Best Demon Slayer Figures Guide

Demon Slayer has been such a big hit in the anime community for the last couple of years, hasn’t it? In fact, since it’s been extremely well-received all over the world, it’s not shocking that several companies have been pumping out anime scale figures of the series’ characters like hotcakes.

Of course, not all of them can sit at the top. You see, since different manufacturers have their own unique standards, figures aren’t made equally, and some are a lot better than others.

And as an active anime figure collector myself, I’m excited to share my knowledge about this topic and show you what the best Demon Slayer figures are right now.

Bottom Line Up Front

Collecting anime figures is a pretty pricey hobby. What’s more, every collector has their own way of going about things. Like with me, I only go after characters that I want, so I rarely buy the entire cast of any series. When you have a similar mindset, you’ll be satisfied with just a few figures now and then.

On the other hand, you’re in for a costly ride should you be the type of person who’s inclined to buy figures in a set. Cause at the rate things are going with Demon Slayer, I think that all of the 9 Hashiras will get a scale figure of their own.

In short, if you plan on getting a scale figure of every character, you’ll have to buy at least 13 figures. That’ll be over 1,600$ if you’re going to buy from Kotobukiya and twice to thrice the price when it’s from Aniplex, MegaHouse, and other companies.

Aside from that, you’ll also have to decide which manufacturer you’ll be buying your stuff from. Cause each of them produces figures with a certain aesthetic that may not mesh well when displayed next to those from a different company.

This guide should make choosing the price range and brand much easier for you since you’ll be able to see each figure’s strengths and weaknesses from a collector’s point of view.

My Top Demon Slayer Figures at a Glance

Best Demon Slayer Figures Guide

If I could dedicate an entire area to Demon Slayer figures, these are the ones that I’d buy in a heartbeat.

  1. Kocho Shinobu 1/8 by Aniplex & Wing
  2. Tomioka Giyu 1/8 by Aniplex & Wing
  3. Tomioka Giyu G.E.M. by MegaHouse
  4. Kanao Tsuyuri 1/7 by Phat! Company
  5. Rengoku Kyojuro 1/4 B-Style Complete Edition by Freeing
  6. Rengoku Kyojuro 1/8 Aniplex & Emontoys
  7. Rengoku Kyojuro 1/8 Flame Breathing Technique Ninth Form: Rengoku by Aniplex & Wing
  8. Rengoku Kyojuro G.E.M. by MegaHouse
  9. Kamado Nezuko 1/8 Bakketsu by Aniplex & Wing
  10. Tengen Uzui 1/8 by Aniplex & Revolve

I’m a fan of Demon Slayer, but I’m not in it for the main crew, as you can see from what I’ve listed. Don’t get me wrong, though, cause I like Tanjiro and his closest friends. I just prefer the designs and attitude of the major supporting characters more. Besides, you’ve got to acknowledge that they all look mesmerizing.

The Best Demon Slayer Figures

Thanks to meticulously collecting anime figures through the years, I’ve developed a set of criteria that helps me determine if something is worth owning or not. Not to mention, I also take into account the reviews of other collectors and don’t just rely on my tastes.

Considering the pieces I’ve collected, I’m proud to say that my checklist hasn’t failed me yet. Like Tiamo 1/7 by Good Smile Company, many of my figures have even doubled or tripled in value.

Therefore if you don’t want to miss any of your possible future ‘holy grails,’ you should check out the scale figures I’ll be talking about in this guide.

The Best Kamado Tanjiro Figure

Kamado Tanjiro 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is a famous figure-making company with a reliable reputation for producing good products. In this case, the company lived up to its fame cause it released an awesome Tanjiro. The figure’s got quite a tamed pose compared to others, but so far, this version’s face is the most accurate.

Kamado Tanjiro 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

  • Release date: 1st Release May 2020, and 2nd Release October 2020
  • SRP: 129.99$
  • Rarity: Common – Moderate


  • This figure has an extra head with a different expression that you can only get when you pre-order directly from Kotobukiya
  • The paint job is precise and is nearly flawless for every stock
  • The base of this figure matches with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko’s ARTFX J figures, so you can display them as a set
  • Compared to all the Tanjiro figures available now, Kotobukiya’s version is one of the few that gets Tanjiro’s face right
  • It’s still available for a reasonable price than other Tanjiro scales of similar quality


  • The extra head’s expression doesn’t match the body’s attack pose
  • Some stocks may have minor issues with the sculpt

Close Runner-Up

Kamado Tanjiro Precious G.E.M. Kyoudai Set by MegaHouse

Since this figure is made by MegaHouse, a big name in the toy industry, it’s only natural that this version of Tanjiro looks fantastic. There’s no question about it.

