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Best Attack on Titan Nedoroids Guide

With Attack on Titan‘s final season closing in, the anime will soon leave the roster of seasonal hits permanently. But even though its story is nearing the end, fans like me can continue to enjoy the characters off-screen with their physical representations.

Among the many products you can get your hands on, the Attack on Titan Nendoroid line offers the most comprehensive experience. GSC’s top toy line provides a high level of freedom and flexibility with these mini figures you can’t find anywhere else.

On that note, having the best Attack on Titan Nendoroid guide will be helpful when you want your own mini Levi or someone else from the cast. And who better to show you what Good Smile Company has in store than an otaku who’s been collecting Nendoroids for years like me?

Let me walk you through everything there is to know about the characters’ tiny PVC forms so you won’t have to break a sweat. Keep on scrolling to get the deets on Eren and the gang.

eren yeager nendoroid

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve been hooked on Attack on Titan since I started watching almost a decade ago (2013 or 2014). But because of prior commitments, I have yet to obtain all of the Nendoroids. I never forgot about them, though, and have been waiting to clear my existing preorders before buying anything.

So, this guide is basically a thorough list of the Attack on Titan Nendoroids I want. They’re the figures any fan would need to have a complete collection, which is what I’m aiming for in the long run.

Though, if you’re not into collecting sets and prefer just a couple of figures, the Eren Yeager: Attack Titan Nendoroid is the one to get. It’s the best Attack on Titan Nendoroid, as it symbolizes many of the critical aspects of the series (duality of the Titans, Struggles of Eldians, etc.) and has better overall production quality than the older releases.

Selection Criteria

Irreplaceable Characters

There are currently 21 Nendoroids under GSC’s Attack on Titan lineup. Yet only 14 of them made it to this guide because they’re the integral figures that propelled the story forward. For instance, although Erwin no longer appears after season 3, I still listed his Nendoroid in the article since his participation strongly affected the story’s direction.

Captured a Character’s Significant Appearance or Age

The events in Attack on Titan take place over nine years, from when Eren was ten years old in season 1 to 19 in season 4. Due to this, the different versions of the characters’ Nendoroids are necessary since they depict the various arcs in the story.

In this case, the three versions of Eren equally contributed to concluding the story, so they all deserve to be in this article.

The Nendoroid’s Design Is Relevant or Canon to the Storyline

Since Attack on Titan has serious and violent themes, it wouldn’t feel right to include variants that deviate from what’s shown in the anime. As a result, I only included the characters’ canon appearances and dismissed the irrelevant variants, like the Swacchao! Versions, and the Nendoroid Petite Eren Santa Version. If it didn’t appear in the anime, it has no place here.

Top Picks

  • Best Embodies the Series – Eren Yeager: Attack Titan Version Nendoroid
  • Most Special Variant – Levi Cleaning Version Nendoroid
  • Best Diorama Set – Colossus Titan & Attack Playset Nendoroid

The Best Attack on Titan Nendoroids

Eren Yeager: Attack Titan Version

best attack on titan nendoroids 1

Eren’s Attack Titan Nendoroid is the most crucial figure in GSC’s Attack on Titan lineup. Seeing that the anime has its name as the title, the Titan’s value is pretty blatant. And now that it’s about to be available in this mini form, the figure should be at the top of your must-buy toys.

Release date: June 2023 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • It’s one of the few figures of the Attack Titan that can change its expressions and has articulation points. The other replicas have no mobility and simply have a generic screaming expression
  • The seam lines are visible, yet the figure’s body has a clean outline since there isn’t any noticeable space between the joints/sockets
  • It comes with memorable accessory pieces (the exterior of a building and a small Reiner) that you can use to remake many fight scenes, especially the one when Eren attacked Liberio during a festival in Season 4
  • The shading technique used on this Nendoroid makes the Titan’s bone and muscle structure pop out
  • I love how GSC shaped the figure’s thighs because not only do they emphasize the muscles, but they also hide the ball joints perfectly


  • The Nendoroid would feel more accurate to the anime if GSC included smoke effects for its mouth

Eren Yeager

best attack on titan nendoroids 2

Given the character’s role and screen time, there’s no arguing that Eren’s original form in seasons 1 to 3 is a central piece in the lineup.

