most insane-looking Stitch Funko Pops and putting them together on a shelf. The second method is to use the most adorable versions of the blue alien.

However, I also had an epiphany of showcasing a showdown between the mad and cute versions. Yes, I’m that eccentric. My clients often call me the weird but wonderful inspirator. Imagine guests walking into a room to see the craziest versions of Stich facing the most adorable versions. It sure would start a conversation.

Sometimes, I also have a twisted mind. For humorous displays, place a manic Stitch over a smaller adorable version. You’ll have guests wondering what you were thinking, but they’ll enjoy the humor behind it.

How to Collect the Best Stitch Funko Pop

You won’t believe how many Stitch Funko Pops are available. I’m sure you have an idea after seeing how many variations exist. I’ll simplify the top picks by choosing various interpretations from the cutest or wackiest-looking designs. The primary figure must represent Stitch, and it would be a bonus if it’s an exclusive.

Stitch Funko Pop Guide: The Wacky Aliens

Not all wacky Stitch Funko Pops will look like they’re about to eat your guests. Some wacky options have a crazy look in their eyes, while others appear to have eaten way too much sugar. The wacky aliens include various variations, and they come with good and bad points.

“Bandana Rage” Stitch Funko Pop

I don’t know what you think, but seeing Stitch in a bandana and cape makes me think he’s a supervillain more than a hero. Although, maybe “super-menace” is the better word. I put Superhero Stitch in the wacky section because his face looks like he’s up to no good. I also love the details on his claws.


  • Funko Type: Superhero Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 506
  • Size: 9.84″
  • Variation: Jumbo special-edition costume Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Stitch Funko Pop’s size is nearly as menacing as the look on his face, which is next-level wacky
  • It’s a special-edition collectible wearing a costume, and the size makes him more sought-after

The Bad

  • Stitch almost looks evil in this costume, but he looks similar in the first movie before learning about Ohana (family)

“Brain Freeze” Stitch Scented Funko Pop

I love this Stitch Funko Pop the most! The poor blue alien’s brain is about to freeze, sending him into a crazed space-creature mode. You won’t even see it coming because of his cool-guy glasses. The Funko Pop might come with various stickers on the box, and the vinyl figure smells like a tropical dream.


  • Funko Type: Summer Stitch Scented Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 636
  • Size: 2.48″
  • Variation: Summer special-edition scented Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch is a wild little creature, and I can only imagine what would follow brain freeze for the wacky alien
  • I love how Stitch encumbers cute and crazy in one vinyl figure, and it’s a highly collectible multi-exclusive Funko Pop

The Bad

  • The Saharis Exclusive Edition isn’t available anymore, but the Summer Edition is still available

“Fast Craze” Stitch Funko Pop

Have you ever imagined a sugar-hyped toddler driving the fastest car on earth? Well, it’s the same image that pops into my head when I see Stitch riding the spacecraft. It looks like he’s traveling faster than the speed of sound, and he’s wearing the alien suit, which typically means he’s about to get into trouble.


  • Funko Type: POP! Rides: Stitch the Red One
  • Issue No: 35
  • Size: 3.94″
  • Variation: POP! Rides Box Lunch exclusive Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch looks cute and crazy as he speeds away on the alien aircraft, and I don’t trust his grin
  • I love the details on how Stitch’s paws hold the controls, and this figure is collectible for being multi-exclusive again

The Bad

  • I don’t love seeing the base under the spacecraft, but I suppose it’s essential for support

“Furious Invasion” Stitch Funko Pop

If you remember, in the movies, Stitch wearing the space astronaut suit was terrible news. At one point, he entirely forgets what Lilo taught him about Ohana and how family sticks together. He’s a wild card in the space suit, so I added him to the wacky section. He looks furious, and the guns mean trouble.


