Best The Office Funko Pop Guide

The Best Funko Pops from the show The Office are up to speculation. I, personally, love Dwight and Jim. Their slapstick humor always had me rolling. Dwight is so ridiculously inappropriate without so much as a single clue. So, naturally, I prefer Pops of those two goofballs. The availability of these Pops is neither here nor there. If you really want to find a specific Dwight Pop, you will if you try hard enough and shell out enough moola! All of these Pops are priced under $150 currently.

This hilarious sitcom came into our lives in 2005 following the British version, which aired in 2001 but sadly only ran for two seasons. Our Americanized version had nine seasons and a formal goodbye to all of its fans. If you are like me, you want the best of the best but don’t want to spend tons of time researching. I will walk you through my selection of the best Pops made for The Office in just a bit and give you the good and bad news about each of them.

What Criteria Do I Look For When Selecting the Best Pops from The Office?

  1. I choose the obscure, rare, and seldomly seen Pops if possible.
  2. The detail of the Pop is crucial in my selection. I appreciate a clone of the actual character.
  3. I like to choose Pops that portray the character’s personality in a fun way.
  4. The Pops I choose are generally from my favorite scenes or moments in the show. That way, you can take your favorite moment in the show with you.
  5. I try only to include Pops that you can find and purchase. Therefore, each entry has at least one link where you can find that Pop for sale, new, if possible.
  6. I like to spotlight secondary characters’ Pops that may not get the attention they deserve.
  7. I do not let the price make up my mind on what Funko Pops from The Office are the greatest.

Bottom Line in Funko Pop Land

All of the many Funko Pops from The Office are great in one way or another, so I’m sure you can understand the difficulty I faced while compiling this list of what I think is the best of the best. That being said, I loved the pilot episode where Jim puts Dwight’s desk items in Jell-O, so, naturally, the Dwight with Jell-O Stapler Pop #1004 is my choice for the best. The runner-up would have to be Prison Mike #875, who pretends to be an ex-con to scare his staff straight. When asked what the worst part of being in prison was, Michael answers, “The Dementors.” Absolute hilarity. Coming in third would have to be the one, and only Jim Harpert dressed as Bookface for Halloween. Jim’s humor is very much slapstick comedy, and this highlights it perfectly.

How to Care for Your Funko Pop

  • Never leave it in the sunlight. Sunlight will fade the colors over time, rendering the Pop useless and worthless.
  • Never soak your Pop in water. Water will become trapped in the Pop, and so far, I haven’t figured out a way to get it out short of drilling a hole in it.
  • Do not use bleach or use hardcore chemical cleaners on your Pops. This can also ruin the paint and the Pop’s worth.
  • Keep your Pops in a case or their original box to avoid damage and keep them in mint condition.
  • Keep your Pops in a climate-controlled environment so they do not get too hot or cold, which will warp the vinyl.
  • Do wipe off dust periodically with a soft cloth. This step may not be necessary if they are kept in a case or the original box.
  • Another good idea to help your Pops stay looking like new is to purchase a glass case to keep them all in.

The Best Funko Pops from The Office

#01 Dwight as the Hay King – Walmart Exclusive #876

Dwight as the Hay King Funko

Hay Place was initially brought to life by Dwight’s uncle Eldred, but it was called Hay World, which already existed, and since lawyers were brought in, the name had to be changed. Every year in the fall, they would place hay bales strategically, making a maze for the local children. Of course, the hay bales were actually straw. Dwight decides the Dunder Mifflin Scranton parking lot is the perfect place to recreate this magical time.

Dwight: I am the Hay King! All hail the Hay King! Dwight: Did I truck 300 bales of hay to a parking lot to rectify some childhood disappointment? Yes.


  • Dwight’s clothing is well-detailed, and he even has his pager.
  • The Pop’s eyes look like the real Dwight’s eyes when he’s plotting and determined.
  • Dwight is well equipped with his microphone and notebook, so all will hear his weirdly sexual Hay King poetry.
  • This Pop is a Walmart exclusive, so possibly a little rare.