It’s an indispensable figure you’ll need to get whether you just want the core characters or a complete Attack on Titan collection. Fortunately, GSC listened to the fans’ demand and released this for the 3rd time, meaning you can avoid the scalper prices.

Release date: 1st release April 2014, 2nd release September 2019 and 3rd release August 2022

Rarity: Low


  • What I love about this figure is that it has more accessories than most of the Attack on Titan Nendoroids (blood effect parts, the metal pole he was tied to in season 1, and a preorder bonus base)
  • You don’t have to worry about which release to buy since all three have good quality
  • This figure is one of the only two Nendoroids in the lineup with the blood effect parts. So if you want the accessory, you’ll have to buy either this version or the first Mikasa Nendoroid
  • This version of Eren has a more seamless outline compared to the Final Season version since its ball joints are less noticeable
  • You can use the inner cardboard as a backdrop


  • The figure’s kneeling pose looks awkward because the space between the legs’ ball joints becomes more pronounced. In turn, the groin area’s shape seems too sharp and resembles a panty

Eren Yeager: The Final Season Version

best attack on titan nendoroids 3

As Eren’s last human appearance in the fourth season, this figure carries a heavier weight than the previous versions. Because, unlike the first Eren Nendoroid in the Survey Corps uniform that shows the character’s innocence and soft-heartedness, this one represents the opposite. It’s associated with the cold and ruthless side of him that ‘betrays’ humankind and initiates the Rumbling.

Release date: April 2023 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • The skin color of this Nendoroid matches the character’s colors in the anime much better than the first one. It has a tanner complexion, whereas the first version has a lighter one
  • It’s the 2000th Nendoroid by GSC, and the number has a distinct link to Attack on Titan’s entire story. It’s connected to the birth of the Titans, and the original Titan, Ymir
  • I’m glad that GSC gave this Nendoroid meaningful expressions instead of the typical safe ones. The secret faceplate, in particular, is based on when Eren finally admitted that he loves Mikasa and doesn’t want her to move on from him even after his death
  • It’s one of the few figures based on Eren’s mature appearance in the fourth season


  • This Nendoroid feels bare in comparison to the others because it only has two accessories and doesn’t even have the ODM gear
  • Due to the Nendoroid’s updated design, you can’t mix and match this variant’s clothes with the first Eren

Mikasa Ackerman

best attack on titan nendoroids 4

Though the story primarily revolves around Eren, the series’ heroine, Mikasa, deserves just as much adoration. She’s the second most badass character after Levi and serves as one of the main muscles of the series because of her strength.

Moreover, she’s technically Eren’s knight in shining armor, so this first Nendoroid version of her should be an automatic addition to every fan’s cart.

Release date: 1st release January 2014, 2nd release September 2019 and 3rd release August 2022

Rarity: Low


  • Similar to the first Eren Nendoroid, this Mikasa variant comes with a pair of blood effect parts for the Dual Blades. You can also use them with other characters’ blades since they’re detachable
  • It’s one of the few Nendoroids in the lineup that you can get with a preorder base (the bonus base has a brick path pattern, which is shown regularly in the anime)
  • This Nendoroid has a youthful look in comparison to the Mikasa final version. Hence it’s what you should get when you want to display scenes from seasons 1 to 3 of the anime
  • It’s one of the few fully customizable Mikasa figures since you can change every part of the Nendoroid (hair, clothes, body parts, face)


  • Some of the older stocks of this figure may have loose arm joints or sockets

Mikasa Ackerman: The Final Season Version

best attack on titan nendoroids 5

GSC gets two thumbs up from me with this second Mikasa variant. It’s a significant improvement from the original version since it reflects the character’s emotional development and human side. The older Nendoroid is purely action-oriented, while this one can show various emotions thanks to the expressive faceplates.

