killua nendoroid

Killua Nendoroid Guide

Despite Hunter x Hunter’s protagonist being mainly Gon in the anime, most have been drawn to the pretty boy with killer instincts, Killua. International fans have even shown their support as the young Zoldyck’s the number one character in the series, according to MyAnimeList. Hence, if he’s also your top boy, you’ll need a Killua …

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best iron man statues

Best Iron Man Statues

Iron Man is a true self-made superhero of atomic proportions. He’s THE man, one could say. He’s one of the first superheroes in the Avengers and also one of the all-around nice guys. Tony Stark wants to do good because he IS good. In fact, he’s an all-American (super)hero. If you recall, in the beginning, …

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