  • Dwight’s Hay crown looks like Fry Guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Though not expensive, this little Dwight isn’t super cheap, and you may have to do a little digging to find one.
  • The coloring of his clothing is a bit off from what it was on that episode of The Office.

#02 Jim Halpert Bookface – Chase Version #870

Jim Halpert Bookface Funko

Jim Halpert is one of the leading characters on The Office and is fondly known for his witty sarcasm, goofball antics, and the nonstop trolling he does to Dwight. In this Halloween episode, we see Jim dressed as “bookface” on the social media platform. In true Jim style, he simply writes “book” on his face with a marker. This episode is a bit taboo now since the opening where Michael shows children around the haunted warehouse, and he pretends to commit suicide to scare the children. You can see why that’s a bit of a no-no.


  • Jim’s Pop is dressed comparably to Jim in the episode.
  • This Pop’s hair has excellent texture, just like natural Jim’s hair.
  • They created his goofy, sarcastic eyebrows well.
  • This Pop is a Chase, which means it is rare and generally worth more than the other Pops.
  • This Pop comes with its very Pop Protector to keep the display box looking like new.


  • Jim’s ears are too small on this Pop.
  • Jim’s nose is also too small to look genuine.
  • As a result, this isn’t a fascinating Pop, overall.

#03 Kevin Malone and the Chili Pot #874

Kevin Malone and the Chili Pot

In the opening of the “Casual Friday” episode, we see poor Kevin hauling a massive pot of chili into the office to share with his coworkers as he does every year. This large, silly man proceeds to spill it immediately and naturally slips and falls several times.


  • The pot of chili is the same size and color as the original on the show.
  • The creators did recreate his side hair with poofiness very well.


  • This really doesn’t look much like Kevin Malone.
  • The Pop needs to be much bigger and broader.
  • The eyes need to be closer together.
  • They should have made this with his tongue sticking out as he often did carrying the chili around.
  • Kevin in the show has a much more prominent forehead and no hair on top of his head; this Pop has a combover.
  • I think the part of the Pop’s face that protrudes is supposed to be a chin. They could have made this much better.

#04 Michael Scott #869

Michael Scott Funko

Michael is holding the world’s best boss mug he bought for himself at Spencer Gifts in the mall. Unfortunately, he accidentally knocks his mug off his desk, and it shatters. Nothing to worry about, though, because Michael has several backups. He gives one to Jim filled with gin.


  • The mug’s font and size nicely match the actual mug from the show.
  • Michael’s eyebrows look like the real thing.
  • This Pop is symbolic of the show.


  • Michael’s hairline is too high on this Pop.
  • I don’t recall him wearing this suit while holding the mug.
  • Michael’s eyes need to be closer together and more rat-like.

#05 Andy Bernard with Banjo – Target Exclusive #878

Any Bernard with Banjo

In this episode, we see Dwight and Andy musically dueling to attract the attention of Erin Hannon, who ignores them. They are playing Country Roads, Take me Home by John Denver, and do a great job with it until Toby insists they stop.


  • The banjo is very realistic looking.
  • Andy’s hair color is very close to the real thing.
  • This Pop is a Target Exclusive, so it may be worth a bit more than some other Pops.


  • Andy’s shirt and tie are the wrong color. The episode featured a light blue shirt with a yellow tie.
  • His hair part is off. Andy’s part should be all the way over on the far side of his head; this is too close to the center.
  • Andy should be playing, singing, and generally looking gleeful.
  • It would be neat if you could also buy a Dwight with guitar Pop.
  • This Pop could be Jim; it doesn’t have enough Andy-like detail.

#06 Dwight Shrute Blonde – Target Exclusive #871

Dwight Schrute

One of Jim’s many tricks on Dwight is convincing him to dye his hair blonde. Dwight does this in order to go undercover and spy on the other Dunder Mifflin office since there is a rumor of downsizing. He does figure out that Jim was messing with him but does it anyway.