Release date: April 2023 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • This Nendoroid’s red scarf accessory looks more attractive than the one the first Mikasa has. It has a more noticeable design since it’s larger and has a more vibrant color
  • This figure doesn’t follow the current leg style of Nendoroids (ball joints in the thigh). It has the same leg design as the first Mikasa, which gives it a broader range of movement that’s ideal for executing actions scenes
  • This Nendoroid has a better face than the older one since it has more details (specifically the eyes and hair sculpt)
  • Due to the costume design (the placement of the body straps) and legs, this Nendoroid has a tidier appearance than the others. There aren’t any apparent seam lines, and the leg joints blend in better because of the black pants
  • The Nendoroid’s secret accessories (the flower and tombstone) are based on one of Mikasa’s last scenes in the story


  • Despite having the same amount of accessories and additional body parts as the first release, it’s much more expensive since it’s a GSC Shop Exclusive Release

Armin Arlert

best attack on titan nendoroids 6

Levi will always be my fave boy from the series, but I must admit that this Nendoroid’s the cutest in the lineup. It’s the perfect figure that showcases Armin’s cherubic appeal and physical capabilities as a Survey Corps soldier. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this mini blondie when you want a cute yet determined Armin that’s affordable.

Release date: 1st release October 2014, 2nd release September 2019 and 3rd release August 2022

Rarity: Low


  • It’s the only Armin Nendoroid, which makes it among the sought-after figures in the lineup. The other crucial characters (Eren, Mikasa, and Levi) have at least 2-3 versions of each
  • This figure is the last character from the Attack on Titan lineup to offer a preorder bonus base. None of the Nendoroids after this one come with a bonus item anymore
  • It’s the third most poseable Armin figure, after the 1/6 Real Action Heroes and Figma versions
  • You can display this figure with diverse expressions. The other Armin variants typically only have serious or emotionless faces


  • Unless you order the figure straight from GSC, you’ll have to pay extra for the preorder bonus base or buy it separately


best attack on titan nendoroids 7

There isn’t any other figure that exhibits Levi’s “small but deadly” nature as well as this Nendoroid. Furthermore, regardless of its tiny size, this version manages to exude the character’s calm yet chilling vibe flawlessly. It’s a piece that’s sure to please fans of Humanity’s Strongest Solider, whether you’re a newbie in toy collecting or not.

Release date: 1st release June 2014, 2nd release January 2018, and 3rd release November 2021

Rarity: Medium


  • I’m happy with the faceplates that GSC chose for this Nendoroid. They accurately portray Levi’s tough and nonchalant side that’s commonly shown in the anime
  • This Nendoroid is among the best miniature Levi figures you can buy. It has excellent quality but is much cheaper than a scale figure. You can also still purchase stocks of it for around $50 – $60
  • It’s portable and poseable, two features that most Levi figures can’t offer simultaneously
  • This Nendoroid has Levi’s most well-known appearance throughout the series. So you have to get this figure when you’re into the ‘original Levi’ from seasons 1 to 3
  • You can display this figure with two looks: with or without the cape since it’s removable. It’s also one of the only four characters from the lineup that has a cape


  • This Nendoroid doesn’t have any extra accessories aside from the usual equipment (ODM gear and dual blade)

Levi Ackerman: The Final Season Version

best attack on titan nendoroids 8

I’ve got to hand it to Levi. Even in bandages and with just a single eye, the petite killing machine still wows fans with his skills and presence. Sure, he’s beaten up, yet you can still feel the character’s unwavering fighting spirit.

Release date: May 2023 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • You can do more diverse poses with this Nendoroid since it has more arm options. The arm pieces are sort of like a combination of the standard and cleaning Levi versions
  • It’s the only figure that correctly depicts Levi’s injured appearance. So you’ll need this Nendoroid if you want to recreate his scenes from the fourth season of the anime
  • There aren’t any discernable seams on this Nendoroid. Even the ball joints don’t stand out much due to the black pants
  • The dual blades have permanently attached effect parts to depict Levi’s quick slicing speed. It’s the only Nendoroid that has this type of effect on any weapon
  • Since it has the Nendoroid’s newer design and sculpt, it generally looks more polished and well put together than the first two Levis


  • The direction of Levi’s scar on its mouth is misaligned. It’s supposed to be a single continuous line that starts from the right side of his forehead and ends near the middle of his chin, not two separate lines

Levi: Cleaning Version

best attack on titan nendoroids 9

Do you have a fondness for rare toys and get a kick out of having things that most people don’t have? Then Levi’s second variant, the number one grail Nendoroid in the lineup, is your cup of tea. On top of being cute, the figure will always retain its value for the foreseeable future since it’s unlikely to get a rerelease.