  • Funko Type: Stitch 626 Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 125
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Stitch in a costume Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch looks like an unfriendly, dangerous alien in this Funko Pop, making him perfectly suitable for the wacky range
  • I love the rage on his face as Stitch holds multiple guns, ready for attack, and the costume makes him unusual

The Bad

  • The costume versions of Stitch aren’t always more collectible

“Manic Monster” Stitch Deluxe Funko Pop

The monster version of Stitch is the most insane-looking version you’ll find. I’m sure the inspiration came from Stitch playing with toys in Lilo’s bedroom, but the image almost makes me think of Godzilla. It looks like the little blue alien is about to destroy a city with one stomp from his foot.


  • Funko Type: Monster Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1049
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Special-edition Monster Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Stitch Funko Pop looks like a scene from a movie where he’s about to smash everything in his way
  • The rage on the alien’s face is unmatched by the other wacky versions, and it’s collectible because it’s a special edition

The Bad

  • This version of Stitch should’ve come as a jumbo or deluxe Funko Pop to stand out more

“Pumpkin Troubles” Stitch Funko Pop

Some wacky versions of Stitch Funko Pops also belong to the cute category, and this vinyl figure is one of them. Stitch looks adorable in a pumpkin costume. However, consider how he got into it. Did Stitch put an outfit on, or is this weird alien a result of eating through a Halloween pumpkin? Knowing Stitch makes me wonder.


  • Funko Type: Pumpkin Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1087
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Special edition holiday exclusive costume Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Halloween version of Stitch in a pumpkin costume looks adorable and crazy because fans know he wouldn’t just put it on
  • Stitch’s face looks deceivingly friendly, but I know his personality better, and the Funko Pop is a multi-exclusive collectible

The Bad

  • This Stitch Funko Pop might fit better in the adorable category, depending on how you display them

“Scratch, Scratch” Stitch Jumbo Funko Pop

Lilo first adopts Stitch because she thinks he’s the “cute kind of ugliness” puppy. He’s a weird creature that licks and bites himself, and he acts like a puppy at the beginning of the first movie. That’s what makes this Funko Pop so wacky. Stitch is back to acting like a puppy, scratching his bottom on the carpet.


  • Funko Type: Jumbo Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1046
  • Size: 10″
  • Variation: Jumbo Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch undoubtedly carries some crazy genes as he drags his bottom across the floor, pretending to be a puppy
  • The Stitch Funko Pop falls into cute and crazy categories again with an innocent face, and the jumbo size is incredible

The Bad

  • Some collectors avoid jumbo Funko Pops to save space for more variety

“Sugar Rush” Stitch Funko Pop

Nothing says wacky more than Stitch looking like the toddler still forgotten in the candy store. His wild eyes and a broad smile can make you panic like never before. So, what’s the creature up to this time? I’d be super worried if I saw Stitch with this expression because the alien is a menace.


  • Funko Type: Funko Pocket Stitch Keychain
  • Issue No: N/A
  • Size: 1.5″
  • Variation: Keychain Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch looks adorably menacing with his face grinning so broadly while his eyes scream, “crazy!”
  • Some collectors love the pocket versions of Funko Pops because they can collect plenty of them

The Bad

  • I’m not into Funko keychains, and this version would give me nightmares

“Too Much Coconut Juice” Stitch Funko Pop

Imagine Stitch drinking too much coconut juice like adults sometimes drink too much whiskey or tequila. Stitch will suffer from another sugar rush, but the crash comes after the rush. It works the same way hangovers follow drinking. This version of Stitch makes me think the alien had one too many.


  • Funko Type: POP! Rides Stitch in Rocket Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 102
  • Size: 9″
  • Variation: Jumbo ride-on exclusive Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • I wouldn’t want to be a passenger with Stitch driving the rocket in his condition, but it’s an incredible piece
  • Stitch looks like he’s about to launch into trouble with the rocket, and the figure is highly collectible for multi-exclusivity

The Bad

  • It’s another jumbo-sized Funko Pop some collectors won’t love

Stitch Funko Pop Guide: The Adorable Aliens

The adorable Stitch Funko Pops were challenging to pick because many options were available. However, some Stitch vinyl figures popped into my attention immediately. I’ll share why I like them and why I might not love them.

