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Ahoy, fellow Rick and Morty fans! Welcome to my guide to the best Rick and Morty Show’s Funko Pop figures! I will struggle with keeping this short and sweet because there are soooo many unbelievably awesome Funko Pops, and I feel pretty confident that I haven’t even seen them all. Rick and Morty have been among my favorite characters from any show for a long time.

As a parent to a five-year-old boy who absorbs all bad words like a little sponge, I must be careful when I watch Rick and Morty! I don’t think his kindergarten teacher would be too impressed with the lovely and creative things said on the show!

It’s bad enough that he knows about Mr. Meeseeks. If you want to see the complete list of Rick and Morty Funko Pops, check this link.

Why I Choose These Pops

  • I only list the best Pops, so you don’t have to do the hard work.
  • I like you and want you to succeed in life.
  • These Pops genuinely are the best, and I want you to be able to purchase one for yourself.
  • They can all be found at reputable companies or resellers; nothing too sketchy, like the guy selling bootleg Sonics on the corner.
  • They will make you famous, and everyone will envy you.
  • The Best of the Best

Of course, my favorite is Pickle Rick with Laser #332. The Pickle Rick episode is, by far, one of the most disturbing and creative episodes of any show I’ve ever seen. I love that episode and all of its gruesome glory!

This Pop is exceptionally detailed and looks great for a pickle wearing a King Rat spine with connected arms and legs. In addition, it is affordable and not super hard to find. 

Best Rick & Morty Show Pops

Mad Max Rick #37

Mad Max Rick

Can you handle this?! I’m pretty sure I can’t. Mad Max has always been a big deal in my life, and this Mad Rick, with his crazy tank car, has got to be one of the best Pops I’ve ever seen!

This hilariously brilliant Mad Max Rick is from the “Rickmancing the Stone” episode, where we see Summer, Rick, and Morty in a post-apocalyptic world having a swell adventure, basically living in a Mad Max spinoff.


  • This Pop is so fantastic and so wholly original!
  • The car is what really makes this one the bee’s knees. Look at that crazy car tank!
  • Everyone in the world will think you’re awesome for having this gem.
  • People will worship you and bring you gifts.
  • Not that expensive, but hurry up!
  • Available on Amazon for that reasonable price, too, but hurry!


  • People who will befriend you only try to steal this fossil from you
  • Taking this Pop everywhere with you and getting its paint messed up.
  • Wishing there were enough of these to give to every one of your friends.
  • There needs to be some vomit dripping down the door of the Mad Rick Mobile!

King of $h%t #694 (with Sound)

King of Sh

In this episode, Rick is furious to find that the personal toilet he’s built for his own use in an idyllic world is being used by an alien. Rick then enters an unlikely and toxic passive-aggressive friendship with the alien and finds himself feeling empty when he dies. This wonderful Pop shows Rick sitting sadly on his throne-like toilet after the weird alien dies. 


  • Hilarity with sound
  • Sober Rick is rare and super strange
  • Did I mention it has SOUND! 


  • This Pop makes me feel sad, too, but I’m not sitting on my personal toilet
  • Where is the vomit?! 
  • Why does Rick look so sober?
  • Where is the alien?

Wasp Rick #663

Wasp And Rick

Buzzzzzzzzzz… nothing to see here, just good ol’ Rick getting his waspy business on! In this episode, a cloned version of Rick shows up in his garage and makes a Hail Wasp Hitler move which shocks wasp Rick, so the clone is invited to dinner, where wasp Rick explains what complete @ss%oles humans really are to the clone and wasp family.


  • Good ol’ hilarity at its finest.
  • This episode was truly epic, and I almost peed my pants laughing.
  • He looks good in a waspy way.
  • Wasp Rick’s eyes are a creepy yellow.


  • More vomit, please?
  • Rick doesn’t look delighted.
  • Where is Wasp Rick’s stinger?

Exoskeleton Snowball 6″ Size #569

Snowball has it fairly rough being the dog of this bizarre family of weirdos. Snowball has officially had it with their nonsense when he becomes Exoskeleton Snowball because they wanted a more intelligent dog that would do things for them like a maid, Snowball rebels and goes crazy!


  • Snowball deserves victory.
  • Not impossible to find an affordable price online.
  • Snowball’s cute little dangling body.
  • Snowball’s fierce expression.