Then again, this figure only comes as a set, which is why it’s not the best Tanjiro figure and is only a runner-up. But if you don’t mind the price tag and Nezuko, you won’t regret adding this to your collection.

  • Release date: June 2022
  • SRP: 344$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure hasn’t been released yet but based on MegaHouse’s track record, it’ll be as good as the promotional photos
  • The color that was used for the figure is vibrant
  • This figure has one of the best faces for Tanjiro
  • The sculpting of the figure is highly detailed


  • This figure’s pose is somewhat dull compared to other Tanjiros and may even appear awkward to some
  • This Tanjiro figure can’t be bought by itself
  • This figure is expensive cause it’s bundled with Nezuko

The Best Kamado Nezuko Figure

Kamado Nezuko 1/8 Bakketsu by Aniplex & Wing

Aniplex is a well-established toy manufacturer known to make pricey figures that can sometimes be a hit or a miss. With that said, this particular Nezuko figure is a perfect example of the former. I mean, can you honestly take a glance at this piece and call it ugly? I know I can’t.

Moreover, even if you aren’t a fan of the upside-down design, you can’t deny that the figure basically has top a dollar vibe.

  • Release date: May 2022
  • SRP: 191.98 – 239$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure has a unique dynamic design
  • Even the tiniest details, such as Nezuko’s fingernails, are carefully made
  • Since the flames are thick and directly connected to Nezuko, there won’t be any supporting parts that will bend in the future
  • It’s the ideal figure if you want to recreate the scene where Nezuko used her demon blood art for the first time


  • Due to the demon blood art flames, it’ll take up more space than a typical figure
  • You can already buy 2 figures for the same price
  • The color of the figure’s flames isn’t accurate to what’s shown in the anime

Close Runner-Up

Kamado Nezuko Precious G.E.M Kyoudai Set by MegaHouse

As I said earlier, you can mostly expect amazing figures from MegaHouse since it’s been creating premium figures since 1962. So even if this Nezuko isn’t as badass as Aniplex’s, I would highly recommend getting this version if you want to own good-looking figures of the Kamado siblings.

  • Release date: June 2022
  • SRP: 344$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure has one of the best attack poses of Nezuko
  • Unlike most Nezuko figures, which only emphasize the veins on her forehead, the veins on this one remain visible until her cheek area
  • The hair strands of this figure are thick, so they won’t be too fragile
  • Due to the figure’s position, you may be able to place this on another base if you want to display her separately from Tanjiro


  • It’s a small figure at 5 inches, considering that it’s roughly worth 172.50$ by itself

The Best Hashibira Inosuke Figure

Hashibira Inosuke 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

If you want the embodiment of ‘beauty with brawn’ from Demon Slayer, you can’t pass up the chance to get this Inosuke figure by Kotobukiya. From what I’ve seen, this version is currently the top boar out of all of them. It has the correct body proportion and hides the seam lines more than other Inosukes on the market.

  • Release date: June 2021
  • SRP: 129.99$
  • Rarity: Common – Moderate


  • You can have fun with Inosuke’s pretty face as an extra head if you order from Kotobukiya or buy the version with the additional part from a retailer
  • The seams around the shoulders aren’t apparent unless you intentionally look for them
  • The dual blades are detachable, so you can adjust them
  • The paint job for this figure is neat and consistent
  • The figure’s muscles are prominent no matter which direction he faces


  • Some stocks of the figure may not be able to fit the hilt of the swords in its hands, so it would look like Inosuke’s holding the swords by the blade

Close Runner-Up

Hashibira Inosuke 1/8 by Aniplex & Wing

Despite this being the second-best Inosuke figure, the paint quality surpasses the Kotobukiya version. Had the seams been smoothly hidden and the awkward neck altered slightly, this figure could’ve easily been the boar boy on top.

