18 Most Expensive Funko Pop Guide for Serious Fans

I’m a serious fan and collector of Funko Pops, and finding the rare ones is like the holy grail. Are you prepared to cough up at least $380 for a Funko Pop? How about $1,000 or more? If you’re a serious fan of Funko Pop figures, I have the 18 Most Expensive Funko Pop Guide to help you find the pocket-emptying choices.

Why would you collect Funko Pop figures that spend your life savings? I’ll tell you why soon enough. I’ll also give you a pros and cons debate for each expensive Funko Pop and throw in some tips for keeping them as valuable as the price you’re about to pay for one.

Funko Pop is highly collectible because they focus on more than anime characters, unlike Nendoroid. Some Funko Pops are worth as much as replicas, collectible statues, and model kits. Let’s see the top 18 expensive Funko Pops if you dare.

Bottom Line Up Front

Welcome, you’re my kind of collector. You wouldn’t be here unless you were willing to collect the best of the best Funko Pops. What would make you pay so much for a Funko Pop figure? A few reasons increase the price of Funko Pops, including the materials, ranges, size, limited editions, rarity, and exclusives.

I also won’t show you the Funko Pops that sold for a fortune in the past. What use do you have for unreachable Pops? I’ll instead show you the most expensive Funko Pops you can still buy in 2022. One or two picks are currently out of stock, but the suppliers work hard to find new stock.

How pricy are you prepared to go? Prices stretch from $380 to nearly $2,000 for an expensive Funko Pop. The NBA Lebron James Funko Pop Miami Heat Edition will cost you $380. However, the Qui-Gon Jinn 2016 NYCC Issue Funko Pop sets you back a whopping $1,999.99!

Suppose you want something in the middle. The Naruto Shippuden Glow-in-the-Dark Kurama Funko Pop costs less than $800. Perhaps you’re like me and don’t want to compromise on your favorite fandoms. I’ve already ordered the Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop, even though he’s not my favorite character or Jedi.

Obi-Wan is for die-hard Star Wars Funko Pop collectors, costing over $1,000. From glow-in-the-dark figures to metallic pleasures, I’ll share the most expensive Funko Pops I found in 2022. Some of them even allow installment payments if you’re worried. Let me show you what I look for, and then you can see the pricy Pops.

Most Expensive Funko Pop Guide: A True Collector’s Essential

Funko Pop 01 jason voorhees

Some people might run when they see a $1,000 Funko Pop, but you’re here because you know there’s something special about it. You might not know what yet, but you’re curious enough to learn why the most expensive Funko Pops exist. Let me explain why they’re so valuable.

Funko Pop Roots

Mike Becker began the Funko craze in 1998 when he failed to find a coin bank he wanted badly. I love the man’s desire to possess what he wants. He was passionate about the Big Boy restaurant chain, and why shouldn’t he own his desires? Becker created his first bobble-headed Big Boy mascot vinyl figure.

Becker created an empire, but Brian Mariotti took the Funko Pop business to new heights when he took over in 2005. Soon, the Funko brand brought faces like Mickey Mouse, Rey Mysterio, Daryl Dixon, and Wonder Woman. Mariotti signed deals with WWE, Disney, Marvel, Microsoft, and HBO as some examples.

Funko is a unique brand with exceptional potential for serious fans and collectors. In 2022, there are over 20,000 Funko Pops around, representing your favorite movies, video games, anime, cartoons, and series. You can even create a unique Funko Pop on their website. I love how they ask if you’d like to Pop Yourself!

Advice for Buying the Most Expensive Funko Pop

Funko Pop is one of the most prominent figure manufacturers globally. They offer a wide range of options for collectors. If you’re collecting expensive Funko Pops, the first thing you do is to know the various types available. Some Funko Pop ranges include:

Not every range is as collectible or valuable as the coming choices. You need to be aware of specific keywords that make Funko Pops expensive, including:

  • Exclusive
  • Limited edition (LE)
  • Special edition (SE)
  • Jumbo
  • Super

The keywords also don’t promise expensive Funko Pops, but they lead to the potential for rare finds with pricy tags. Finding true gems among Funko Pops can take a long time, but you don’t need to worry about that because I’ve done it for you. Teaching you about the types and keywords helps you find more expensive Pops.

How to Keep Expensive Funko Pop Pristine

Expensive Funko Pop

Suppose you want to spend a fortune on your Funko Pop collection. In that case, I highly recommend you learn how to keep them in excellent condition. The number one rule for maintaining vinyl and die-cast Funko Pops in pristine condition is never to throw away the original packaging.