  • Dwight the Pop has that authentic Dwight plotting squint.
  • The shirt is close to the same color as in the episode.
  • The boldness of his silver glasses really pops and makes them stand out more with decent detail.
  • This Pop is a Target Exclusive and worth a little more than the other Dwight Pop.


  • Dwight’s bleached blonde hair is a bit of a frizzy and fuzzy mess in this episode, which did not carry over to this Pop.
  • Dwight’s tie in this episode is very different from what this Pop is wearing.

#07 Stanley Hudson with Pretzel and Crossword – GameStop Exclusive #972

Stanley Hudson with Pretzel and Crossword

Every year in the Scranton Business Park, a man comes around with a small oven, pretzels, and toppings. Stanley isn’t very excited about anything in life, but he sure loves Pretzel Day! Stanley: I wake up every morning in a bed that’s too small, drive my daughter to a school that’s too expensive, and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little, but on Pretzel Day? Well, I like Pretzel Day.


  • The pretzel looks realistic and delicious.
  • Stanely’s expression is perfect.
  • The mustache is almost identical to the show’s Stanely.
  • The crossword puzzle book makes this truly Stanley.


  • Stanely’s shirt color is a bit off. In the show, it was a very light blue.
  • He should look happy because Stanley was happy about Pretzel Day.

#08 Angela Martin with Sprinkles the Cat – Walmart Exclusive #1004

Angela Martin with Sprinkles the Cat

Sprinkles the cat was one of angela’s several cats. In this episode, she cannot go home and give Sprinkles the medicine she needs on time, so she asks Dwight, her secret boyfriend, to take care of Sprinkles for her. Dwight sees the cat in pain and gives it a lethal amount of pain medicine, so he thinks through the situation and puts a still alive Sprinkles in the freezer. Sprinkles dies, and Angela dumps Dwight.


  • Sprinkles is alive!
  • The squinty look of Sprinkles is much like the real cat’s expression.
  • This Pop does look like Angela with the cardigan and skirt.
  • The hair color of Angela is very close to her natural hair color.
  • The eyebrows on the Pop look just like Angela’s on the show.


  • Sprinkles the cat looks a little too small and sleek in this Pop.
  • They should have made Angela’s nose long and thin.
  • This is a Walmart Exclusive, and it is currently a little pricy but well worth it overall.

#09 Michael Scott with Straight Jacket #1044

Michael Scott Straight Jacket

Michael makes up Michael the Magic, a kid who practices magic after school. He comes to the office wearing what he calls extreme bondage, which is a straight jacket and a chain with a lock. Michael is going to Houdini himself free from the jacket, but the key he had in his mouth had fallen out, and before Michael noticed, Jim hid it under his shoe. Michael continues to struggle to free himself.


  • The straight jacket is on point, as are the chains and lock. Good detail.
  • Michael’s worried expression says it all. The worry lines are hilarious.
  • This Pop is pretty unique and fun.
  • The Pop is going on its second year in existence, and I think this will be the year the worth increases.


  • Michael’s hair was messy in this episode, but the Pop’s hair is perfectly in place.
  • It would be more fun if Michael had a little key sticking out of his mouth.
  • Michael had two layers of chain around his neck, and this Pop only has one.

#10 Pam Beesly Holding Teapot #1172

Pam Beesly Holding Teapot

Pam Beesly, who is eventually Pam Halpert, is a sweet, shy, and kind woman with a hilarious sense of humor. She and Jim often play pranks on their coworkers and have secret meetings to giggle about the outcome. Jim gives Pam this cute little teapot as a Christmas present and a way to express his feelings for her. Jim put a mix tape inside the teapot, a high school picture of himself, a Boggle times, two packets of hot sauce, and a miniature golf pencil.