Release date: July 2014 (Exclusive Good Smile Company Online Shop Release)

Rarity: High


  • This figure is the rarest and most expensive Attack on Titan Nendoroid, which is why it’ll significantly increase the worth and prestige of any collection
  • The parts of this Nendoroid are interchangeable with the original Levi Nendoroid, meaning you can create more scenes from the anime when you have both of them
  • The box’s inner cardboard can be set up as a backdrop to create a diorama and precisely remake Levi cleaning the abandoned building in episode 15 of season 1
  • Since the mask is removable, you can display the figure with or without it. The other Levi Nendoroids don’t have this type of accessory
  • What I like about this Nendoroid is that it’s both a special and canon version of Levi. The figure is the only one of its kind in the lineup since the rest of the characters are wearing their daily attire or military uniform


  • You may have to settle for a back-in-box figure of this Nendoroid since the majority of the stocks available are opened or preowned

Erwin Smith

best attack on titan nendoroids 10

The title of the Survey Corps Commander has gone through multiple people. However, none have the same charisma or influence as Erwin. For this reason, this sole Nendoroid of the former Dancho is a must when you’re into Attack on Titan.

Release date: 1st release January 2018 and 2nd release January 2023

Rarity: Low


  • It’s among Erwin’s most attractive PVC figures and is the one that resembles him the most right now. The other small-sized figures have goofy faces that don’t look like him at all
  • This Erwin Nendoroid offers a variety of looks that you won’t get from other figures (2 hairstyles, amputated arms, and a removable cape)
  • It’s one of the two articulated Erwin figures, as the rest have fixed poses
  • You can get this figure at SRP since its usual aftermarket price of $200 has gone down thanks to the recent rerelease
  • It’s the only Erwin figure that features his two different hairstyles. The other variants of the former Commander only have his regular swept-up hairstyle


  • The seam line on the figure’s left arm becomes more apparent when displayed in the salute pose. It’s because the hand part goes against the support stand. You’ll have to pose it without the hand to get a clean appearance

Hange Zoe

best attack on titan nendoroids 11

The Attack on Titan Nendoroids typically have serious and grim vibes, like the Mikasa and Eren Nendoroids. But although they’re in tune with the anime’s mature themes, they can sometimes get bland. It’s why GSC did the right thing with Hange’s Nendoroid.

Instead of going with the expected expressions, they concentrated on her quirky personality and brought out her best sides in the form of this fascinating figure.

Release date: 1st release September 2019 and 2nd release January 2023

Rarity: Low


  • You can adjust this figure’s cape much more quickly than Erwin’s or Levi’s since it’s one of the two Nendoroids that have the updated cape design
  • You can only get Levi’s salute hand part with this figure
  • This Nendoroid has one of the best expressions in the Attack on Titan lineup since it doesn’t have the typical boring faces. I love all three faceplates since they are exact replicas of Hange’s most memorable expressions from the anime
  • You can play around with Hange’s faceplate a lot since all of her facial accessories are removable
  • This Nendoroid is the 2nd most articulated Hange figure next to the Real Action Heroes version and is much more portable as well


  • You can display Hange without any facial accessories. But since the straps of the glasses are part of the back hairpiece’s sculpt, the figure will look odd without them

Jean Kirstein

best attack on titan nendoroids 12

Jean has been a constant ally and reliable support character since day 1. He’s also outlived many pivotal characters (like Erwin and Hange) and survives until the story’s final moments. So having the first Nendoroid of this tough cookie should be a given to all Attack on Titan figure collectors.

Release date: June 2023 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • This Nendoroid is the most budget-friendly premium-quality Jean figure. The other topnotch variants (the Real Action Heroes and scale figures) are expensive and cost around $200 to $500 each
  • It’s the easiest Jean figure to customize since all you need to do it pop the parts into place. Whereas you’ll have to take the RAH version apart to change its clothes
  • I like the hair sculpt because it closely mimics the anime’s design but has more texture, so it looks more natural. It also has more details and visible strands compared to the other Nendoroids
  • Due to its size and weight, it’s the only Jean figure you can use to recreate the character’s fighting scenes, especially when it’s jumping from building to building
  • It’s the most accessible Jean figure and will be available in most toy and anime shops when it’s released


  • The three faces the Nendoroid comes with are dull. GSC could’ve chosen better faceplates for this character

Reiner Braun

best attack on titan nendoroids 13

When it came out that Reiner was a double agent, he leveled up from being a plain douchey guy to a complicated victim of circumstances. His new role as the conflicted, tortured soul cemented him as one of the series’ most unforgettable and complex characters. And if you’re one of the people who’s gained a fondness for him, this mature Reiner Nendoroid should be suitable for you.