  • Snowball might blow up your house while you sleep, so make sure to be extra nice to your dog.
  • Snowball is several inches bigger than the other Pops, which might make your Pop collection feel awkward when you introduce them to this puppy.
  • Though not hard to find, this Pop is a little expensive, but I’m sure if you’re not lazy, you will be able to find a better price than I did on Amazon.

Pickle Rick with Laser Cannon #332

Picke Rick

This is my absolute favorite episode! No matter how often I watch it, it always makes me laugh hysterically at the not-okayness of the show. Rick turns himself into a pickle and realizes he will miss therapy, so he goes above and beyond to correct the situation.

Pickle Rick kills the Rat King and uses his spine, arms, and legs to maneuver the sewer and finally changes back to human Rick and is found walking on the side of the road naked in true Rick style!


  • If you looked up excellent in the dictionary, this picture of Pickle Rick would be there.
  • The detail of the Rat King’s limbs is on point.
  • Not every Pop can be cool enough to have a laser cannon. But this one is that cool.
  • Pickles are so great!


  • There aren’t enough of these Pops available for everyone in the world.
  • They can be expensive and complicated to find, but they are worth it.

Scary Terry #300

Scary Terry

We all came to know and be disgusted by Scary Terry in the Lawnmower Dog episode. This endearing Freddie Crugger look-alike can’t seem to speak without saying b!t#h at the end of everything he says. However, he is also very self-conscious and constantly worries if he’s scary enough. 


  • Scary Terry needs your love and support because he has terrible self-esteem and obvious ego issues.
  • Scary Terry will ensure you always look difficult enough to leave the house.
  • This Pop is a big deal and is next to impossible to find as GameStop initially sold it with a tee shirt.
  • You need someone yelling, “bi%c#,” to keep the other Pops in your collection amused.


  • Scary Terry is expensive and challenging to find outside of reseller sites.
  • Scary Terry isn’t Rick, so he will never be as awesome as you want him to be.
  • You won’t get the shirt that originally came with this Pop. Instead, you will have to dry your tears on your kitchen towel like everyone else.

Meeseeks #174


Who doesn’t love Mr. Meeseeks? He wants you to be happy. “I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!” Meeseeks are creatures created to serve only one purpose for which they will go to any length to fulfill. After they serve their purpose, they expire and vanish into the air.

Kind of sad, right? These strange little guys won’t die regardless of having their heads cut off, being set on fire, or obliterated in some other amusing and creative fashion. They will live until their duty is fulfilled. Plus, Mr. Meeseeks is super cute when he’s the little bald happy man.


  • Mr. Meeseeks just wants you to have a nice day.
  • You can help him by carrying him in your bag or pocket.
  • You can buy many Mr. Meeseeks so they can keep each other company.
  • Give these little blue men a task and then let them die once they fulfill it. It’s the only way.
  • This particular little helper isn’t too expensive at the moment, so buy a bunch.
  • If you get tired of Mr. Meeseeks, you can give him to a friend.


  • I like it better when Mr. Meeseeks is bald. 
  • This might get expensive, so act quickly to secure a Mr. Meeseeks or 30 of your own.
  • Mr. Meeseeks will never fulfill his destiny and disappear in this form, so you will have a blue man with a bad attitude at some point. 
  • Because of con #3, Mr. Meeseeks might need therapy, which can get expensive.

Meeseeks with Gun – Chase Variant #174

Here we go again with Mr. Meeseeks. This version is the disgruntled Mr. Meeseeks. They go mad when Meeseeks cannot fulfill their duty and then cease to exist. This Meeseek has been around too long and has gone to the Darkside to become insane and scary.

Meeseeks hate living and just want to do the one thing they were brought out of the box for and then die, well, cease to exist.

Remember one episode where the Meeseeks turned on Jerry and tried to kill him? Those Meeseeks kept pushing the button on the magical box to make another Meeseeks appear, and then they started trying to fight and kill each other. Meeseeks are hilarious and a little deranged.


  • This guy looks mentally and physically unwell and probably just needs a hug.
  • Put him with your collection of Meeseeks Pops, and he may protect them or try to kill them. It’s always a gamble with these blue men.
  • You can help camouflage his skin discoloration with a color-correcting kit and a quality blue concealer.
  • He isn’t expensive but not cheap, either. So don’t dilly dally and get mad when the price goes up to one hundred dollars.
  • As a Chase variant, this Meeseeks is already worth money. 