The coming Funko Pops are way too expensive to play with or display outside of the original packaging. Keep them sealed safely in the box they come. If you remove them, buy a protective cover immediately. Otherwise, there are more ways to keep them looking great and lasting longer.

Tips to Keep Die-Cast Funko Pops Pristine

  1. Only use warm, soapy water with gentle detergents to wash the die-cast figures. Harsh chemicals can damage the die-cast Funko Pops, leaving you frustrated.
  2. Use a make-up brush to dust the die-cast Funko Pops. You can also use varying sizes to get into every groove on the figure.
  3. Die-cast figures often contain metals like zinc, magnesium, and aluminum, which can rust over time. Prevent die-cast Funko figures from oxidizing when exposed to the elements by adding a coat of Butter Wet Wax. A thin coat is more than enough.
  4. Keep all of your die-cast Pops in a room temperature environment to prevent elemental damage. The air should be dry, and dust the figures once a month.
  5. Consider a prefabricated display case to show your Funko Pops, whether they’re in boxes or not. The Mini-Figures Display Case With Blocks works perfectly.

Tips to Keep Vinyl Funko Pops Pristine

  1. Use a soft make-up brush with gentle soap to wipe vinyl figures down every four weeks. Don’t press too hard against the figures to cause damage. Leave them to dry on a towel instead of forcing them to dry.
  2. Clean flocked Funko Pops by leaving them to soak in warm, soapy water for 20 minutes. Move the water around before gently scrubbing them with a soft brush, and dry them the same way you would regular Pops.
  3. For badly damaged but rare Funkos, you’ll have to go with peroxide. Please, only do this with faded and damaged Pops, not the regular ones! Submerge it in a jar and pour two tablespoons of 3% peroxide solution into two cups of water. Leave the Pop in the sun to activate it, and then wash it normally.
  4. In or out of the boxes, display your Funko Pop vinyl figures in a glass or acrylic case.

Most Expensive Funko Pop Guide: The Pricy Collectibles

The time has come to brace yourself. I’ll run through the top 18 most expensive Funko Pops, starting with the cheapest of the pricy options. I like breaking news slowly, but I promise it will be worth every moment. The Funko Pops will become rarer than you can imagine.

18: NBA Lebron James Funko Pop Miami Heat Edition No. 01 at $380

NBA Lebron James Funko Pop Miami Heat Edition

Lebron James is a sports fanatic’s dream as a Funko Pop figure. Lebron even debuted in Space Jam because he’s a famous basketball player. What makes this Funko Pop so pricy is that it’s a special edition for the Miami Heat. Lebron feels comfortable in Miami and always does well in the area.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Sports vinyl figure
  • Edition: Limited edition
  • Issue Number: 01
  • Character: Lebron James Funko Pop


  • It’s a mint and limited edition of one of the best basketball players
  • It ships to you with a protective cover to keep it preserved for longer


  • The seller sadly keeps the original price tag on the box

17: Attack on Titan Armored Titan Funko Pop No. 234 at $391.99

Attack on Titan Armored Titan Funko Pop

Attack on Titan is a well-known and much-loved anime series from Japan. It’s a series about human survival versus extinction, and Eren Jaeger promises to kill every Titan. The Armored Titan is a salute to the collectors who love completing the collection of protagonists and antagonists in a series.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko Animation figure
  • Edition: Supersize vinyl pop
  • Issue Number: 234
  • Character: Armored Titan Funko Pop


  • It comes from the original Pop store that offers installment payments
  • The details are insane, and the giant stands 6″ tall against 3.75″ Attack on Titan Pops


  • It won’t fit into a protective cover

16: Ad Icons Brute Fruit Funko Pop No. 06 at $399.99

Ad Icons Brute Fruit Funko Pop

Big Apple Collectibles is another fun store to find excellent and expensive Funko Pops. At least this iconic ad-inspired Pop doesn’t cost your arm and leg. You’ll find those soon enough. For now, you can enjoy the Brute Fruit Funko Pop from Monster Cereal ads at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Type: Ad Icon Pop figure
  • Edition: Limited edition
  • Issue Number: 06
  • Character: Brute Fruit Funko Pop


  • It’s a mint-condition and iconic Pop vinyl for collectors
  • Funko Pop only released 2,000 Brute Fruit vinyl figures worldwide