  • The hair color is very close to Pam’s hair on the show.
  • The teapot is adorable and well-detailed.
  • The festive earrings are a nice touch.
  • Her outfit is just like an actual Pam outfit.


  • Pam’s hair was never straight and shoulder length. Instead, it was long and curly.
  • The Pop should have slightly differently shaped eyes. Pam’s eyes are friendly and soft.
  • Pam generally had a tiny smile at all times. So this Pop should as well.

#11 Darryl Philbin with Clipboard #873

Darryl Philbin with Clipboard

Darryl was always one of my favorite characters. His wit and banter with the office workers was consistently hilarious. He is terrified that shipments won’t get out on time and really can’t handle Michael’s lack of concern regarding safety in the warehouse. Darryl is dry and sarcastic with Michael, who he dislikes and always refers to as Mike.


  • The creators got Darryl’s uniform just right.
  • I like the clipboard because Darryl always carries a clipboard to ensure orders are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Darryl, the Pop’s lack of expression is exactly how he looks at Michael.
  • The creators remembered to include Darryl’s watch.
  • This Pop’s hairline is precisely like the real Darryl’s.


  • Darryl’s nose is broad, and they should have carried that detail over to the Pop version.
  • This Pop needs the angry line that Darryl has between his eyebrows.
  • This Pop should be a bit wider since Darryl is a hefty guy.

#12 Dwight with Jell-O #1004

Dwight with Jell-O

This was one of my favorite episodes and probably one that stands out in many people’s minds. It also happened to be the very first pilot episode. Jim plays another prank on Dwight and puts his stapler in Jell-O. This is after Dwight starts the ball rolling by pushing Jim’s papers off his desk with his ruler while Jim is on a sales call. Jim builds a pencil wall to stop Dwight, but Dwight smashes it. This was the third time Jim had put Dwight’s things in Jell-O.


  • Dwight looks irritated and deflated, just like he did in the show.
  • The detail on his glasses is once again very well done.
  • The Jell-O and stapler look very realistic, making this Pop great. Also, the transparent yellow for the Jell-O looks perfect.
  • You can feel Dwight’s seething anger just looking at this.


  • It would be funnier if Dwight had a straight line for a mouth to fully drive home how unimpressed he is with Jim’s antics.

#13 Kelly Rajnigandha Kapoor #1008

Kelly Rajnigandha Kapoor

Kelly is a lesser-known character but still quite important to the story. Kelly is frequently harassed about her race by Michael, who gets slapped by her in one episode. Down the road, Kelly falls in love with Ryan after one date and says she wants to be with him forever. However, Ryan does not feel the same way and cannot wait to be free of her. Mostly, she comes off as trying too hard, being talkative, and somewhat annoying. She likes to stir up drama and thinks she wears more fashionable clothing than anyone else on the show.


  • The outfit is definitely Kelly’s loud style and is identical to what she wore in one episode.
  • The look on Pop Kelly’s face and her stance say she isn’t going to take any of Michael’s sh&% or any from anyone else.
  • Kelly is a fierce woman with a big heart, and her boots and earrings on this Pop perfectly sync with her style and attitude.


  • This Pop needs to have Kelly’s pink cell phone in her hand because Kelly always had it glued to her.
  • Her eyebrows in the show were slim but had a very defined arch, whereas the Pop’s eyebrows do not.
  • Kelly has a broad nose, and this Pop has a tiny nose.

#14 Dwight as Recyclops V2 Summer Convention Exclusive SDCC 2020 #1015

Dwight as Recyclops V2 In the beginning, Earth Day brought out its own superhero, Recyclops, who would help everyone learn how to recycle and better care of their planet. As the years passed, Recyclops became more and more deranged and angry with the earth dwellers and their horrible treatment of the world. It is said that Polluticorns destroyed Recyclops’ home planet. The dark Recyclops wears hockey armor to protect himself from the war. He has given up and wants to destroy the earth by destroying buildings and spraying aerosol cans. “Recyclops will drown you in your overwatered lawns.”