  • Mr. Meeseek’s skin may eventually disappear if he cannot fulfill his task.
  • Mr. Meeseeks might try to kill you and your other Pops.
  • Mr. Meeseeks does not care about gun safety, which could be a severe problem.

Young Rick #305

Young Rick was filled with kindness and love. He had a beautiful wife named Diane and a sweet little daughter named Beth. He loved science and experimentation just like crazy drunk Rick, but he decided to stay when he discovered a way to use teleportation. This discovery of teleportation brought a Future Rick from a portal, but this Future Rick was crazy and drunk.

When Future Rick realizes Young Rick doesn’t want to come along on his interdimensional quest for weirdness, he becomes enraged. Future Rick blows up Young Rick’s home hoping to kill him, but instead kills Young Rick’s wife and daughter.

Young Rick is devastated and mourns their death for an unknown amount of time before creating a portal gun and promising to avenge their deaths. That’s how Rick got to be the rude, drunk, insane but brilliant version we see today.


  • Young Rick was such a good, average guy. He deserves to be remembered with this state of the art Pop.
  • Having a “good” and “bad” Rick in your collection is essential.
  • This Pop tells the story of a good man gone bad after everything he loves is destroyed.
  • Young Rick is surprisingly affordable and easy to find. 


  • Every time you look at Young Rick, you will be reminded of his downfall, which may make you think of your downfall. 
  • If you put the usual Rick next to the Young Rick, they will fight, and your home may be destroyed. 
  • It’s hard to recognize Rick since he doesn’t have vomit dripping from his mouth.

Birdperson #176

Bird Person

This crazy Birdperson helped Rick have a little fun after Future Rick destroyed his world. Together they formed a band called the Flesh Curtains (insert lots of laughter here) along with Squanchy, the disgusting cat thing. These three characters formed the core of the resistance against the Galactic Federation, fighting together in the Battle of Blood Ridge.

After winning the battle, Rick hoped that Birdperson would join him in his adventures throughout the multiverse, but Birdperson refused. Rick was sad but continued his quest to find the one who murdered his family. Later, when Birdperson dies, he is resurrected as Phoenixperson, the cyborg, by the Galactic Federation.


  • Birdperson is a pretty good friend of Rick’s and should be his companion during his adventures on your shelf.
  • Birdperson is weird, which makes him a keeper and collectible. 
  • You’ll probably never meet another Birdperson, so it’s a good idea to hang onto this friend.
  • Surprisingly affordable and easy to find.


  • If you have Birdperson, you’ll also need to collect the other Pops from the band and get them some quality instruments to play.
  • Birdperson may pressure you to book shows for him at your local crusty bars.
  • He seems odd, so don’t let him near your computer.
  • Birdperson can make anyone nervous with his beady eyes.
  • It isn’t worth much money currently.

Squanchy #175


This vile cat person has orange fur, a tiny blue nose, a brown goatee, and a naked tail with a puff of orange fur on the tip. He can harness Super Squanchy’s powers when he drinks the green liquid from his tooth. 

Squanchy is a bit of a drunk creep, but that’s why he’s one of Rick’s best friends. They played in Flesh Curtains, the band with Birdperson. Morty and Jessica first meet Squanchy when they find him in the garage during autoerotic asphyxiation masturbating session that he fondly refers to as squanching. 


  • Squanchy is definitely a memorable character with his true drunken friendship with Rick and weird fighting skills.
  • This specific Pop is Squanchy holding a bottle of that fun stuff. 
  • I think this Pop, though numberless, would be worth money in time. 
  • I believe this Pop is the best one out of all the Squancy Pops available. 


  • You might catch Squanchy “squanching” in your room.
  • Squanchy will require extra love because he’s extra weird. 
  • Not super easy to find, but worth it.
  • He will probably cause problems with the locals.

Warrior Summer #341

Warrior Summer

Summer Smith is the sister of Morty and the granddaughter of Rick. She dearly loves and idolizes her grandfather. Though she is not scientifically intelligent, she always wants to go on missions with Rick and often becomes jealous when Morty is chosen to go instead.

She is an average teenage girl obsessed with her dog and social media. Summer marries Hemmorage, the Mad Max knockoff in the Post-Apocalyptic World, where she is also a warrior in the Mad Max-themed episode.