  • It’s more nostalgic for fans who ate Monster Cereals as kids

15: The Creeper ECCC 2017 Exclusive Scooby-Doo Funko Pop No. 203 at $401.87

The Creeper ECCC 2017 Exclusive Scooby-Doo Funko Pop No. 203 at 1.87

The Creeper is another mysterious character that keeps Scooby-Doo’s tail hidden. I can imagine Velma saying, Jeepers, it’s the Creeper in her weird voice. Even Shaggy sounds incredible when he says it. The Creeper doesn’t only look spooky. He seems like a bin-digging creep you’d find in an alley.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Animation figure
  • Edition: ECCC 2017 Spring Convention Exclusive
  • Issue Number: 203
  • Character: The Creeper Funko Pop


  • It comes straight from the Pop store to ensure originality
  • It’s an awesomely creepy exclusive from the 2017 ECCC to make it collectible


  • I’d prefer an exclusive of Scooby-Doo himself

14: My Hero Academia Ochaco Masked LE Funko No. 253 at $474.88

My Hero Academia Ochaco Masked LE Funko

Anime series are bold, popular, and everywhere collectors look. If you aren’t collecting anime vinyl figures, you’ll be left in the dark soon. My Hero Academia Funko Pops are widely sought-after. The Ochaco masked edition is a unique piece for your collection. It also doesn’t cost a fortune.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Animation vinyl figure
  • Edition: Limited masked edition
  • Issue Number: 253
  • Character: Ochaco Funko Pop


  • The trusted Pop store sells it and provides installments
  • It’s a limited edition My Hero Academia Funko Pop with a mask for extra depth in details


  • The mask that makes it unique also hides the face

13: Freddy as Hercules Funko Pop SE at $485

Freddy as Hercules Funko Pop SE

Freddy Freeman engraves his legend in the baseball world by becoming the Hercules of the field, or that’s what Funko Pop shows with this beauty. Freddy is a five-time MLB All-Star, winning the Golden Glove in 2018 and the Silver Slugger in 2021. He’s a much-loved face for Funko Pops.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: SE and glow-in-the-dark
  • Issue Number: SE
  • Character: Freedy Freeman Funko Pop


  • It’s a glow-in-the-dark edition from the original Pop store that only made 1,000 pieces
  • The glow-in-the-dark factor combined with Freddy wearing Hercules’ clothes is highly collectible


  • You might want an original Freddy Funko (keep reading to find another one)

12: Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau Funko Pop 2016 Exclusive No. 335 at $500

Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau Funko Pop 2016 Exclusive No. 335 at 0

Funko Pop created a few exclusives for the 2016 Comic-Con, expensive choices in 2022. Scott Pilgrim has his hands full in the 2010 movie when he wants to woo one girl but has to go through all of her exes. On the other hand, Knives Chau is a fan who wouldn’t mind wooing him. She gets over him eventually.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Movies vinyl figure
  • Edition: 2016 NYCC Exclusive
  • Issue Number: 335
  • Character: Knives Chau Funko Pop


  • It’s an original Funko sold at the Pop store and offers installment payments
  • I love how Chau looks wicked and ready to take down the world


  • The Pop’s eyes are square, which some collectors find strange

11: Dark Knight the Joker Pop Heroes Vinyl No. 37 at $529

Dark Knight the Joker Pop Heroes Vinyl

Batman and his foe inspire many amazing Funko Pops for collectors and fans. Still, there’s one remarkable figure that seems to be soaring in price. The Joker is a fan favorite, even though he’s a villain. This figure is also known as the Bank Robber Funko Pop because it’s based on the time before the Joker became so popular.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Heroes vinyl figure
  • Edition: The Dark Knight Trilogy: Bank Robber edition
  • Issue Number: 37
  • Character: The Joker Funko Pop


  • It comes straight from the Pop store for an original promise
  • The details on the bank robber’s face are incredible, and it even has a small gun attached


  • It’s only a special edition and not an exclusive or limited release

10: Aj Lee WWE Funko Pop No. 12 at $544.88

Aj Lee WWE Funko Pop

WWE has been around for ages, and Funko Pop collaborates with the wrestling franchise to bring great vinyl for collectors. I like AJ Lee for an unusual reason. She’s a retired legend from WWE but also an author. Fellow writers earn my fandom automatically. She’s also still a producer for Women of Wrestling.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop WWE vinyl figure
  • Edition: WWE exclusive
  • Issue Number: 12
  • Character: Aj Lee Funko Pop