“Aloha, Tropical Family” Stitch Funko Pop

The crazy versions of Stitch can make fun displays, but the cuter ones appeal more to other collectors. I can’t remember seeing Stitch wear a Hawaiian shirt, but he does with this Funko Pop. His face is neutral, but the shirt and coconut juice add to his cuteness. He looks like a holiday-maker.


  • Funko Type: Aloha Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 203
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Stitch in a costume with accessories Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Aloha Stitch Funko Pop is beyond adorable with a holiday vibe on a tropical Hawaiian island
  • Stitch almost looks normal in this Funko Pop, and he doesn’t have that wild look on his face

The Bad

  • I prefer the wild and wacky designs to most of the cuter versions

“Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis Stitch Funko Pop

The Elvis Stitch Funko Pop is undoubtedly my ultimate love from the adorable collection. I can only imagine Stitch busting a move on stage like Elvis used to. Elvis is one of my ultimate rockstars, and I guarantee that my Elvis Stitch is already on its way. I must own everything of his, even the alien version.


  • Funko Type: Elvis Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 127
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Hot Topic special-edition Elvis Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Elvis Stitch Funko Pop salutes the blue alien and a legend from our music world in a highly collectible exclusive
  • This Funko Pop makes my cute list because slapping Elvis’ hair on Stitch put stitches in my side from laughing

The Bad

  • Some Elvis fans might feel offended by this blend from Funko Pop

“Boba Love” Stitch Funko Pop

Boba tea is a sensation in Taiwan, but it hit the world by storm, and Stitch also loves it. Some fans call it bubble tea, and it tastes fantastic if you haven’t tried it yet. Boba tea is a thing for me because I loved aloe juice before becoming a specialized tea treat. Anyway, Stitch looks cute and trendy in this vinyl figure.


  • Funko Type: Stitch With Boba Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1182
  • Size: 10″
  • Variation: Jumbo Hot Topic exclusive Stitch with accessories Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch stays ahead of the times with a yummy Boba tea in his hands, and he’s a multi-exclusive collectible
  • The jumbo-sized Stitch with Boba tea is a treat for anyone who wants a massive friendly Stitch face on their display

The Bad

  • I know the closed eyes show how Stitch enjoys the drink, but I’d prefer if they were open

“Curled Blues” Stitch Funko Pop

Seeing Stitch in rollers caused me to crack up again. Admittedly, it’s an adorable idea, but the poor alien likely disagrees. I can imagine Lilo putting rollers in the poor little guy’s fur. Lilo is a young Hawaiian girl, and she does weird things to the alien “puppy.”


  • Funko Type: Stitch in Rollers Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1124
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: 2021 Fall Convention exclusive Stitch Funko Pop

The Good

  • Stitch looks hilariously adorable with rollers in his fur, and the Funko Pop is a multi-exclusive collectible
  • I’m sure poor Stitch would look as sad as the Funko Pop should Lilo ever put rollers on him

The Bad

  • The rollers can also give the wrong idea that Stitch is a female

“Lalaland Galaxy” Stitch Funko Pop

Have you seen Stitch sleep in the movies? He looks the furthest thing away from cute, making this Funko Pop inaccurate. However, it fits into my adorable category. I could see this version of Stitch is a welcome to the family more than the naughty little alien.


  • Funko Type: Sleeping Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1050
  • Size: 3.75″
  • Variation: Special-edition sleeping Stitch in pajamas Funko Pop

The Good

  • The sleeping Stitch Funko Pop is beyond adorable, and it’s a multi-exclusive collectible
  • I love how the alien’s pajamas match his fur, and the little green bear completes the sleepy look

The Bad

  • This Funko Pop would be challenging to add to the eccentric display

“Papa Alien” Stitch Deluxe Funko Pop

Stitch With Pet Funko Pop

Stitch is anything but a fatherly figure, making this an ironic but cute showpiece. I’d see Stitch eating the ducks before reading a bedtime story. He tends to eat anything and everything. The scene-style Funko Pop belongs on the cute list because ducks are adorable.