  • Release date: May 2021
  • SRP: 174 – 218.98$
  • Rarity: Common


  • The boar head’s eyes have glossy paint, making them pop out
  • This figure comes with 2 heads, the default boar head that’s attached to the body by default and Inosuke’s head
  • The holes in this figure’s hands are big enough to hold the hilt of the sword
  • This figure’s hair color follows the hue of the manga, as can be seen on the cover of Demon Slayer vol. 7


  • The seams on the shoulders are visible, especially on the left one
  • There are some angles where the neck of the figure looks too chunky when using the Inosuke head
  • The hair color isn’t accurate to the anime cause it’s too blue

The Best Agatsuma Zenitsu Figure

Agatsuma Zenitsu 1/8 Aniplex & Wing

As of the moment, the reigning king of all Zenitsu figures is this version by Aniplex. Cause not only does the figure have excellent quality, but it also offers 2 dynamic poses that show how Zenitsu is as a person in Demon Slayer.

Sure, it’s a little pricey at 200$, but you’re basically getting 2 figures in 1. So how could it not be the number 1?

  • Release date: October 2020
  • SRP: 174.98 218$
  • Rarity: Common – Moderate


  • This figure has 2 faceplates, 1 with Zenitsu’s eyes closed and 1 of Zenitsu panicking
  • You can change the figure’s pose since it comes with additional body parts
  • The 2 poses give off completely different vibes
  • The eyebrows of this figure seem more natural since it doesn’t have a black outline
  • Even the tiniest details of the figure are well made, such as the stitching on the hem of Zenitsu’s robe


  • This figure is shorter than the other Zenitsu figures cause of the low crouching position
  • The transparent support piece for the figure’s foot is a bit fragile, so the bottom may come off if it’s handled roughly

Close Runner-up

Agatsuma Zenitsu 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

This version of Zenitsu undoubtedly belongs to the cream of the crop. The serious expression that Kotobukiya went with is definitely true to the anime’s character design. This figure’s face and pose are precisely what you see in the TV anime series whenever Zenitsu’s sleepfighting. It could have been the best for me if this one had the same paint and sculpt quality as Aniplex’s.

  • Release date: August 2020
  • SRP: 129.99$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure has an extra head that you can get when you directly purchase from Kotobukiya
  • The default head looks intense, and the figure’s pose fully replicates Zenitsu’s fighting stance in ‘sleep mode’
  • The extra head is very detailed as you can clearly see the depth of the mouth and the distinction of the teeth from the tongue
  • This figure is larger than the Aniplex version


  • The thick black outline of Zenitsu’s eyebrows is distracting
  • The seam of the shoulders is too visible with some stocks

The Best Tomioka Giyu Figure

Tomioka Giyu 1/8 by Aniplex & Wing

Giyu is my favorite Demon Slayer character. In my eyes, Aniplex’s version truly gives him the treatment he deserves. On top of giving the character justice, it’s undeniably one of the coolest Demon Slayer figures on the whole. You can almost feel Giyu jumping for real to slice some demon’s head off.

  • Release date: April 2022
  • SRP: 208 – 261$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure has stunning water effects, which also serve as the base
  • The colors used, from the figure’s hair to its shoes, are faithful to Giyu’s design in the anime
  • Every part of this figure is meticulously crafted that even the foam parts have distinct indentations or curves
  • There won’t be any leaning or bending problems with this figure since its properly supported by the water effects and base
  • The figure has a dynamic pose that gracefully highlights Giyu’s Water Breathing Technique form


  • Due to the water effects, this version will take up more space than a regular sized-figure
  • The foamy and thin parts of the water effects may be fragile, so you have to handle them carefully

Close Runner-Up

Tomioka Giyu G.E.M. by MegaHouse

Generally speaking, MegaHouse rarely fails to provide outstanding figures. And if Aniplex didn’t have their own Giyu, this version would certainly be my top pick for the Water Hashira.

The mossy stone base he’s stepping on falls short against Aniplex’s water base. However, that doesn’t make this figure any less beautiful.

  • Release date: December 2020
  • SRP: 179.99$
  • Rarity: Common – Moderate


  • This version has one of the most accurate faces of Giyu
  • The paint job of this figure is excellent cause the colors are visibly rich and deep
  • The entire sculpt of the figure down to the base is clean, and there are rarely any bumps or quality issues
  • The figure has an attractive base and pose, so it’ll do well either as a solo figure or a centerpiece in your Giyu shrine


  • This figure is on the small side and will look tiny next to 1/8 or 1/7 scale figures

The Best Rengoku Kyojuro Figure

Rengoku Kyojuro Flame Breathing Technique Ninth Form: Rengoku 1/8 by Aniplex & Wing

Cause of Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train’s success, tons of Kyojuros have surged on the market. Yet out of all of them, this figure is hands down the ultimate version of the Flame Hashira.