Release date: November 2022 (Exclusive Release)

Rarity: Low


  • It’s the only high-end figure of the character that’s out in the market. The rest of the available Reiner figures either have low quality or are Garage Kits
  • This figure is currently the best-looking Reiner, as GSC carefully crafted his appearance and overall vibe. Its face is also among the most attractive ones in the Nendoroid lineup
  • Except for this figure, there isn’t any other Attack on Titan Nendoroid that has the Marleyan Military uniform
  • Similar to the Hange Nendoroid, GSC did a fabulous job with choosing the faceplates since they fully express Reiner’s attitude in the anime
  • It’s a provocative Nendoroid since it’s the only one that can fully recreate a mature scene (Reiner’s attempted suicide) from the fourth season
  • The figure’s seams and joints are mainly under the long coat, which gives this a smooth and clean look


  • The figure’s legs have a more limited range than the others due to the length of the coat

Colossus Titan & Attack Playset

best attack on titan nendoroids 14

While it’s the oldest Attack on Titan Nendoroid, it’s still an excellent buy. It’s even better than the newer version since it’s jam-packed with goodies that you won’t see in the Colossal Titan Renewal set. Fans of dioramas will have a fantastic time displaying it solo or paired with any figure in this list.

Release date: December 2013

Rarity: High


  • This version comes with accessories that the renewal version lacks. Some examples are the third regular Titan, the smoke effect parts, the miniature Survey Corps soldiers, and the base for the wall
  • You can use the cardboard insert as a background to complete the diorama
  • This figure is the only version of the Colossus Titan that can change its face, and the second faceplate can even open its mouth
  • Similar to the Levi Nendoroid, this figure’s value will remain the same even when the newer version’s released since it has more accessories
  • This Nendoroid is the only figure with accurate depictions of the Pure and Abnormal Titans. One of the Titan accessories can even move its mouth


  • The Colossus Titan doesn’t look menacing when you put it next to other figures because it has the same size as a standard Nendoroid. It would’ve been more visually appealing if it were larger

More Nendoroids to Look Out for

GSC will likely make most, if not all, of the influential characters from the anime because of its overwhelming popularity. The following Nendoroids are already in the production stage, as photos of their prototypes have been announced:

Sasha Blouse (Season 1- 3 version)

best attack on titan nendoroids 17

Annie Leonhart (Season 1 version)

best attack on titan nendoroids 16

Cart Titan

best attack on titan nendoroids 15


Question: What Is The Rarest Attack on Titan Nendoroid?

Answer: The rarest and most expensive Attack on Titan Nendoroid is the Levi: Cleaning Version, which has a starting price of $250. It’s also the only one that hasn’t gotten a rerelease and will likely never get one since it was an exclusive release.

Question: Who Is The Most Popular Attack on Titan Character?

Answer: According to Japanese and international fans, Levi Ackerman is the number one character in Attack on Titan. It’s why many of his figures end up with high aftermarket prices. A prime example is the Levi Cleaning Version Nendoroid, which is part of this guide.

Question: What Other Attack on Titan Figures Can I Collect?

Answer: Due to the show’s popularity, Attack on Titan figures come in various sizes. If you want something similar to Nendoroids, you should consider Funko Pops. For larger sizes, you might like the scale figures or statues.

Best Attack on Titan Nendoroids: Conclusion

The final part of Attack on Titan is coming out this 2023. And you can expect GSC to ride the momentum by churning out as many Nendoroids from the series as they can. As such, this year is the time to start buying the Nendoroids you fancy in this list. They’ll be in abundance and stay around SRP as long as there are stocks.

Once the anime ends, though, GSC will stop rereleasing the Nendoroids. Consequently, this will hike up their prices, like what happened to the Kuroko no Basket Nendoroids. Don’t wait for that to happen, and save your wallet from the crazy aftermarket prices. Use this guide, and start working on your ultimate Attack on Titan collection ASAP.

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