  • Funko Type: Stitch With Ducks Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 636
  • Size: 5.51″
  • Variation: Special-edition deluxe Stitch with accessories Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Stitch With Ducks Funko Pop is a multi-exclusive collectible that looks incredibly cute with the pets
  • The details of each duck figure and Stitch are excellent for a vinyl scene

The Bad

  • I can’t see Stitch treating pet ducks as well as he does in this Funko Pop

“Rockstar” Stitch Funko Pop

Stitch slowly grows accustomed to the lifestyle in Hawaii, and you’ll see him messing around with a ukelele in the movies. He gets into the tropical island vibes, making you forget about his menacing side. I love how Stitch looks like a happy rockstar with this Funko Pop.


  • Funko Type: Stitch With Ukelele Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 1044
  • Size: 6.5″
  • Variation: Diamond Collection Stitch with accessories Funko Pop

The Good

  • The gorgeously glittering Stitch Funko Pop is a multi-exclusive with numerous collectible qualities
  • The size is also a deluxe Stitch Funko Pop, and the figure is a limited edition from Entertainment Earth

The Bad

  • I wish the Funko Pop’s eyes were open here again

“Space Hula” Stitch Funko Pop

This Stitch Funko Pop is another adorable version that shows how the blue alien takes on the culture of Hawaii. Stitch undoubtedly knows how to throw down at the local luaus. He flaunts the costume like he was born to wear one. His happy face makes him an adorable addition.


  • Funko Type: Hula Stitch Funko Pop
  • Issue No: 718
  • Size: 6.5″
  • Variation: Deluxe Hot Topic exclusive Stitch in costume Funko Pop

The Good

  • The Hula Stitch Funko Pop is another multi-exclusive collectible with an incredible size for display
  • The Hula version of Stitch looks more like the friendly creature at the end of the movies, and the costume suits him

The Bad

  • Happy Stitch isn’t the best-known version of the blue alien


Question: What is the Most Epic and Expensive Stitch Funko Pop?

Answer: Stitch has one unique Funko Pop that also costs a lot. The Elvis Stitch Funko Pop is a beauty that combines the alien’s element with a rock legend from the 1960s and 1970s. That’s what makes the Funko Pop so epic. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the most expensive version of Stitch you can get in Funko Pops.

Question: Which Stitch Funko Pop is Rare?

Answer: The Hot Topic Tiki Stitch Funko Pop is hard to find, and you’ll only source them from resellers on eBay. The Hot Topic Valentine’s Edition Stitch Funko Pop and the Hot Topic Halloween Vampire Stitch Funko Pop are rare commodities you need to hunt. Finally, the Stitch on Tricycle Funko Pop is another rare find.

Question: Which Stitch Funko Pop is the Largest?

Answer: Stitch has a few super-sized or jumbo Funko Pops. The most famous is the Jumbo Stitch Funko Pop, which looks like a dog dragging its buttocks across the floor. Super-sized and jumbo Funko Pops average ten inches tall, making them the giants of the Stitch options.

Stitch Funko Pop Guide: Final Thoughts

Stitch is adorable and a menace in one, but everyone loves the blue alien. So, how do you feel about my eccentric display advice? You probably imagined a few scenarios while looking through my top picks. Welcome to the wacky versus the cute world of collectibles. Anyway, which Stitch Funko Pops jumped out at you?

The “Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis Stitch Funko Pop is already on its way to me because it brings two legends to one figure. However, I prefer the wacky Stitch Funko Pops. The “Brain Freeze” Stitch Scented Funko Pop fits right into my crazy collectible ideas. My third favorite choice is the “Manic Monster” Stitch Deluxe Funko Pop.

I’ll leave you to pick the best Stitch Funko Pop from the cute and crazy collections, but I highly recommend my top three picks for anyone who wants to try my weird ideas. Don’t face Elvis against the monster Stitch, but the music legend belongs in every collection. Use the Sleeping Stitch Funko Pop against the monster instead.

Many Stitch Funko Pops are Hot Topic exclusives, so don’t allow them to sell out before buying one. You’ll regret missing out.

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