Whether or not you’re into dynamic poses, this piece will appeal to you as it perfectly copies Kyojuro’s iconic Rengoku Flame Breathing attack from the movie.

  • Release date: December 2022
  • SRP: 251.98 – 314.98$
  • Rarity: Common


  • The flame effect, along with Kyojuro’s expression, makes this figure seem alive
  • This figure brings to life one of Kyojuro’s most memorable scenes from the Demon Slayer movie
  • Aniplex didn’t cut corners with the figure, as you can evidently see the high caliber of the paint and sculpt
  • The flame effect looks fluid and expensive
  • There are no noticeable seams on the figure


  • This figure costs as much as 2 premium figures
  • You’ll need a big space for this figure since it’s tall and wide

Close Runner-up

Rengoku Kyojuro 1/7 by Aniplex & Emontoys

Toy companies have been giving it their all when it comes to making Kyojuro figures, so it was a close fight between this and the one produced by Wing. But Emontoys’ version ended up as the runner-up for me cause the flashy flame effect is honestly hard to beat.

In spite of being second place, this figure has been proven to be 100% gorgeous by those who’ve bought it. Even collectors from various parts of the world have said that photos aren’t enough to show how impressive this figure is, as it looks way better in person.

  • Release date: March 2022
  • SRP: 261.99$
  • Rarity: Common – Moderate


  • This is a timeless piece since the figure is in Kyojuro’s signature pose
  • The base looks classy. It also doesn’t need to be set up anymore since the flames are already attached to it
  • The sword has its own support, so it won’t fall out of place
  • You can clearly see the effort Emontoys put into making this figure, as it’s got an elaborate sculpt and clean paint job


  • The cape of some stocks may have minor paint issues

The Best Kocho Shinobu Figure

Kocho Shinobu 1/7 by Aniplex & Wing

Is the Insect Hashira your ‘best girl’ in the Demon Slayer series? If yes, you’re sure to enjoy putting this beautiful Shinobu figure in your collection. Aniplex’s version is totally incredible as it easily stands above the others in terms of quality and features. All in all, this figure is without a doubt worthy of the crown for ‘Best Shinobu.’

  • Release date: January 2022
  • SRP: 207.98 – 249$
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • The butterfly filled base looks magical when it’s under the lights, be it natural light or LED light
  • This figure comes attached to the base, so there’s no need to assemble it
  • The semi-glossy paint on the figure’s robe or haori makes it look fluid and cloth-like
  • This figure is highly detailed as you can trace the patterns on the robe with your fingers cause there are indentations on it


  • This figure looks weird at some angles due to its upside-down position

Close Runner-Up

Kocho Shinobu 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

While it’s not at par with Aniplex’s, Kotobukiya’s version is still among the better-looking Shinobu figures that have been released. Plus, you’ll get the most value for your money with this one when you’re on a tight budget.

  • Release date: February 2022
  • SRP: 159.88$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure comes with a bonus smiling face of Shinobu when you order from the Kotobukiya Store
  • The butterfly effect on the base’s back part is detachable, so you can choose to put two effect parts or just one
  • This figure highlights Shinobu’s sword, which the Aniplex version didn’t do
  • You won’t have to worry about pegs bending or breaking cause the figure is attached to the base


  • The color of the butterfly effect parts kinda looks a bit cheap

The Best Tengen Uzui Figure

Tengen Uzui 1/8 by Aniplex & Revolve

There isn’t any other figure at present that completely radiates Uzui’s personality than this version. Everything about this figure loudly screams ‘flamboyant.’ From the excited facial expression, dynamic pose, and all the way down to the explosive base, Aniplex truly delivers a 10/10 with this piece.

  • Release date: March 2023
  • SRP: 222.98 – 278.98$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This figure has the best face for Uzui as it faithfully imitates his fierce look from the anime
  • The base is eye-catching and badass
  • This figure comes with an extra head that has the same expression but with messy hair
  • This figure is extremely detailed that you can almost see Uzui’s muscles pulsating as he attacks and the distinct chain linking his weapons


  • This figure’s expensive
  • The white strips on the figure’s back might be fragile and prone to breakage if it’s mishandled

Close Runner-Up

Tengen Uzui 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

When you want a decent Uzui figure but can’t shell out the cash for Aniplex’s, this version should be able to satisfy you. It doesn’t have the flashiness that the character is known for. Yet it’s got the intimidating vibe that Uzui exudes when he’s in serious fight mode.