  • It comes directly from the trusted Pop store and has an installments option
  • It’s a WWE exclusive of a famous female wrestler, also a legend


  • Not everyone would know AJ Lee unless they watched WWE from 2007 to 2015

9: Masters of the Universe She-Ra Pop Vinyl No. 18 at $575

Masters of the Universe She-Ra Pop Vinyl

Mattel created the sorcerers and sword-swinging series in 1982. Masters of the Universe is also called the She-Ra or He-Man series. It was a mixture of sci-fi fantasy blended with medieval characters and tricks. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the series, but someone must love it for the Pop vinyl to be so pricy.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Television vinyl figure
  • Edition: 30th Anniversary edition
  • Issue Number: 18
  • Character: She-Ra


  • It was an unusual Pop She-Ra edition to celebrate the 30th Masters of the Universe anniversary in 2012
  • It ships to you in a protective box as a bonus, and you can pay installments


  • It’s not a well-known character

8: LE Glow-in-the-Dark Jason Vorhees Pop Vinyl No. 01 at $629.99

LE Glow-in-the-Dark Jason Vorhees Pop Vinyl

Who hasn’t had nightmares about Jason? Hockey masks and Friday the 13th are legends brought to new life with Jason and his machete. I love how the details around the eyes match Jason’s genuinely demented look. Jason was a psychopathic killer who haunted many of our dreams. I hated the movies but still watched them.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Movies vinyl figure
  • Edition: LE and glow-in-the-dark
  • Issue Number: 01
  • Character: Jason Vorhees


  • The Jason Vorhees Funko Pop comes straight from the trusted Pop store, and you can pay installments
  • It’s a collectible edition with details good enough to stir nightmares


  • The Pop vinyl might stir nightmares, especially with the glow-in-the-dark effect

7: Disney Haunted Mansion Phineas Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop No. 162 at $744.88

Disney Haunted Mansion Phineas Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop

Disney is one of the greatest inspirations behind Funko Pop figures, but some vinyl stands out from the crowd. Phineas Pock is one of the well-known ghosts from Disney’s haunted mansion. He inspired many figures and collectible toys on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland in 1969.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: SDCC 2016 Exclusive and glow-in-the-dark
  • Issue Number: 162
  • Character: Phineas Pock


  • The Disney Funko Pop comes directly from the original Pop store
  • It’s a collectible exclusive from the 2016 San-Diego Comic-Con and a glow-in-the-dark vinyl Pop


  • The glow in the dark figures don’t have a lot of details

6: Naruto Shippuden Kurama Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop No. 97 at $749.99

Naruto Shippuden Kurama Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop

Kurama is one of the mightiest beasts with nail tails in the Naruto anime series, one of my faves. Add the glow-in-the-dark effect to a powerful beast, and you get a winner when it comes to exclusive Naruto Funko Pops. What makes this Kurama Funko Pop more remarkable is that you’re buying it from Amazon’s original Pop shop.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop Animation vinyl figure
  • Edition: Exclusive and glow-in-the-dark
  • Issue Number: 97
  • Character: Kurama


  • The glow-in-the-dark Funko Pops are highly sought-after, and you can pay installments
  • Naruto and the low issue number both make collectible Pop figures


  • The glow-in-the-dark figures don’t have a lot of details

5: Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop No. 392 at $1,088

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop No

Obi-Wan is a legendary Jedi Master from the famous Star Wars franchise, so why wouldn’t he be a part of the most expensive Funko Pops in 2022? Moreover, the Star Wars Funko Pop falls into the glow-in-the-dark series, increasing the desirability of the figure. Take your noble master home if you’re brave enough to pay the price.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: Exclusive and glow-in-the-dark
  • Issue Number: 392
  • Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop


  • It’s a limited edition glow-in-the-dark vinyl figure with only 3,000 pieces available
  • It’s also a celebration exclusive for The Empire Strikes Back


  • It’s not my favorite character from Star Wars

4: Marvel Metallic Red Hulk Funko Pop No. 34 at $1,199.99

Marvel Metallic Red Hulk Funko Pop

The Incredible Hulk is a wondrous member of the Marvel team, famous in Funko Pop circles. The Hulk is green, but the red and metallic factors of this gorgeous Funko Pop figure make him unique enough to cost a fortune. It’s another mint-condition treat from Big Apple Collectibles, and it might turn you red once held.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko vinyl figure
  • Edition: Limited edition metallic finish
  • Issue Number: 34
  • Character: The Incredible Hulk Funko Pop


  • The Incredible Hulk Pop only has 480 pieces worldwide
  • It’s a metallic exclusive that increases the collectibility


  • It’s a pity the character is the Red Hulk

3: Freddy Funko Pop Vinyl Figure Chrome Gold at $1,200!

