Charissa Fuentes

Charissa is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and otaku who usually fills her days with anime, manga, movies, and JRPG games. Her passion for anime began in childhood as she grew up watching B’t X, Super Boink, Saint Tail, and Sailor Moon. Some of her favorite titles are Elfen Lied, No. 6, Kill la Kill and Overlord. She keeps tabs on upcoming anime figure releases when she's not watching or playing, as she’s been an anime figure collector for 6 years.

killua nendoroid

Killua Nendoroid Guide

Despite Hunter x Hunter’s protagonist being mainly Gon in the anime, most have been drawn to the pretty boy with killer instincts, Killua. International fans have even shown their support as the young Zoldyck’s the number one character in the series, according to MyAnimeList. Hence, if he’s also your top boy, you’ll need a Killua …

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