  • Dwight as Recyclops Pop #1015 V2 was released during the San Diego Comic-Con in 2020. I think we super fans know by now what that means in terms of worth.
  • This Pop’s costume is perfectly recycolicious!
  • The detail on his hockey armor is perfect.


  • Dwight’s trusty watch appears to be missing from this Pop.
  • Dwight’s face needs to look more determined and less blank.

#15 Prison Mike – Hot Topic Exclusive #875

Prison Mike

When Michael finds out that Martin is an ex-convict, he becomes Prison Mike and describes his prison stay in a disturbing and colorful way. Martin is not amused. Prison Mike talks in a Brooklyn accent and stereotypically throws in typical prison slang. According to Prison Mike, prison food consists of “nothing but gruel,” but you can eat your own hair. The worst part of being in prison was the Dementors.


  • Prison Mike’s bandana is colorful and matches the real one on the show.
  • Michael’s tough guy stance with his arms crossed cracks me up.
  • The expression on Prison Mike’s bad-boy face is convincing; his suit says otherwise.
  • The detail on his tie was nicely done.


  • Prison Mike should be sneering like the sort of tough guy he is.
  • As I’ve said earlier, his eyes need to be closer together.
  • This Pop has increased in value and will likely continue to do so, which is good and bad. Bad if you are looking for a $10 Pop, but good if you want to hang onto it for a few years and watch the worth climb.

#16 Three Hole Punch Jim #880

Three Hole Punch Jim

Okay, this one is just flat-out absurd. Jim hates Halloween, meaning something serious must be wrong with him. Every coworker at Dunder Mifflin is excited about Halloween and dresses up. Jim goes a three-hole punch Jim; he is a piece of paper with three holes punched out the typical binder. Clever? Yes, but he is insanely lazy and shows his true sarcasm and inability to get into Halloween like the rest of the crew.


  • This Pop’s eyebrows show Jim’s sarcasm and lack of interest in Halloween, just like in the episode.
  • This Pop is a Special Limited Edition and is already worth over $100.
  • It is rare, which of course, makes this Pop more desirable to collectors.
  • Jim’s bland, no-personality office attire sends home the message that he just does not care.
  • The coffee mug is an excellent addition to this Pop.


  • A tiny smirk on this Pop would make the sarcastic nature of the Pop stand out.
  • If you do want this Pop, you will have to look around online a bit. However, it is unlikely that you will pay less than $100, so save up.
  • Jim the Pop’s hair needs to be sticking out all over the place in the front like it was in the episode.


Question: What is the Most Expensive The Office Funko Pop?

Answer: Jim Halpert as Three Hole Punch Jim #880 is currently the most expensive The Office Pop at a little over $100. You can see the current worth of the other The Office Pops here.

Question: How Many The Office-themed Funko Pops are out There?

Answer: The Office has 77 Funko Pops.

Question: Where can I Find a List of all The Office Funko Pops?

Answer: You can see all of them here.

Question: Where can I Buy The Office Funko Pops?

Answer: Many retailers carry Funko Pops. You can find The Office Funko Pops at Target, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, eBay, and Mercari. Your best bet is to google what you are looking for first, do your shopping research, and go from there. It’s pointless to drive all over the place wasting gas only to come home empty-handed.


As you now know, you have 77 Funko Pops to choose from, covering the entirety of the show The Office. It was a great show with more dry wit and humor than most shows. No one can ever replace Dwight. After spending a chunk of my life watching this hilariously, inappropriate show, I have contemplated watching the British version now. I’ve had many people tell me how funny it is, as well. It has Ricky Gervais, so it has to be filled with crude humor and goofiness.

I have enjoyed rehashing my love for The Office through this informative Funko Pop article. The spirit of The Office will live on forever in their fans, their shows, and these collector Funko Pops. So get them all, and reenact The Office in your home with your cats as the audience. Go crazy!

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