  • Release date: October 2022
  • SRP: 149.99$
  • Rarity: Common


  • The figure’s pose emphasizes Uzui’s body shape, which makes for great eye candy
  • You can get the extra head, a grinning Uzui, when you buy from Kotobukiya
  • This figure highlights Uzui’s weapons, which makes him more menacing, like a snake waiting to strike
  • The figure will suit collectors who prefer stoic poses


  • The chain of his weapons is barely noticeable
  • The pose is a bit flat for the flamboyant Hashira

The Best Tsuyuri Kanao Figure

Tsuyuri Kanao 1/7 by Phat! Company

I’ve had a few figures from Phat! Company and I think they’ll do a wonderful job of constructing this serene and lovely figure of Kanao. This version fully captures the Flower Breathing user’s innocent and childlike demeanor when she’s introduced to Tanjiro for the first time in episode 23 of the anime’s first season.

  • Release date: June 2022
  • SRP: 165.99$
  • Rarity: Common


  • This is the most beautiful version of Kanao as the figure is simply angelic from top to base
  • This figure has a lot going on cause it includes a butterfly and Kanao’s Kasugai crow
  • The bright colors Phat! used matches the overall vibe of the figure and reinforces the soft and dreamy atmosphere of the pose
  • The cape can be detached from the figure, so you have 2 looks to choose from


  • The base is interesting but looks incomplete cause of the cut-off pond part

Close Runner Up

Tsuyuri Kanao 1/8 by Alter

Although this figure’s pose is lackluster when pitted against Phat! Company’s Kanao, it still has a high level of artistry that you can observe from the overall quality. In addition, the dynamic pose is taken from Kanao’s second appearance in the first season.

  • Release Date: May 2022
  • SRP: Around 209$
  • Rarity: Common


  • You can remove the cape and the effect part attached to it
  • This is a dynamic figure that manages to duplicate how Kanao looked in episode 21 of the first season of Demon Slayer when she was chasing after Tanjiro and Nezuko
  • Since this figure’s made by Alter, the color of the paint will be as vivid as those shown in the promotional photos
  • This version fits the attack theme of most of the Demon Slayer figures


  • The figure looks off when you view it from the left side cause of the awkward bent leg


With Demon Slayer being popular, I understand your desire of wanting to buy the scale figures of all the characters. But, you need to know two things. One, it’ll take some time for you to complete your collection cause there are still 5 Hashiras that haven’t been made into scale figures yet. Second, it’ll take around 1,600$ and above to get all of them.

So if you’re not willing to wait and aren’t comfortable spending that much on toys, you could go for Demon Slayer Nendoroids instead. You’ll still get to take home your favorite characters without breaking the bank.

Now, you’ll have no problem pursuing the Demon Slayer scale figures when you’ve got the patience and budget for it. You can even buy them all if you’re such a hardcore fan.

Top Q&A

Question: Why Is This Specific Demon Slayer Figure Hard To Find?

Answer:  Any figure’s rarity in a specific place mostly depends on how high in demand it is by collectors in the area.
For example, in 2019 or 2020, I had to dispose of my Velvet Crowe 1/8 by Kotobukiya to make space for another Velvet figure. Since she wasn’t popular where I lived, I could only sell her for 87$ even though she was going for 150-170$ in the USA and Japan.

Question: What Does It Mean To Pre-order A Demon Slayer Figure?

Answer: Pre-ordering a figure means that you’ll be placing an order for an item from a store before the figure’s official release into the market. You’ll have to pay a downpayment to secure your order, which is usually non-refundable if you decide to cancel it later. 
Anime figures are typically up for pre-order from 6 to 18 months before their release date.

Question: What Do I Do If The Demon Slayer Figure I Want Is No Longer Available In Retail Stores?

Answer: You have 3 choices when you want to obtain a Demon Slayer figure that’s sold out in retail stores.
First, you can look for anime or toy specialty shops in your area since they may still have it in stock. They can also refer you to an affiliate store that has one.
Second, you can ask online stores in your city or county if they still have it in stock. If you’re comfortable purchasing items from overseas, you can check Japanese stores that ship internationally. Some trustworthy stores that you should try are Mandarake, Hobby Search, and Amiami.
And lastly, you can buy from collectors with credible backgrounds on online marketplace sites, such as eBay, Mercari, Yahoo Auctions, and Facebook Marketplace.

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