  • Summer is underrated but an essential part of Rick’s adventures.
  • The Post-apocalyptic episode was one of my favorites since I am a big Mad Max fan.
  • Summer really liked the post-apocalyptic world and didn’t really want to leave.
  • Summer’s quick comebacks and judgemental jokes are hilarious.
  • I think this look suits her best.
  • This Pop is currently quite affordable on Amazon.


  • Since this Pop is not being sold for much, it is also not worth much.
  • Summer’s warrior Pop should be smiling because she really did like it there.
  • Summer’s Pop isn’t as likable as cute little Morty, which would hurt her feelings and give her a strange and depressing complex.

Space Suit Morty with Snake #69

In one episode, Morty disobeys Rick and floats out into space, where he encounters the first snake in space. This snake bites him, and Morty kills it. They find the Snake Planet after that and realize the snake Morty just killed gave hope to all of his snake people.

Morty then tries to replace the snake with one from the earth. Things don’t work out as planned. They also meet the jazz snakes in this episode. The snake world mirrors the earth in history. Snake Hitler was even a thing.


  • The first snake in space deserves his own Pop.
  • This will give Morty and the Space Snake plenty of time to get to know each other.
  • Rick is strangely obsessed with snakes, and this will enable Rick’s Pop to hang out with one forever!
  • I like the detail on their space suits.


  • Another Pop that is affordable and available isn’t worth very much money.
  • Funko Pop should have made a Rick, Morty, and Space Snake set.
  • I like snakes, but many people don’t, so I guess that might be why this one isn’t super popular.

Death Crystal Morty #660

While on Forbodulon Prime, Morty takes a Death Crystal in the hopes of seeing his future death and changing it to what he wants; to die of old age with the girl he loves, Jessica.

However, instead of dying with Jessica, the vision of the future that he sees is Jessica telling an old man she loves him as he lies dying in bed. The man in the vision is just a hospice patient, and Jessica is a hospice nurse. Morty dies alone and is sad. 


  • This symbolizes one of the best episodes, in my opinion.
  • Death Crystal Morty is a cool hypnotized Pop.
  • This is the least expensive Pop yet and is available on Amazon!
  • Morty still looks so sweet and innocent even though he does horrible violent, and immoral things in this episode.


  • It’s tough seeing sweet little Morty in his super crazy bad-guy trance.
  • This is a pretty sad episode. Poor Morty.
  • Shouldn’t Morty be floating?

Morty with Seeds #113

The Mega Seeds come from Mega Trees in dimension 35-C. These extra-large seeds are contraband, and Rick uses Morty to smuggle them through interdimensional customs. Morty naturally complains that the seeds are sharp and pointy when Rick instructs him to stick them up his butt to smuggle them through customs.

These seeds tend to dissolve over time, which is precisely what they do when in Morty’s anal cavity. This gives Morty genius intelligence which could explain why Rick wants them so much for “science.” This also explains why this Morty Pop has a disturbed facial expression!


  • Just think how smart you could be with not one but two of these fantastic interdimensional seeds.
  • At this exact moment, this Morty with the two Mega Seeds Pop is affordable and not hard to find
  • You can help Morty feel a little better by putting him with his pals on your bookshelf. 


  • Just look at poor Morty’s face. He knows what those seeds mean for his backside.
  • Even his mouth looks disturbing in this Pop. 
  • Putting this Morty Pop around the Rick Pop might make something terrible happen. 


Question: What is the Most Valuable Rick and Morty Pop?

Answer: Surprisingly, it’s Roy Parsons who is the start of the game Roy: A Life Well Lived! However, many of the other Ricky and Morty Pops come in a close second place. 

Question: When did Rick and Morty First Air?

Answer: This hilarious and vile show began on December 2, 2013, with the pilot episode “Ricksy Business.”

Question: Which Rick and Morty’s Pop is the Rarest?

Answer: This one is tough because a handful of Pops is difficult to find, but if you try hard enough, you can find them! I believe in you. The Rick and Spaceship #34 Pop is rare, at least in this dimension. 


In conclusion, Rick and Morty are fantastic multidimensional weirdos. The band of friends and enemies in Rick and Morty is one of the most unique groups of stranglings television has ever seen.

They truly have created something for everyone; pickles and rat skeletons, large seeds in the bum, crazy aliens, space snakes, and then there’s Mr. Meeseeks. I have loved this show from the very beginning.

My love for it has outlasted any relationship I’ve had. Not sure if that’s good, but it probably isn’t in this galaxy! I hope you have enjoyed my article. Now, it’s time for you to go shopping!

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