Freddy Funko Pop Vinyl Figure Chrome Gold

Fugitive Toys aren’t kidding with this beauty. The Chrome Golden Freddy is another metallic Funko Pop with rare potential. It better become a rarity at the price you have to pay. Freddy Freeman is a legend in American baseball. He comes as one of the widely popular golden Funko Pop series, a collectible range.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: 2016 Comic-Con exclusive
  • Issue Number: LE24
  • Character: Chrome Golden Freddy Funko Pop


  • The exclusive Freddy Freeman Pop is a magnificent find for rare collectible seekers
  • It was an exclusive made for Comic-Con in 2016


  • It’s currently out of stock, but keep an eye on the Fugitive Toys website

2: Iconic Big Boy Funko Pop No. 4 at  $1,499.99!

Iconic Big Boy Funko Pop No. 4

Unsurprisingly, the Big Boy restaurant mascot who set the stage for Funko Pops is the second-most expensive Funko figure in 2022. It’s a brand-new figure in a mint condition from the Big Apple Collectibles store. Big Boy stands with his famous burger in hand to guarantee a nostalgic touch.

Key Features

  • Type: Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: Limited edition and rare
  • Issue Number: 04
  • Character: Big Boy Funko Pop


  • You can’t enjoy more nostalgia as a Funko Pop fan unless you buy Big Boy
  • You can even pay the Funko Pop in four installments of just under $400


  • You’d expect a die-cast figure for this price

1: Qui-Gon Jinn 2016 NYCC Issue 128 LE Funko Pop at $1999.99!

Funko Pop Qui-Gon Jinn NYCC 2016 LE 2000 Pcs

I would never have guessed the most expensive Funko in 2022 would go to a vinyl figure, but I would’ve guessed the franchise correctly. The Jedi from Star Wars earns the top spot for the most valuable Funko this year. Qui-Gon was a true master and student of the living force, and he’s collectible.

Key Features

  • Type: Funko Pop vinyl figure
  • Edition: Exclusive 2016 NYCC edition
  • Issue Number: 128
  • Character: Qui-Gon Jinn Funko Pop


  • It’s a limited edition from a much-loved franchise
  • Only 2,000 figures exist


  • It’s not one of the main characters you’d expect at number one

Top Q&A

Question: Which Funko Pop Figures are Rare?

Answer: Funko Pop released many vinyl figures that became rare since 1998, but a few of them are rarer than others. You’ll be the luckiest fan collector to find the Holographic Darth Maul Funko Pop, the Headless Ned Stark Funko, or the Metallic Blue Batman Pop. Other rarities include the Gold Hopper and Avengers Loki Pops.

Question: Which is the Most Expensive Funko Pop in 2022?

Answer: Do you mean the most expensive Funko Pop available for purchase? If so, the Qui-Gon Jinn 2016 NYCC Issue 128 LE Funko Pop is the most expensive I can find right now. The Pop that sold for the most to date and is no longer available is the Star Wars Holographic Darth Maul Issue 23 Funko Pop, which sold for $6,660.

Question: Which Funko Pop Series Carries the Most Value?

Answer: I have two answers to this question. According to CBR, the most valuable Funko Pop series appears to be a close call between Star Wars, DC, and Disney Funko Pops. According to the most expensive Funko Pops I find in 2022. There are two releases making waves. The glow-in-the-dark and metallic Funko Pops carry value.

Most Expensive Funko Pop Guide: Final Thoughts

With the prices stretching from less than $400 to nearly $1,000, you undoubtedly want a few moments to pick your favorite expensive Funko Pop. Maybe you’re lucky enough to own a few of them. Otherwise, start with the NBA Lebron James Funko Pop Miami Heat Edition for $380. Work your way to number one slowly.

The Qui-Gon Jinn 2016 NYCC Issue Funko Pop will cost a smidge under $2,000, but it will return your investment as it gains more value over time. The Naruto Shippuden Glow-in-the-Dark Kurama Funko Pop for $800 is a personal favorite. The Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop is already on its way to me.

You wouldn’t be reading this unless you were interested in scooping up your first most expensive Funko Pop. You have 18 options, so check your budget, or pick one with installments if you need one. Don’t miss out on owning a highly sought-after investment.

For more impressive fandom collectibles:

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